Review: Is Acne No More by Mike Walden Really Work?

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Acne is a skin condition that has long been plaguing millions of people around the world. Many has gone to great lengths to get rid of this short comings that always seemed to be constantly staring them in the face. Are you one of these victims? Are you tired of being stared at? Do you want to drastically improve your self-image and self-esteem? If the answer to any of the above question is yes, then this book is worth the read.


Acne No More is a 220 page masterpiece written by Mike Walden, a certified nutritionist. The motivation behind writing such a book came from Mikes own struggles with acne from the time he was a teenager straight into adulthood. So after years and years of suffering from depression and low self-esteem he decided that enough was enough. This prompted him to years of research that led to the compilation of this stunning piece of art.

Unlike other acne treatment like proactive and Clearasil that uses chemicals to treat acne, Acne No More makes use of natural cures. Additional, even if you choose to end your subscription with Acne No More, you will still benefit from the treatment. This is certainly not the case with other acne treatment.


What is this book About?

Acne No More aims at teaching you how to treat the root causes of acne rather than just the surface symptoms. Studies proved that acne surfaces because of underlying issues such as hormonal imbalance, poor diet, illnesses, stress and puberty.

Mike cleverly chose to focus on fixing your diet and working with you to reduce your stress levels in an effort to cure your acne naturally.

Additionally, Mike also warns of using harsh chemicals to treat acne since they remove the natural oils from the face and cause other problems. His book focuses on infusing proper diet with exercise in an effort comprehensively treat acne. He main promotes using all natural foods such as fruits and vegetables which will work to balance your hormone and at the same time detoxify your body.


How does it Work?

Acne No More will help to cure your acne problems by using 7 simple steps.

Step 1

Regulate your Hormones

Research shows that hormone imbalance is the main reason for acne problems. This step will show you how to balance your hormone and also get rid of toxic chemicals in the body.

Step 2

Getting rid of Bad Foods

At this stage you will be given a list of bad foods that you need to stop using in order to get rid of acne. You would realize at this stage, that even some foods that are considered as healthy make acne worse and should be avoided if you want to get rid of your acne.

Step 3

Lifestyle Adjustment

There are some lifestyles that heighten your chances of getting acne as such there may be need for some simple modifications to your lifestyle. This step will teach you how to do that.

Step 4

Infusion of fruits and vegetables

At this stage you will be given a list of fruits and vegetables that you need to include in your diet if you are serious about getting rid of your acne.

Step 5

Removal of Toxins

At this stage you will be taught clinically proven techniques that will help you to flush out chemical toxins from your body.

Step 6

External Cleansing

This stage will teach you how to tackle the external factors that promote acne. These include opening the pores.

Step 7

Acne Prevention

By the time you would have reached this stage, you would final have gotten rid of your acne and are well on your way to a brighter more confident lifestyle. At this stage you will be taught how to prevent acne from coming by maintaining a healthy body and preventing your pores from clogging up.

These 7 easy to follow steps contained in this book will help you on your journey to getting rid of your acne and preventing it from returning.

Get Started Now!

How much does it Cost?

Acne No More costs only $37. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the results.

Has this Product Worked Before?

There are many persons who are already enjoying the pleasures of Acne No More. Below are some reviews of those who are benefitting.

Edith from France said, Right now my skin is perfectly clear, for the first time in years. Its been about 9 weeks and all my acne is gone. It is such a great feeling to wake up with clear skin.

Additionally, Amy from Ireland stated, Today, I dont get any breakouts; my skin looks younger and smoother after less than 7 weeks. This book is well worth to spend money for.

Sharon from the United Kingdom also said, My skin shines and looks vibrant. Dryness gone, cyst gon, blackheads gone and I feel fantastic.


Pros and Cons?

There are many positives to be derived from this product. However there are a few negatives. As with any product, we will never be able to get 100% approvals.


  • Little to No possibility of side effects. Because this product makes use of only natural treatments to get rid of acne, there is less likelihood that there would be side effects as opposed to the risks involved in using other acne medications that are loaded with dangerous chemicals.
  • Other benefits to be derived from using the book. The thing that is so great about this book is that the methods that are offered in the book to cure acne and not just limited that. There are many added benefits if follow the advice in this book. For example, if you change your eating habits your entire body will function more effectively.
  • Instructions are easy to follow. Because this book makes use of natural cures, the instructions given will most likely be relatable and hence easy to follow. Apart from that the book is written in a very clear tone that is quite understandable.
  • Two months trial. Unlike most acne products, this book gives you a two month trial and if you dont see progress after months you can return it for a 100% refund.
  • Easy to access. This product can simply be accessed with the click of a button from any port that has internet access.
  • It is inexpensive. $37 is a small price to pay for getting rid of your acne.


  • This book is presently online available online.
  • This book seeks to treat acne caused by poor diet or hormonal imbalance. Therefore, if something else is causing your acne, this book may not be able to help you.


My Conclusions

The promises offered by this product sound reasonably attainable to me, since the basis for treatment makes much sense. I would definitely recommend this product because it is cheap and promising.

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– Cleansing and toxin removal techniques which can be practiced without any professional assistance.

– No use of scientific medications or creams, just follow the diet plan described in the course to get best results.

– Permanent cure for skin acne so that you do not have to spend huge amounts on medical treatments.

– Along with skin cure treatment methods, the followers of this program can also get to learn additional health development tips as well.

– Tips to remove hormone imbalance so that you can enhance your health and restore your glowing skin in no time.


The author recommends the users of the program to maintain consistent diet habits to achieve the desired results.

Summary: Acne No More is a perfect program to cure skin problems as it is designed by Mike Cleverly who has years of experience in the field. The book can give you instructions which are easy to follow and the treatment plan consists of natural medication to avoid any side effects. So if you want to get a clear face within months, Acne No More can be your ultimate selection.

RatingRated 4.5 stars