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Only aninfinitesimal percentage of the people who ever start dieting will end up losing fat and never regaining it. Trying to lose fat is one of the worst and most brutal psychological exercises one has to go through. It is due to the fact that the structure of most diets is the complete reforming one’s life. But it is hard enough to cut or implement one single habit into our everyday existence, to rewrite our whole mindset and routines from the ground up sounds to be an entirely impossible task. I know many people who tried to diet and virtually all of them gave up, believing that they themselves are failures, never blaming the teacher.


How Does it Work

The extreme number of people who give up is caused by misinformation or the lack of true information regarding food, what effects do different typesof foods have on our body and how to build a diet that helps to burn fat instead of building it. Bread – whether it is white or whole bread – processed meat and foods containing trans fats such as margarine or fast foods are highly responsible for chemical and hormonal changes in our body that promote it to store fat instead of burning it.

And on the other hand, a different type of diet evokes a very different chemical and hormonal response in your body. It turns on a hormone that burns away fat and turns it into energy instead of having your body store it.

The 80/20 Fat Loss Program of Susan Lowell helps you to build a diet that lowers your insulin levels and as a consequence, promotes the activation of this hormone. It helps you cut corn, rice, pizza, carbohydrates that make you gain weight in an extremely fast pace, and replaces it with a diet of a different nature, based on foods like fruits and vegetables, sweet potato, millet, spelt and so on, and through the chemical process this change in diet will induce, your body will learn how to burn the excessive fat.


The most positive aspect of the 80/20 Fat Loss Program is that it does not require you to swallow an ocean of weight loss pills, go through surgeries or have the willpower of a titan to lose weight. It relies solely on changing the food you eat and changing the way your body processes fat as a result. It is not about starving yourself, since the emphasis is not on the amount of food you eat but on the nature of that food, on the effect it has on your body. You will be free to consume approximately the same amount of calories, but the results will be entirely different.

The 80/20 Fat Loss Program is based on a decade of scientific research, written Susan Lowell, abestselling author in diet books and backed by her nutrition team. It is an online program that helps you lose weight based on the knowledge of certified nutritionists anddietitians.

Get Started Now!

The core principle of the Susan Lowell’sprogram is to change 20% of the foods promoting fat storage you consume with foods that promote burning fat instead of storing it. So you cut 20% of the bread orprocessed meat you consume and you switch it into the aforementioned fruits, vegetables and millet or other natural and healthy products.

So as you see, you don’t need to buy and consume pills, foods, bars or any other manufactured goods that are presumably designed to help you lose weight. You can make your own foodwith your own groceries by following what is essentially a cookbook. It costs you $47to get a lifetime access to the program and the online community, and from then on, with every tool you need in your possession, your life and your weight will be your own to change.


Components of the Product

First of all, you get a comprehensive and detailed manual that contains every detail you need to know about the diet, about hormones, about the effects different types of foods have on your body, and what kind of foods you have to start consuming to lose weight. You will know what to eat and what to avoid, when and how to eat them, and how to change your current daily diet.

Secondly, you receive an80/20 Fat Loss Food and Exercise Journal, which helps you keep an eye on your eating habits. With the help of the journal you will see what are you eating and the progress you are making towards successfulweight loss, and you will be able to schedule what you will need to consume in the future.

You will also get a Shopping and Grocery Guide with the exactlist of fruits, vegetables and other products you need to buy and fuse into your diet.

You will have access to a Quick Start Guide which is only a couple pages long, and you can read through it in less than half an hour. It will set you on your path instantly, showing what you’ll need to do to achieve success in the first three days of your diet.

And finally, you will be able to access a community cookbook area where the members of the80/20 Fat Loss Program share their own recipes with one another. These recipes are all based on the diet of the program, and they are designed to help your body burnfat and turn it into energy.

The 80/20 Fat Loss Program has a worldwide customer base with thousands of satisfied users. It works and it doesn’t ask you for to change your whole life, every single habit of yours and sacrifice your soul, your kidney and the future of your firstborn, like all other diets do. You will also be the part of a thriving online community where you can seek help, support and guidance for your progress.



I highly suggest this investment. Not only because this is the only way to lose weight without having to go through the most life-crushing experience where you have to give up everything you love, only to realize that these are impossible standards, see yourself fail and feel even worse than when you started, but because it will literally save your life. A good diet will prevent so many deadly diseases from stomach cancer toarteriosclerosis andheart disease and it will increase your lifespan with years if not decades. This is an investment not only into your short-term future and weight loss, but into the next fifty years, since by following the80/20 Fat Loss Program you highly increase your chances for survivinguntil old age.

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– Learn how to bring a great change in your eating habits as you will get to know about the foods which are the main cause of fat growth in your body.

– Natural fat reduction methods which require no use of medications and pills.

– People who are undergoing medical treatments such as dialysis and have high levels of sugar can find the most effective recipes and meals.

– The program will save you lots of money as you can achieve the desired results just by following the diet plans as explained by the author.


The program does not guarantees results for each follower because they will have to properly follow the diet charts mentioned in the book.

Summary: 80/20 Fat Loss Program is a fat reduction guide designed by Susan Lowell for people who are tired of practicing various weight loss methods and can get no benefit. By following the simple diet plans and recipes, you can get rid of excess fat within weeks with absolutely no chance of gaining weight again in the future.

RatingRated 4.5 stars