In Depth Review of All Natural Kidney Health and Kidney Function Restoration Program

All Natural Kidney Health and Kidney Function Restoration Program
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Medical tests have proven that there are complete natural remedies for improving the abilities of your kidney and also that there are completely natural remedies to reverse kidney diseases.


  • 20% of kidney patients die during their first year of dialysis
  • 40% of individuals who are aged 65 and above suffer from kidney diseases
  • 90% of individuals do not know that they have issues with their kidneys until the kidney disease has reached stage 3 or 4. By this stage, only kidney dialysis can help unless of course they can secure a kidney transplant which is neither cheap nor easy
  • Patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases are 40 times more likely to die from complications associated with kidney failure rather than kidney failure itself


10 worst kidney treatment problems

  • Bun and creatinine is the most common way of detecting how well your kidney is functioning, but this test is useless at the early stage of kidney infection. It only becomes useful after the kidney has lost 60% of its abilities
  • 0.01% of doctors never test for heavy metal poisoning when they test for the functionality of your kidney. However, Robert discovered that heavy metal poisoning add more toxicity to your kidney and this leads to the loss of your kidney’s capabilities
  • 99% of medical doctors do not know that there is a food that is to be avoided if you want to delay kidney failure and dialysis for almost 3 years
  • There are household items being used by you on a daily basis that increase your chances of contracting a kidney disease. Most medical doctors are oblivious of this fact
  • There is a popular weight loss diet that can worsen the abilities of your kidney
  • Staying off coffee, caffeine and soda on the orders of your doctor. There are herbal teas you must take that will naturally restore the health of your kidney
  • There are sleeping pills that have a dangerous effect on the capabilities of your kidneys
  • The natural nutrients recommended by the national kidney foundation that can help restore the activeness of your kidney but strangely not recommended by doctors
  • There are over the counter supplements that have been scientifically validated that can stop a lot of kidney diseases, including chronic kidney diseases but these over the counter supplements have been archived by the FDA
  • Pharmaceutical companies mostly ‘push out’ kidney treatment drugs with lots of side effects


The way out

The way out is the all-natural kidney health & kidney function restoration program. “it is a step-by-step treatment program which helps improve your kidneys naturally, without the use of unnatural man-made pharmaceutical drugs.”

With this program, you can delay dialysis and in some cases there will be no need for you to undergo dialysis again

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Why Robert Galarowicz is qualified

Robert Galarowicz is the author of the all-natural kidney health & kidney function restoration program and he is qualified because;

  • Diagnosed of stage 5 kidney disease at 22
  • Was told he would die within 10 years after his diagnosis
  • Once experienced total kidney failure and was placed on dialysis
  • Had a kidney transplant and then placed on anti-rejections meds
  • Forced to research a solution that will help him ‘escape’ the trauma of these anti-rejections meds and came out with a 100% natural solution that helped him and has helped others as well



In this program, you will uncover…

  • The right tests you must perform to know how efficient your kidney is functioning. This puts your mind at rest, and puts you in the right mood for each day
  • The natural sweetener that has been used in japan and brazil for the past 20 years. This natural sweetener has been proven treat kidney diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes
  • The 3 herbal teas and the cooking methods that are proven to prevent kidney cell damage and prevent any disease that may arise from kidney complications
  • One powerful oil that you must use in your cooking that stops the damage of your kidney right from the roots
  • A simple to follow kidney diet
  • The ingredient you must check for before buying any supplement, prescription vitamins or minerals. This ingredient poses serious health risk to your kidneys
  • A common item which you can find at the grocery store that can instantly protect your kidneys from any diseases
  • The chinese herb that you can use to stop kidney diseases right now. This herb is available over the counter in the us and it is also a prescribed herb in china
  • An efficient mushroom herb being used by asian doctors to heal kidneys. It is known as caterpillar fungus
  • The middle eastern fiber that destroys the roots of any kidney disease including chronic kidney disease
  • A supplement that protects your kidney cells which is readily available at the nearest pharmaceutical store but never recommended by doctors
  • A special indian herbal remedy that reverses kidney disease caused by diabetes. This remedy is extracted from a flowering plant and research has attest to its effectiveness
  • How to make use of a natural hormone in your body system which will help you to restore the defense system of your kidneys and fix any sleep problems
  • The 3 nutrients that will strenghten your bones since kidney disease will weaken your bones
  • What you should do that will help you have control over your diabetes and blood pressure. This will help you stop any complication that may arise from kidney disease
  • Why you need to understand the meaning of food labels and how to understand them
  • How to make use of this guide to keep your transplant kidney healthy
  • Over the counter drugs, prescription medications and drugs to stay away from
  • And much more



This program comes with 6 bonuses

Bonus 1; 14-day easy-to-follow menu plan with recipes and snacks. Value; $39.95

Bonus 2; “the definitive guide to potassium content of foods”. Over 1,000 foods listed. Value; $19.95

Bonus 3; “the definitive guide to protein content of foods”. Over 1,000 foods listed. Value: $19.95

Bonus 4; the kidney diet grocery shopping list. Value: $19.95

Bonus 5; the kidney diet tracking sheets. Value: $19.95

Bonus 6; 60 days of unlimited email support. Value: $197

The total value of the bonuses alone is $296.75



This program comes with a no questions asked, no form filling 100% satisfaction guarantee.


There are lots of success stories including that of a medical doctor in the USA who has approved this program for his kidney patients


The all natural kidney health & kidney function restoration program uses a 100% natural method and has been proven as a true success without any side effects as evidenced by the success stories. You get to pay $67 which is far less than the total value of just the bonuses alone ($267).

This gets my stamp of approval.

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– Simple to follow diet plans and nutrition guides by which you can eliminate the root cause of kidney failure.

– No use of medications or supplements as they cause great health hazards and weaken the performance of your kidneys.

– Recommended for people who are at stage 5 kidney disease as they do not have to go through the painful dialysis procedure.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not satisfied by the performance of this program, your investment will be returned immediately.

– Restore the functionality of your kidney by bringing in use the natural hormone in your body through the supplements mentioned in the program,


The program might not yield best results in all cases and if you are having serious kidney problems, you must consult your medical practitioner before following the treatment methods.

Summary: All Natural Kidney Health and Kidney Function Restoration Program contains the perfect methods and techniques by which you can restore the functionality of your kidneys and get additional health benefits. The treatment method is 100 percent safe to follow and yields best results for patients who are having severe kidney problems.

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