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Cellulite Factor Solution
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Dr. Charles Livingston makes a breakthrough to help rid your body of cellulite. He does not advocate pills, creams or surgery.

What he does offer is a program for $27 (and a 100% money back guarantee). He vows to give you back your youthful and healthy appearance if you follow his plan to the letter. Dr. Livingston has targeted the real cause of stubborn orange-peel bumps and dimples.


What is Cellulite and How to Combat It

Cellulite is a circulatory, structural, and health issues. Cellulite happens underneath the surface of your skin. Fat storage does play a role, but fat isnt the reason you have cellulite. You can be healthy and thin and still have cellulite.

Cellulite deals with the connective tissues in the body. Connective tissue is organized in pillars underneath your skin. Inside each pillar is fat. This fat is arranged in a honeycomb pattern. When the connective tissue is deprived of blood, it gets sticky and hardens. As a result, the fat cells in each column or pillar are pushed up towards your skin. Now you have cottage cheese bumps and dimples. Your muscles soon atrophy and now you have an uneven foundation for your skin to lay against.

Cellulite, until now, was declared incurable because it is essentially dried out and dead.

All you need to conquer this malady is information. That is what comes in the Cellulite Factor Solution. Lose all the weight you want, but you will still have cellulite. Dr. Livingston has researched many hours to uncover the real cause of cellulite. He worked with top cellulite experts to isolate how and where the body get cellulite.

The program is:

Not a cream

Not a supplement or drug

Not a gimmick

Not expensive massages at the spa

You can reduce the effects of cellulite in as little as 14 days with Dr. Livingstons program. He will teach you how to bring blood back to the dried up connective tissues that surround the pillars in your body. As the connective tissue gains moisture, it returns to its natural flexibility. The fat will fill in the column and spread out instead of being pushed up toward your skin.

All you need to do is wake up the connective tissues.


How does the Cellulite Factor Help You Rid your Body of Cellulite?

Cellulite Factor Solution teaches you to active the mushy and atrophied muscles that lie under your skin.

It targets your underused muscles.

You damaged connective tissues are flooded with nutrition and new blood.

The Cellulite Factor Solution brings back vitality to the decaying muscles that cause cellulite.

Exercise is vital in the solution, but it is how you exercise. You will receive in the program eight workout videos that engage your connective tissues. You will be amazed at the results! These exercises are unlike anything you have even done before.

Work through the first video and you will find you hardened connective, and sticky tissues will start to come back to life. Atrophied muscles begin to work again, and you feel better.

These exercises are not rigorous body movements. You dont need to kill yourself at the gym. You just need to follow the program.



These bonus features teach you how to ramp up your basic exercises in the first videos. You can work on these as you gain strength. The videos show you how to exercise from start up to supercharged.

Dimple-Free Squat Progress (6 minutes)

Smoking Hot Split Squat Progression (7 minutes)

Next Level Step up Progression (6 minutes)

Sexy Hip Hinge Progression (6 minutes)

Mini-Band Power Progressions (3 minutes)

Toasted Bun Lunge progression (9 minutes)

The Secret SHELC Progressions (4 minutes)

Save the Bra Line Shoulder Progressions (6 minutes)

Bringin Sexy Back Progressions (5 minutes)

These bonus videos will bring health and vitality to your body.

Know that the orange peel looking skin is a symptom of whats happening inside your body. In addition to exercise, you need to learn how to eat properly.

Get Dr. Livingstons Cellulite Busting Nutrition to help you through the rigors of good and bad eating habits. There are some foods that promote optimal circulation and health, and others stop blood flow from properly getting to all parts of your body.

Avoid these Foods:

Grain fed beef. This type of food is high in omega-6 fats and will cause your connective tissues to gum together.

Stay away from wheat based pasta. Pasta spikes your blood sugar and triggers your pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin helps store glucose in you lived, but most of the glucose is stored in cells as fat.

Anything that has trans fats, or hydrogenated oils are bad for you. Read the ingredients on whatever you purchase in the store. If anything says hydrogenated on the label, put it back.

There are so many more foods you need to avoid. The guide will tell you what to avoid and what you want to begin eating today. Remember what you eat depends on how long your cellulite lasts in your body.

What you eat and what you avoid will help you lose cellulite in as little as fourteen days!


More Bonuses

An exclusive cookbook with over 100 recipes that make reversing cellulite a dream.

These are recipes that Dr. Livingstons clients receive in his home office.

You will receive a blueprint of what you need to do for the next 30 days. This is the Cellulite Factor Solution 30 Day Success Guide

The Toxin Buster Handbook gives you a complete list of the toxins in the environment that cause cellulite.

Cellulite Busting Grocery List or a pre-created grocery list helping you by taking all the guesswork out of the foods you need to eat.

Cellulite Busting 30 Day Meal Plan tells you exactly what and when to eat certain foods.

Cellulite Busting Nutrition Guide gives you a guide on the particular foods that slow down the accumulation of cellulite and help you speed up the process of eliminating it.

Cellulite Busting Supplements are those nutrition supplements that melt fat, smooth out cellulite, and burn off fat.

Cellulite Busting Workout Generator carries on after the 30-day program ends.


Absolutely everything that causes cellulite is discussed, conquered, and addressed. You will have a gorgeous body with none of the cottage-cheese looks after you have read and followed this book.

Dr. Livingston promises that cellulite is 100% reversible in as little as 14 days. He guarantees it!

All you need to do is order the Cellulite Factor Solution today for just $27 (90% off Dr. Livingstons consultation fees). If you dont see any improvement, email Dr. Livingston at Drcharles@cellulitefactor.com and he will see you get your money back. Or ask him any question and he will support you to ensure you get the promised results.

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– No pills- this medical guide does not advocate the use of the pills to get rid of the cellulite.

– No surgery- with the cellulite factor, you are not required to carry out any surgical operation.

– Uses natural methods- this medical guide advocates for use of natural methods in order to get rid of the cellulite completely in your body.

– very safe- the guide advocates for methods that are very safe to use.


– You will need to consult the counsel of your doctors, otherwise, you can not rely wholly on this guide.

Summary: The cellulite factor is a medical guide that will help you to over the cellulite problem once and for all. As a matter of fact, this condition was declared incurable but with this medical guide, you can be sure to end this condition on a permanent basis. You do not need the cream or the pills, with this medical guide, its HELLO FREEDOM. Therefore, click the button below to get the product in its lowest price today.

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