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Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games
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The Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games of Brian Kalakay was specifically designed for those Boot Camp Experts who are struggling to build and maintain an ever-growing customer base. It is a collection of 31 Boot Camp games that are highly enjoyable and addictive with several physiological benefits. Implementing these games will result in a 2-300% membership increase in any boot camp all around the world as they purge boredom and awaken a sense of enjoyment and loyalty in the members.

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Playful Success

The example of the author of Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games, Brian Kalakay himself clearly illustrates how successful his method is and how fast it can result in the tripling of your membership numbers. In the very beginning of his group sessions, he was renting a horribly small area from a local gym which required moving the furniture for 30 minutes before each session to make the area usable to the members.

It was a small place but at least it was a start. Yet even though he invested tremendous time, energy and capital to spread the word of his boot camp and grow the membership, only a very small group attended his sessions whose contributions were not enough to move the camp to a bigger place. Not only that, but he gradually watched as those who were attending slowly left the group for that they found it boring and found better ways to train.

It seemed more and more that if he cannot come up with a great and stimulating competitive advantage in the training industry, he is not going to make it and he has to end his failing business venture. But at one night at home in his basement, he found a box, and within it, his old karate notebooks. As he opened them an idea struck him like a thunderclap, realizing that he could fuse some aspects of the martial arts with fitness techniques.

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He went back to the drafting table and came up with this new, revolutionary idea that is now known as Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games. As he implemented it into his sessions, he saw instant results. Not only did his members no longer left his boot camp, he managed to get a hundred new members within the first three months. It became an instant success and the customer base grew exponentially, as the clients highly satisfied with the new training method invited their friends and family to join.

Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games are a new method of training that combine recess style games with turbulence training. As its name suggests, it causes turbulence, which then triggers an extremely efficient fat burning mechanism in your body. They are not highly straining techniques. In fact, they were made to be fun while also serving as an effective form of exercise.

Implementing Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games into your own session will yield the same results as it did to Brian Kalakay and to hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers whose testimony clearly shows its success. It will increase your membership numbers with 200 to 300% along with your retention rates and income and your members will actively advertise your boot camp for others to have their friends join them in such a fun and rewarding experience.

You will no longer need to look for new techniques to implement into your session either. Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games includes 31 fully developed boot camp game. Some of them are small group competitions, some of them are team building games, and others are partner playoffs. You will also be able to fuse the already given ideas with your own techniques to create new and unique games.

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A Session of Laughter

The success of these games lies in what the author refers to as The Boot Camp Trifecta. These are there traits that describe every boot camp that implements the technique, all of them contributing to its exponential growth and very high turnout rate.

The first trait of the Trifecta is Loyalty. Those who participate in such games are engaging in communities that strengthen the bond of the boot camp community. It requires teamwork and social interactions, and as a result, a family emerges in which every member is loyal to the boot camp, unwilling to leave to try out other trying methods, wanting their friends and family to also be the part of their newfound group.

The second trait of the Trifecta is Variety. By always picking a new one out of the 31 games of Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games, the boot camp will retain its thrill and unique experience without falling into the chasms of boredom that drive so many people away from boot camps to find new adventures and experiences.

And finally, the third trait of the Trifecta is Differentiation. This kind of boot camp is not merely a training session but an experience a community event unlike which you will never find in any other gym. It is an energizing and exciting, joyful session with smiling, laughing and bonding, which is a great advantage against the competing boot camps.

Upon purchasing Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games you will receive the guide that contains the 31 games and 3 unique rewards.

The first bonus is the How to Market Using Games guide which is a guide to effective marketing. By using the games you implement into your session, and putting them into spotlight, you will be able to advertise your boot camp more effectively and invite even more people into the club. This guide teaches you how to utilize Facebook in marketing and how to implement prices and reward system to incentivize the invitation of outsiders into the boot camp.

The second bonus are the Game Videos, video tutorials of all the 31 games to see them in real time.

The third bonus is the Boot Camp Relay Races. By using the simple, step by step formula outlined within this guide, you too will be able to administer a relay race at the end of each session.

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If you tried to successfully operate a boot camp and had bumped into the same obstacles the author of Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games before he discovered these games, the choice shouldnt be more obvious. By implementing the games of this guide into your sessions, you will be able to skyrocket your membership numbers along with your income and create a thriving, real-world community that people visit to laugh, to smile and to enjoy rewarding physical activities. For $39 you will be able to propel your boot camp into the highest tiers of success.

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– Discover your hidden training abilities by following the workout methods as explained by the author and get rid of unwanted fat within weeks.

– Along with games and training, the users are given complete access to boot camp community where they can enhance social interactions as well.

– Methods to advertise your boot camp to earn reputation through effective marketing techniques.

– Guide given along with the program which includes 31 new games and 3 unique rewards.

– Along with games and workouts, there are laughter sessions available by which you can relieve stress as well.


The program requires membership upgrade which not be suitable for each user.

Summary: Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games is a training program designed by Brian Kalakay which can assist you in learning of the best fat burning exercises and workout plans. With exciting new games and thrilling experiences, you will surely enjoy the session as it is full of fun along with training. So if you are in search of the ultimate boot camp training program, Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games will surely satisfy your needs.

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