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As a Spanish proverb wisely says, habits beginas cobwebs and end up as chains. And indeed, a thincontinuum leads from the very first sip of alcohol to the depth of darkness where addiction has a man enthralled in chains. It is a gradual process that creeps up invisibly, barred from vision by the constant rationalization, whispering that it is not too much, that it will be fine if you drink that one, until one day a burst of self-awareness tears down the walls of denial, exposing the blinding truth to your eyes, and you see clearly that you are unable to function without the daily dose of poison.

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Most people never escape the prison of addiction. They watch as the substance gradually eats away their life, destroys their relationship with others, and renders them unable to work until they become desperate, homeless and alone. But some has the strength to fight and beat their curse and to regain the control over their curse.

The guide of Alcohol Free Forever byMark Smith was produced for those brave and powerful heroes. Written by a former alcohol addict, free in the last 11 years, the guide will help everyone through one of the greatest and most important battle of their lives to become once again, as the famous poem put it, thecaptain of theirsouls.

Uphill Battle

The author, Mark Smith had gone through the same nightmare. He watched as his relationshipwith his family members and loved ones slowlydeteriorates for that he was unable to put down alcohol. He had to hide his own curse, he had to live a life of constant lies until theaccumulation of painful emotions forced him to change course.

Not wanting to join the ranks of Anonymous Alcoholics, he started todevelop his own method of curing addiction by endless experimentation and by consulting with experts from all disciplines. The guide Alcohol Free Forever is the tale of his own battle, the collection of his findings and the means with which he has been able to stay free from alcohol for more than a decade.

If you believe you have a problem with alcohol, this guide will literally save your life. If the only way for you to enjoy what life has to offer is to intoxicate yourself, if alcohol is the recurrent source of your conflicts and problems and you cannot stop drinking, as if you were coerced to do it, you need it more than you need anything else in your life.

Addiction will slowlyputrefy your physical and mental health. It will take years or decades away from your life, damaging numerous inner organs. It will damage your memory and your ability to reason – which is man’s only tool to survive. Its presence is a main contributor in domestic violence and in the creation of broken households.It is a ghosts that haunts millions around the world, most of whom are not even willing to admit that there is a problem.

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A Healing Hand

Mark Smith’s guide Alcohol Free Forever offers a way out of this torment. His extensive research and experience will help anyone wishing to escape the chains of alcohol to begin their healing process. His method works from the very first day, teaching the reader methods to stop drinking within the very first hourand reduce the symptoms of the painful withdrawal effect.

The guide teaches you how to purge the thought patterns that make you crave drinking and re-wire your brain through various psychological tricks so that the trained pathways of thinking about alcohol will become weakened.

It also offers a great theoretical insight into the issue of alcohol addiction, talking about its roots, the reason why traditionally used methods of cure usually do not work, about the identification of its symptoms and its effect and about how to repair the damage alcohol abuse has caused in the body.


Alcohol Free Forever will teach you how to stay away from alcohol forever, showing various ways to win over every single battle of the Great War, includingthe most risky situations. You will learn a three-step method to permanently end your alcohol abuse and ensure your future health. You will read a great deal about the different causes of addiction and you will see how to purge them from your life.

You will be able to master your thoughts and emotions against the desire to drink just one morelittle sip by using a multitude of techniques ranging frompowerful mind-tricks that re-wire your brain to changes in diet and additional supplement intake.

And most importantly, Alcohol Free Forever gives those tools into your hands that you need in order to build up a healthy and sustainable life from the scratch. You will be taught how to deal with the depression that will ensue without your daily dose of poison, how to rebuild your lost relationships with those you love,and how to build habits and a lifestyle that will prevent alcohol to return into your life.


You will also receive various bonuses upon purchase.

One bonus is theQuit It BootCamp Email series that will bombard you with motivational energy and with instructions in the first 30 days so that you will never lose your momentum in reshaping your life.

The second bonus is theWhat Alcohol Really Does to You e-book, which elaborates in great details about on the various destructive aspects of alcohol and the problems addiction causes in your emotional, physiological and social life.

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The third is a hypnosis audio track calledQuit It Today. This program will further help you in restructuring the neural pathways of your brain that are prone to alcohol consumption and will forceyour subconscious to give up alcohol.

Meditation Mastery, the fourth bonus is yet another e-book which introduces the art of mindful meditation, which helps you to clear your mind and end craving.

And the final bonus is a guide onHow to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety in Your Life without various self-medications such as alcohol.



For $37 only you are able to change your life. If you are reading this, chances are, you know you have to change your path quickly before your life turns very dark and your choices become irreversible. If you value your life, your long-term happiness, and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle with supporting people all around you more than $37, I highly suggest you to buy Alcohol Free Forever. This is your very first step to change your life and purge the ghost that haunts and destroys everything you ever loved.

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– Offers a solution to these problem of alcohol taking: the guide will help you deal with the problem once and for all.

– Systematic in approach: the guide will systematically show you the ways in which you can use to fight alcohol in your life.

– Comes with additional resources: the guide has some other various resources that you can use to effectively quit alcohol.

-It is a guide that you can use time and again.


– Though the guide works, you are not assured of 100% guarantee that you will be able to quit alcohol.

Summary: This is a guide that will help you escape from the tormenting hands of alcohol. With detailed and clear plan, the guide seeks to educate you on what you really need to know to quit alcohol, leave alone what you see on the surface, just stopping the alcohol regime in your life, there is something deep with the guide. That it will not only revolutionize your life but make you regain the purpose you once had for your life. Therefore, join the other people on the other side as they recapture they life from alcohol.

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