Truth Of Addiction Review – Is It Scam or Legit?

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Do you have an addiction?

Do you consider yourself an addict?

Have you failed trying to curb your addiction problems?

Do you believe you need help?

If your answer is a positive Yes to all these questions then consider yourself lucky to have got here looking for a solution to your problem. Addiction, believe it or not is a problem faced by people all over the globe. It doesnt matter which kind of addiction you are into. It could be drugs, alcohol, watching pornography, playing cards, shopping endlessly and much more. The harsh truth is every third of fourth person in this world is facing some kind of addiction without even realizing it. Some do, some dont. The fact of the matter doesnt change.

The need of the hour is how do you curb any kind of addiction? How do you get out of it? How do you find that you need to seek help for your addiction?
To understand this, lets first take a look at what addiction is all about.


Addiction: a brief

Addiction as defined by Wikipedia is a medical condition that is characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. It can be thought of as a disease or biological process leading to such behaviors.

Medilexicon defines addiction as a habitual psychological or physiologic dependence on a substance or practice that is beyond voluntary control

When we take both the definitions of addiction, one implies that addiction can be thought of as a disease and the other definition states that it could be stated as a mental dependence on a substance or practice which is beyond ones control. To be truthful, there are many such definitions out there that define and explain addiction, each a better version of the truth. This post is not to undermine any of the aforesaid definitions or the countless other definitions of addiction but rather what addiction is all about and whats the best way to tackle the situation.

According to a study by Harvard University, only twenty percent of people with addiction who enter traditional addiction treatment programs get the help they need and are able to maintain a state of normalcy after addiction for a year or two. This statistic reduced after 8 years with the number standing at a mere 5 percent. You may ask why that is. The answer is relatively simple. Continuity of a state of normalcy after being treated is the major problem.


The role of the brains limbic system

The sensation that invigorates the brains supply of dopamine, is produced by the limbic system. The addiction that a person has leads to getting a dopamine rush in the brain. The brain provides with a natural dose of dopamine in the brain, which grows naturally through the process of motivation. An addiction however will short circuit the entire system of the brain, the reason why children and teens become so susceptible of getting an addiction because this region of the brain is the first to develop and hence cannot be treated easily.

The limbic system affects the same way in an adult brain which can lead to the overpowering of the rational cortex of the brain. So understanding the limbic system is the first way to go about treating an addiction as is often not recognized by the conventional methods of treating addictions in medical practices and rehabs.


The solution to treating addictions: Truth of Addiction program

The Truth of addiction program is a scientifically backed research program created by A. Scott Roberts to tackle the problem of addiction in a natural and healthy way without the use of medications and psychological counseling techniques that only prove marginal and to no effect in the long run.

The Truth of Addiction program provides with scientifically proven methods that helps eliminate cravings when facing an addiction problem. The author is of an opinion that the majority of people tackling addiction have success on their own without the help of rehabs and other conventional methods of treating addictions. The program backs this theory with a number of proven research and scientific techniques.

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The content features of the program include the following details explained in layman terms for easy use:

  • A scientific approach to tackling addiction and psychological cravings.
  • Understanding the root cause of addiction problems among individuals
  • Research backed methods to eliminate cravings, urges and withdrawal symptoms that lead to long term recovery of the individual.
  • Scientifically proven methods to tackling addiction that helped improve behavior and decision making in patients with the condition.
  • The many ways of restoring the body through the use of proper nutrients and correcting biochemical imbalances. This helped boost the success rates in the patients by 92 percent.
  • How certain programs are not inclined to work, explained by the author using research backed science.
  • Use of the patients social circle and the way they are it affects their rehabilitation and healing.

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What does the program include?

The truth to addiction program includes the following books, audio & visual aids:

  • The Truth of Addiction book in a printable PDF version
  • Nutrition for improved recovery
  • The Nutrition for Improved Recovery Video
  • The 4 steps system video
  • Mindfulness training video
  • Nutrition for improved recovery video
  • Mindfulness based cognitive therapy mp3

Apart from these aids, on the order of the Truth of Addiction program you are also entitled for the following e-books namely:

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy available in printable PDF version
  • Eliciting motivation to change also available in printable PDF version


Cost of the program

The whole cost of the program falls as little as $37. It is quite a bargain considering the above perks that comes along with it. The program also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee from the author. If you during the course of the program do not feel the techniques and methods mentioned in it to your liking, you are then entitled to a 60 days money back guarantee. Once enrolled for the program, you also are entitled to a 24/7 email access to the support forum.


The Truth of Addiction program has sold more than a thousand copied and is changing the course of addicts as we speak. There have been scores of personal testimonials on the authors website and the social media regarding the effectiveness and the reliability of the program. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a copy of the Truth of Addiction program today and enjoy the benefits of a long term relief from your addiction problem.

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– Guaranteed results. In case you are not able to permanently stay away from drugs and other addictive material, your money will be returned at once.

– Nutrition guides and simple training workouts by which you can achieve best results within 60 days.

– Restore the functionality of your body organs by eliminating the root causes of addiction.

– Stay in touch with other followers of the program so that you can enhance healing and rehabilitation.

– Live a healthier life for future by permanently destroying the desire for drugs,


The program absolutely has no consequences but requires great attention while following the methods and treatment procedure.

Summary: Truth Of Addiction program is created by A. Scott Roberts for individuals who find it impossible to eliminate their bad habits. With comprehensive guidelines and diet plans, you can get rid of any addiction within 60 days.

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