25 Methods Of Control Review – It’s Really Good or Not?

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I have this new girlfriend which is very beautiful, I am lucky to have her as my girlfriend. She has a Spanish-American descent, perfect body and has a fair Caucasian skin.

We already have several sexual encounters in which most of them are unsatisfying to her because of premature ejaculation.

I always experience this, especially when having sex with a beautiful woman. It shortens my ability to cum however it is not the case if I am having sex with a not so beautiful woman I can hold myself to reach my orgasm.

sexy in bed

Well, it is pretty explanatory that having sex with a beautiful woman makes us reach our orgasms quicker than usual because we are more thrilled when we are having sex with them.

Humiliation at its Finest

It came to my attention that my girlfriend has been telling her friends about my premature ejaculation which is really embarrassing on my part.
Because who is in the right mind that would want for others to know that you are not doing good in bed. That is why I confronted my girlfriend about that matter and she just denied it and got angry about it.

This is only one of the instances that we got into a fight regarding that matter and I am having this fear that if it continues my relationship with my girlfriend will be compromised.

That is why I talked to her again and ask forgiveness for my confrontations with her (even though it is her who is the reason why the fight has started, I won’t confront her anyway if she did not tell her friends about what is happening to us in bed.)

What my girlfriend did is really unethical and unacceptable however I just took the humility just to avoid the possible destruction of our relationship. I also promise her that I will do my best on our next lovemaking.

sexy in bed

Coping Up with the Abilities that I Lack

My girlfriend will be out of town because of her work and I know it is the right time to practice and know what I can do about my premature ejaculation problem.

So I began researching the internet for some techniques that I can use to solve the problem. It is my only resort because I do not want to seek the help of a medical professional simply because I am not comfortable about my situation.

I found a lot of results on the internet, however, it does not look right to me and I sense that most of them are a scam and just wants to take away my hard earned money away from me.

Luckily, I found one legit looking site that offers help regarding my problem which is “Easy 2 Control” which offers their eBook which is entitled “25 Easy and Effective Methods of Curing Premature Ejaculation”

So I browsed its sales page and review it thoroughly if it is truly worth my time and money. I was really impressed with the benefits that it is telling that is why I told myself that I should try.

Trying Out the Product

I purchased the product, and immediately after paying the price of the eBook I immediately got the download link.


Then I downloaded the file and was very happy that the download was really fast. I started browsing the eBook the whole day while my girlfriend is away.

I have learned a lot of things in the eBook like:

• The different techniques that various races use in order for them to control ejaculation.
• All methods are natural and do not require the consumption of any sprays or pills that can cause side-effects on our health.
• I learned the different things that I should avoid that weaken my sexual system.

These are only a brief summary of the topics that you will find inside the eBook because there are lots of techniques that you can use to solve the problem.

It’s Time to Test it Out

Here is the fun part, because after familiarizing myself with the preferred technique that I wanted to use it is time to check if it really works.

So I hired a hooker to go into my place and have a one-night stand with me to try if everything works out according to plan.


I used the technique that pharaoh’s used in ancient times, and I was really surprised with the result because I lasted for almost an hour before ejaculating!

The hooker really enjoyed our session together and asks for another round for free. My confidence completely elevated because of this.
There are lots of techniques that are inside the eBook and it is just one of the techniques that are indicated there what more if I would try all of them.
Get Started Now!

Its Showtime

My girlfriend will be back the next day from her work trip and I am excited to try it out the techniques that I learned from the eBook. I know it will be a pleasurable experience for both of us.

So my girlfriend came to my place (we are neighbors by the way) and we started banging each other.

She was surprised by my stamina, it took 1 hour and a half before I ejaculated. She reached multiple orgasms before I finished my first pop.

My girlfriend told me that how did I learn that, I just gave her a wide grin and she smiled in return. We took a rest for half an hour and did our second encounter we bang for almost an hour before I ejaculated for the second time.

We both end up satisfied and slept together, we woke up the next day with a positive aura and because of the good sex that I gave her we forgot the previous conflicts that we’ve had.

This eBook Saved my Relationship!

I can’t imagine myself if I did not buy the eBook maybe my relationship with my new gorgeous girlfriend would have ended up already.

We are now both happy and contented with our relationship and our problems? We tend to forget it already and started a new life together.

At this point in time, we are in the second year of our relationship. We are getting married next year and she is now my fiancée.

To tell you another good news my fiancée is now pregnant with our first baby. The techniques that the eBook taught me also made my sperm healthy and fertile!

couple in bed

My Final Recommendation

I know you will find a lot of reviews regarding the product over the internet that is also saying that this product is really amazing. Yes, it is all true also based on my personal experience with this product.

My honest to goodness review of this eBook will give you an overview of the benefits that you will get from this product.

I advise you to buy the product now and see for yourself how amazing it is. You cannot find the information that is written there on other eBooks of the same genre.

The product also has a money-back guarantee which puts you on an advantage because you do not have to risk everything. You can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the product!

Another advice that I can give you is using it on good use because after you learned the techniques that this eBook will teach you might make you a PUA or Pick Up Artist.

It is up to you if you will use it on things like that but mind you, use it the proper way because the techniques are so powerful and a lot of women might chase you and you can hurt their feelings if you fool them.

Good luck on your journey of being better in bed and curing that premature ejaculation dilemma of yours and I wish you success!

For Instant Access To 25 Methods Of Control, Click Here


  • Price is very affordable.
  • It is completely risk-free because it has a money-back guarantee.
  • Methods are all natural that is why it is completely safe for our health.
  • Easy to follow techniques.
  • A lot of techniques to choose from depends on your preference and what works best for you.
  • Secured payments and quick download.


  • Much better if it has a video guide of the techniques.
  • It has lots of techniques, you will need to choose one by one on what works for you.

Summary: Because of this product, I cured my premature ejaculation. It taught me different techniques on how I can hold my ejaculation to satisfy my partner. The methods are all natural that is why it is completely safe for my health.

RatingRated 5 stars