31 Day Testosterone Plan Review – Is It Really Worthy?

31 Day Testosterone Plan
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I am dead serious when I say that every single young male should read and strictly follow the instructions of 31 Day Testosterone Plan. The young generation has become weak, effeminate and completely unable to assert their will, referring to the alpha mentality that has sustained mankind from its cradle as toxic masculinity, dressing as women and calling themselves Gender Bender for that their testosterone level dropped to levels so low it is a question whether their body is still able to produce it. These young men who are deadly afraid of the competition of the free market and ask for the government to trample it so that they may succeed in the competition for scarce resources without being an assertive and powerful alpha male would find such tremendous value in 31 Day Testosterone Plan they would look at their life with dread and shock.


I know because I was one of them. I used to be the same weak-minded, unassertive young boy who never dared to confront anyone and assert his preferences. Instead, I let myself be ruled by the preferences of others while I boiled with hate towards the world that is unjust and unfair. While, in truth, I was just an effeminate boy with low testosterone levels, physically unable to achieve anything resembling masculine behavior. It is a sad and pathetic way of life and I only wish more people would successfully escape its grasp that inevitably leads to the decadence of the character by using products such as 31 Day Testosterone Plan.

The Fate of an Effeminate Male

Maybe you also belong to the category of those who suffer from low testosterone and maybe you dont even know it. If one or more of the following apply to you, you might want to consider paying very close attention for that 31 Day Testosterone Plan is going to change your life.

  • Loss of muscles
  • Low sex drive
  • Volatile mood
  • The decrease of your bone mass
  • Low sperm count
  • A general lack of energy
  • Difficulties in achieving and keeping erection
  • Increase in body fat

A study has found that between 1987 and 2004 the testosterone level dropped 1.2% each year, culminating in a 17% overall decrease. Meanwhile the overall fertility levels of men also dropped down 40. Low testosterone also contributes to the most epidemic public health problems such as obesity, heart disease or high diabetes. This is a global trend which claims the soul of more and more promising and healthy your men, turning them into effeminate weaklings who are unable to assert their own will and manifest the greatness within them.

Get Started Now!

You will not need to use hormone therapy, drugs, supplements, testosterone gels. It is a natural body hack that has helped more than 80,000 people boost their testosterone levels. It is based on scientific research conducted by Stanford University that will increase your testosterone levels with 3-400%, which in turn alleviates the aforementioned symptoms, increases your libido, your self-esteem and confidence, your productivity, your energy levels and your general outlook on life and the people around you. The testosterone level of a man and his financial success is also positively correlated.

In short, it will help you stop being a Gender Bender so that you can become the powerful and strong alpha male you have the potential to become.

The guide will help you achieve this by using simple changes in your lifestyle that eliminate those foods and habits that, unbeknownst to you, actually decrease your testosterone and increase your hormone level.


Path to Masculinity

Fundamentally, it is based on three principles.

One, avoid supplements that promise great change like the black plague. It has been shown over and over again that in the long run, they do only damage. Even though when you start using, it feels great, in the long run, it is going to render your body completely unable to produce testosterone without them and when you want to get off, your testosterone levels will be lower than when you started.

Two, avoid foods that produce estrogen in your body. Oils and grains for example play a major role in helping estrogen to be the dominant hormone in your body, pushing testosterone out. Changing your diet will help your body return to the natural testosterone levels you have as a male.

Three, step back from your work in regular intervals. Just like estrogen, cortisol also pushes testosterone out of your body when the two interact, and your body creates cortisol when your stress levels are increased due to you constantly being preoccupied with your work and your smart devices. Take your eyes off of them, turn them off and enjoy the silence so that the stress hormone will not purge out your masculinity.


Based on these preliminary advices, the guide will help you boost your testosterone level three times higher than what it is now. It will teach you how to correctly identify and avoid chemical that will induce hormonal dysfunction within you both in your food and in your bathroom products. It will also teach a highly effective workout routine that takes only 40 minutes a week yet it will fire up the engines of your hormone production and help you in building lean muscles while burning excess fat, and many more tips and techniques to help you boost your testosterone levels to the skies within 31 days.

As a bonus you will receive the Testosterone Diet Plan. This guide offers advice on what to eat and what to avoid eating in order to best achieve your goal. It lists 21 foods that increase your estrogen levels and talks about a commonly available vegetable that flushes excess estrogen out of your body.

The second bonus is a Paleo Recipes book that helps you make food that increase your cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration along with your energy levels.

skateboard on shoulder


As I have told you in the beginning, when I was young I suffered from low testosterone. Even though I had robust and ambitious plans worked out in my mind, I was not able to act on them for that I suffered from endless fatigue. I had no energy, I was not able to be productive, nor was I able to climb the social food chain around me to get out of my misery, secure myself status and the female I wanted. I had no self-respect, no muscles, suffered from depression, anxiety and stress.

31 Day Testosterone Plan offers a way out of this misery for a mere $37 and anyone who had enough being a submissive, depressed, self-hating Gender Bender should take it and follow its instructions as soon as humanly possible for them to become a man and realize their true potential.

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– Young boys who have weak muscles and lack body energy can obtain great benefits by following the program.

– Restore your sexual pleasure by giving maximum performance in bed.

– Recipes to make food on your own which will boost your metabolism and cut of excess fat within weeks.

– Effective workout tutorials which can be completed in less than 40 minutes.

– No use of medications or supplements.


The program requires its users to permanently change their dieting habits and avoid food which has high cholesterol levels.

Summary: 31 Day Testosterone Plan is exclusively designed for men who have weak sexual powers and feel their body deprived of energy at time. This is usually a result of low levels of testosterone for which you need to focus on diet and exercise plans as explained in the program. So if you are determined to restore your man power, 31 Day Testosterone Plan can help you in great regard.

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