Does Claire Goodall’s Everyday Roots Work or Not? – Shocking Review

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Learn home remedies, DIY beauty recipes, and more, using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

As a DIY addict whos been known to spend an entire Sunday or 5 on Pinterest, I was really excited to read this book. Who wouldnt want to have access to easy to make remedies that can usually be thrown together with stuff that you dont have to search high and low for?

Speaking of searching high and low, this is an eBook instantly available for download, so its really convenient to keep on hand in your tablet or smart phone. That way, the next time you need to stock up on ingredients at the grocery store, you can just flip through the book and find what you need.

No, the book is not available in paper form, which is not an issue for me, but that is really the only possible con I can think of when it comes to Everyday Roots.


What I love about this book is that it really does have something for everyone.

Its jam-packed with over 250 pages of recipes for pretty much anything you can think of. I dont know about you, but when I look at DIY stuff on Pinterest or wherever, I cringe thinking about all the things that could spontaneously combust when my clumsy self is haphazardly mixing ingredients today.

One of my favorite things about this book is its layout. Its got a bright, clean design with a clickable Table of Contents, which makes it super convenient if I need to find a recipe quickly. The pictures are gorgeous, and make me want to get some beautiful Mason jars and milk in a glass instead of the ho-hum carton were all so used to seeing.

The book has solutions for gas, bloating, dandruff, toothaches, sore throatthe list goes on. When I was reading through this section, I realized that about a year ago, I had pinned Claires sore throat remedy on Pinterest and made it for my husband last year when he got sick. He was miserable for days until I mixed that up for him. It took him only about a day to fully bounce back after making that for him.

As someone who is always on the lookout for ways to make our laundry smell as clean and fresh as possible, I really appreciated all her recipes for detergents and fabric softeners. No more spending $10 for a tiny container of Tide!


Are you a beauty product junkie, who, like me, cringes at how expensive everything is at Sephora and Ulta?

You will love the book for their beauty remedies then. Youll save so much money using ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, honey, and strawberries. It makes grocery shopping more fun for me because now I know Im not just looking at certain produce and oils and what not just for cooking. Like I have an extra dimension of usefulness for them.

I didnt realize how moisturizing an oatmeal face mask would be. That one will be my go-to in the dry, flaky skin stage we all know and love in the dead of winter.

If you love Lush or bath bombs in general, youll be excited to know that Claire shows you how to make your own bath bombs. She breaks down the recipes in a clear and concise manner, so I never felt like I would be getting way in over my head if I were to try one.

I know, I know. The GMOs, pesticides and random 27-syllable chemicals are everywhere these days and theres nothing we can do to avoid this.

Au contraire! The author, Claire Goodall, admits that she used to feel the same way, eating neon-orange Cheetos and not thinking twice about using the same deodorant shes been using since her teenage years.

That is, until in 2009, a medication she was taking stopped working. She was tired of that sluggish feeling, like youre just treating the symptoms and not the cause. She started thinking about just how widespread the use of additives and preservatives has become in todays world, which is what inspired her to write this book.

She started gathering recipes with the ingredients youll find in Everyday Roots. After she realized that she had such an enthusiastic response from people when she mentioned natural remedies, with many contributing their own DIY solutions, she decided to put a book together. And thank goodness she did!


Youll love how Claire makes the recipes easy to understand, but she also gives context for why she uses or tries not to use certain ingredients.

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For example, she says she tries not to use alcohol if she can help it, and sometimes desperate toothaches call for desperate relief. She explains that while its easy to think of alcohol as numbing, the reason its beneficial when dealing with tooth pain is because it slows down the nervous systems response to pain.

I like that she provided these types of explanations because it can help me form an In case ofUse list in my head.


Stop being a slave to hard-to-pronounce chemicals with harmful side effects!

If nothing else, just imagine how good youll feel, knowing that you have a clear head because youre not ingesting tons of weird medications with who-knows-what kind of side effects. And youll be saving so much money from not having to buy this stuff at the store any more.

You might be like me, thinking Oh, Im a klutz (or lazy, or have upside down eyes or insert-your-excuse-here), I cant make this stuff. Trust me, I know the feeling. My husband has the patience of a saint, because any time I have to use flour when baking, the kitchen gets dusted in a flour shower.

And you know what? Even with my klutziness, I was able to try several of these recipes and they were super easy (and no, just in case youre wondering, no flour was harmed during any of these incidents). So yes, you can do this. And you will see so many benefits from taking control and making your own recipes.


Who knows, you might even be inspired to come up with a few DIY remedies yourself.

In addition to Everyday Roots, youll get Everyday Herbs (a guide to healing with over 24 different herbs) and the Coconut Oil Book. I love coconut oil. Whats that joke? Just pour coconut oil on your entire life.

Well, thankfully Claire shows us the way to do just that, with 107 different benefits we can get out of coconut oil. So yes, youll want to keep a vat of it around to pour on your life when things start going south.

While I havent started growing any herbs yet, that is my next plan and I will be doing so using the tips from Everyday Herbs. Aah, my mouth is watering at the thought of growing my own peppermint.

Start walking on the natural path today with Everyday Roots and change your life!

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– Cooking tutorials which can help you make the most delicious recipes on your own.

– Health enhancement methods and other DIY stuff from which you can get great benefits.

– More than 250 pages covering recipes which can be useful in terms of fat loss and weight reduction.

– Take ultimate benefit out of natural herbs and roots.


The program requires some interest in cooking so that you can prepare the best meals on your own.

Summary: Everyday Roots program has the perfect ideas for DIY recipes which can be prepared by using the natural ingredients present at your home. So if you want to get a glowing health by using natural herbs in your food,, Everyday Roots program can help you get maximum benefit out of natural roots and herbs.

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