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Before we talk into the minutes of body weight pilates, you need to speak to yourself about what crosses your mind instantly at the thought of weight loss? Is it an hour of regular intense cardio? an hour of early morning jog? or a tightly scheduled diet plan that you believe shall shrink the fat molecules within you?

Well, this is what most of us do to get into shape, and we are not denying their competency either. But honestly, how many of us have that amount of time and consistency to avail the bucks we spend after a gym membership? Can you really convince your heart for cutting down on foods which help you overcome a hard day?

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Is there an alternate way out?

Speaking of weight loss again, we all want promising results within weeks, isn’t it so? Whereas on the other hand, a day after a laboring workout at the gym makes one cringe at the idea of going there again.

Body weight pilates is something that shall salvage you from all such torments. Don’t fall for our words. You can visit the website and see for yourself how people with inspiring success stories have reviewed the scheme.

What is it all about?

For a flat tummy, all we need is to kick in the abdominal core and trim away the overlying bugling fat. Sounds easy, doesn’ it? Only if it were as effortless as it reads, life would have been much more pleasant.

But why should you worry when pilates can do the task?

Yes, that’s right. Body weight pilates is all about controlled body movements that target deep abdominal core muscles. This not only tones them but also enhances your metabolism. That way you can enjoy your favorite foods without a tummy protruding out to bothering you.

Do you absolutely wish to reverse the outward direction of your abdominal curvature? Sylvia Favela can definitely help you with the mission. She is a pilate practitioner as we as a guru of female body transformation for 20 years. You can totally rely on her life-long experience for your ever-wanted and long-dreamt effective weight loss.

Sylvia can transform you into a figure you have always desired for. Her pilate program can burn the stubborn belly fat with lovely long-lasting results. Don’t believe us? Check out her customer reviews for some better insight.


Body weight pilates Vs. the regular exercises:

Is there anything wrong with the regular weight-loss workouts?

Definitely not! Cardio, crunches, lunges, push-ups, squats, etc. are equally good at trimming down the waste, provided you have adequate time and funds to hire a professional.

Sylvia points out at some common mistakes we all tend to make (happened to her as well) when exercising. We usually come across these workouts via a fitness magazine or a video. Sit-ups, for instance, need proper alignment of your spine, pelvis and the legs. Slight crookedness in the position can make you wake up with a sore neck, shoulder and back the next morning. How do you believe to lose weight with a soaring body after all?
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She also draws our attention towards the fact that intense cardio can leave us with a muffin top (which indeed is utterly annoying!)

There isn’t any doubt that cardio is great for an overall body fat loss. However, when it comes to the stomach, targeted exercises must be implied instead. Which is why people notice their body turning thinner after a regular cardio with lower abdomen still sticking out. 

Moreover, women above 35 years of age who are nearing their menopausal era start facing a decline in their blood estrogen levels. Now, this hormone is required for a good metabolism, bone health, muscle strength, and a well-functioning heart. Reduced blood estrogen can be rather counter-productive, and increased stress levels induced by cardio exercises can damage one’s heart and thyroid, You can, therefore, end up messing with your metabolism and halt the weight loss process.


Here comes the best part of the whole deal…….

The third fact which concerns Sylvia can actually make several weight-watchers let out a huge sigh of relief. The expert doesn’t favor dieting for a tucked-in tummy (Hurrah!). She instead believes that it adds further to the volume of your belly fat. This, indeed is a very common mistake people tend to make in the pursuit of a flat abdomen.

Sylvia shares her experience of starving for a flat tummy which ultimately affected her thyroid, made her sick, and caused her to store even greater bulks of abdominal fat. Now, thyroid is a gland you would never want to mess up with when aiming for a leaner body. Its hormones are essential to burn fat and enhance the metabolic rate.  

So now that you have a skilled trainer who may help you appear more attractive with a leaner body, and that too without tormenting you with starvation and debilitating exercises, how about giving her a chance to transform your life?

Tell me more about it…..

Still not convinced? Or rather curious about how it works?

Well, here is how you are supposed to lose belly fat with Sylvia Favela:


The Prime phase:

Before getting started with the whole plan, you shall be required to perform a set of short and quick moves to kickoff your fat-burning hormones (call it a warm-up session).

The Core phase:

This is where your actual body weight pilates begin. Here, you shall be required to perform sequenced and strategic exercises that aim at the long-lived and dogged belly fat. With this, your metabolism begins to enhance further.

The Sculpt phase:

They call it the ‘sculpt phase’ when your body’s metabolism greatly intensifies, an effect which is long-lasting.


How much am I expected to spend?

Definitely less than a month’s fee for a gym. Sylvia has some exciting deals which enables almost anyone to choose between their desired phases.

Gone are the days when you had to dig deep into your budget for getting leaner.

Also gone are the times when you had to starve yourself to nothingness to look somewhat symmetrical.


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  • The program focuses on turning on your body’s capability of burning fat, hence, you can achieve more results with less work out that way
  • You do not require a formal set up for body weight pilates. Your bedroom can suffice here too
  • The plan isn’t going to steal away a major chunk out of your daily routine, making it easier for busy mums and working lads as well
  • Targeted exercises help shed unwanted fat from specific areas
  • You do not have to fast for long hours or hold back from your favorite foods
  • A newbie may find it fairly easy to begin their weight-loss journey with the help of pilates
  • Pilates can increase your body’s flexibility and range of motion


  • How quickly your body reacts to the exercises in terms of an upsurge of the metabolic rate may vary greatly. You may notice others gaining faster results which all depends upon  distinctive body responses of different individuals
  • If the doctors classify your body weight in terms of ‘morbid obesity’, you may then need something more than mere body weight pilates
  • Swimming and running yet make more efficient exercises in terms of calorie-burning

Summary: Not all weight loss regimens are successful, especially if you are bound to carry them out all alone. Lack of knowledge and inadequate body movements and postures can lead to injuries as well. The chances of such unfortunate events can go curtail to much extent if an expert has your back throughout the process.
Body weight pilates by Sylvia Favela is the backbone of several body transformation success stories. People have reviewed her program quite positively saying they could notice the results within a week’s work out. If you manage to go with the plan precisely, you may be lucky to lose inches within weeks.

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