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A few weeks ago I just bought this “Get the Best Body of your Life in 12 Weeks” or also called as Barstarzz BTX 3.0 and I would say that I made the best decision of my life, how did I say so?

Because of that product, I gained access to the secrets on how to increase muscle mass and strength. Before I was skinny and has a low self-esteem thankfully I discovered this product I overcome those adversities that are haunting me throughout my life.

I have lots of bad experiences when I was still a kid, being bullied by bigger kids is one of my problems before, I can’t do anything to fight back because I was skinny and weak.

Until I became an adult I was still skinny maybe because I was born with an ectomorph type of body or in other words hard-gainer.

One day I made a big decision to transform myself physically and mentally, so I searched the internet for possible solutions like workout routines for hard gainers like me I tried to search on some forums and I got workout routines for free.


I downloaded the routines and printed it out on a bond paper, I studied the movements and perform it for approximately 2 months. I see few gains but I guess it is not enough because of the hard work that I put in I only get very little progress to tell you honestly I was disappointed.

So I did a research again for better routines for hard gainers like me and luckily I came across this Barstarzz BTX Program I was really excited when I read the title of the program “Get the Best Body of your Life in 12 Weeks”.

A Little Skeptical

At first, I was a little bit scared to try because the price is a little bit hefty which is 97 USD for the first two bundles and a whopping 1,699 USD for the third package and as we all know that there are a lot of products that are available on the internet which are the only purpose is to scam people.

So I decided to take the 2nd package which is the most popular among the 3 packages.

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What is included on the package that I bought?

• A workout program that is composed of a 12-week routine of exercises
• Daily log sheet of my progress
• 284+ HD videos of the workouts and step by step tutorials
• More than 230 pages PDF guide of the workouts and routines
• Motivational videos to pump me up
• A special access to the private group in Facebook of BtX

Undergoing the Training Program

After I scanned the program, watch the videos and instructional, I started to implement the program I slept early the night before I decided to start the training I woke up early and started the training for the past 3 months this was my routine and I really see a significant growth on my gains and strength

I also recorded my progress on the log sheet that is included in the package from day one up to finishing the 12 weeks of training I was really amazed on the progress that the log sheet has shown on the span of 12 weeks.

What I did is I printed out the PDF file that is included in the package so that I can browse for it easily whenever I need to and also memorize the exercises and to get familiarize with the terms and it works effectively for me.

Now I can say that the product really works and it is worth my hard earned money I became brawny from being skinny for the span of 12 weeks only. Added the fact that the exercises are simple to follow however I do not say that it will be an easy journey for you at all because you will still need a lot of discipline and hard work for you to achieve the same success that I got from this program.


Get Ready for a Big Change in Your Life

From day one of me changing my lifestyle because I want to transform myself and especially the programs tell me to, I can say that I became more disciplined because I need to eat on time, sleep early, and does each set of exercise in proper form.

I also applied this discipline on the other aspects of my life like at work I became punctual and had a better attitude. That is why I have a great appreciation on this product because it helped me become a better person.

I added a significant 25 pounds of lean muscle mass in the span of only 12 weeks, my endurance also got better I do not get tired quickly that is why I am able to become more active especially on the workouts which are continuous of course.

Getting Consistent

After the 12 weeks of implementing the program, I continued it until now because it is giving me good results. What did I do to keep my body guessing? Is to combine the different exercise on the program because it is very important to keep my body guessing to promote muscle growth.

Changing the number of sets and repetition are some of the ways in order for me to shock my body and stimulate muscle growth. And also interchanging the sequence of the exercise really helped in shocking my body.

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Reviews from Other People Who Already Tried the Product

As what I have read on the reviews of other people who tried the product, all of them are satisfied they were all showing off that their body significantly improved. However, I know there are saying the truth because there were pictures of their previous and present body structure.
The other customers of this product are really thankful also that they came across this one of a kind product that helped them achieved their fitness goals. It is really evident in the pictures and their testimonies that the product is really effective.
Get Started Now!

Why are People who tried Thankful that They Found the Product?

• Improvement in calisthenics.
• They lose bad fats while gaining lean muscle mass.
• Better muscle appearance because of well-defined muscle cuts.
• Increase in strength and endurance.
• They are now living a healthy lifestyle.
• Fun workout they never get bored.

My Final Verdict

Based on my experience there are no other alternatives that you can find over the internet better than this “Get the Best Body of your Life in 12 Weeks”. I have tried and tested it and all I can say that I am completely satisfied with the results that are why I am shared to you my honest to goodness review of the product to help you achieve the results that I get from the product.

Before I was a loser and because of this product, I became a winner in no time. I had made a lot of friends and the girls are all fascinated with my new look. I did not experience all of this when I was still skinny and helpless, one thing is for sure physical appearance plays an important role in our society.

Lastly, I want to emphasize is that you must grab the product until it is available on the market we do not know until when it will be available and the price might increase in any point of time because of its high demands and avoid being scammed just buy on their trusted website.

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My dear friends what I can advise you on your fitness goals is this, get yourself some motivation in what way? Think of what keeps you going to transform yourself who are your inspirations and why do you have this urge of changing yourself for the better?

Maybe because of a rejection from women, friends or job or for whatever reason it is important to put it always on your mind that’s what I did in order for me to keep me going. Good luck my dear friends and I wish you all the success in your future endeavors and I thank you for spending your time reading my review.

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  • Exercises are well explained
  • Clear video and audio
  • Has a pdf version of the guides and programs
  • Top of the line after sales service


  • A little bit pricey

Summary: This “Get the Best Body of your Life in 12 Weeks” or also called as Barstarzz BTX 3.0 product is the epitome of all workout programs that are available on the internet. It is a complete go-to guide of transforming your skinny or fat physique into a muscular physique. All the information that you needed is already indicated in the guide what you just need to do is read or watch it and implement it.

RatingRated 4.5 stars