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Children Learning Reading
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The ability to read is a quality that is necessary if a child is to be successful in school and in turn become successful at life in general. As a matter of fact, reading is necessary to function effectively in every aspect of life. Therefore, when our children show signs of struggling with this very crucial skill it can be understood why you might be frustrated. Nevertheless, all is not lost. The Children Learning Reading Program promises to dramatically turn the situation around.

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What is The Children Learning Reading Program?

It is a simple, effective step by step program by Jim and Elena Yang that promises to teach your child how to read through phonics and phonemic awareness. It was designed to teach children of all ages and levels to read within a very short period of time.

The lessons that the child will be exposed to are very simple and include associated stories, rhymes, and colored pictures to make learn to read fun for the child. The main program comes with a variety of PDF files, audio and videos, common word cards, nursery rhymes and stories that children will love, have fun, and become motivated to continue.


How does The Children Learning Reading Program work?

This program is divided into two stages that include 50 short and simple lessons. Taking into consideration the short attention span of your child, each lesson will last between 10- 15 minutes daily. And within 8 weeks you will see significant improvement in your childs reading. Below is a detailed breakdown of each stage.

Stage #1

This is the first stage and it is made up of 28 lessons. The purpose of this particular stage is to deliberately introduce phonetics and phonemic awareness to your child. Here your child will be familiarized with the basic building blocks of learning to read such as letter identification, letter sounds, and the blending technique.

In addition to the above named fundamentals, your child will also be introduced to simple words initially and as the lessons progress more complex words will be added.
First stage contains 28 lessons.

Another skill that your child will be exposed to at this stage is the skill decoding which will help him or her to blend sounds and read whole words effortlessly. This skill will be learned through practice with rhymes, short stories, songs, and other fun filled activities. The thing that I most admire about this stage is the fact that the activities move from simple to complex thus giving your child time to move smoothly from one stage to another.

Stage #2

The second stage of this program includes 22 lessons that deals with techniques that are more advanced than those learned at stage # 1. It basically builds on the skills that your child would have already learned in stage 1 and enhances them so that your child will become an even better reader.
at this stage your child will be introduced to digraphs. Digraphs are formed by blending two different letters to make a single sound. For example, /ch/ in church, /sh/ in shoe, /wh/ in whale, and /kn/ in knee.

The rhymes and stories that your child will read at this stage is also a bit more challenging that those they were used to at stage # 1. However there is no need to worry because by now your child would have already mastered the skills necessary to go through them smoothly.


What will I get in my package?

The Children Learning Reading Program is presently available In2 Versions.

  • The Standard Package which is made up of the main lessons
  • The Premium Package which includes everything that the Standard Package has and some extra resources that will further improve your childs reading experience.

Below is a breakdown of the two packages.

Package #1- The Standard Package

When you purchase this package, you will get

  • Stage 1Step-By-Step Lessons
  • Stage 2Step-By-Step Lessons(more advanced)
  • Stage 1 Lesson Stories
  • Stage 2 Lesson Stories (more advanced)
  • Letter Sound and MP3 Audio Clips
  • The Most Common Sight Words
  • Childrens Favorite Nursery Rhymes
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Free One-on-One counseling for 12 weeks.

Package # 2- The Premium Package

As mentioned before, this package includes everything in the Standard Package and more. These include:

  • Children Lesson Videos and Workshop these include a set of DVD recordings that document the journey of the creators of the program, Jim and Elena Yang, over a period of twelve weeks as they use the very techniques that are presented in this course to teach their 2.5 year old toddler, Ethan, to read and speak English fluently.
  • Children Learning Reading Video Edition this video was designed to explain all you need to know about the program. It includes a detailed description of what the program entails and some tips that will help you to better able to us this program effectively to teach your child to read.
  • Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons here you will be able to print out all the materials that you will need to work with your child at the stage 2 level. This is easily accessed with the click of a button.
  • Stage 2 Rhymes the rhymes provided here comes with colorful pictures to go with them. This will certainly capture your childs attention.


  • Stage 1 lesson stories
  • Stage 2 lesson stories
  • Letter sound MP3 audio clips
  • The most common sight words
  • Children favorite nursery rhymes
  • Life of upgrades
  • Free one on one counseling for 12 weeks


How much does The Children Learning Reading Program cost?

Compared with other reading programs that cost 00s of dollars and still fail to give you satisfying results, this program only requires you to pay $49.95 for the Standard Package and $69.90 for the Premium Package.

Is there any Guarantee available?

If within 60 days you are not fully satisfied with the program you can simply return it for a full refund of the purchased price. This transaction will be hassle free.

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What are the Pros and Cons of this program?


  • There is much evidence that this program really works.
  • It is easily accessible with just the click of a button.
  • It is relatively cheap compared to similar products on the market.
  • It is simple and easy to follow.
  • The package is very attractive.


  • Results may vary from children to children.
  • The item is not sold in stores.


My Conclusion

There is much evidence available to prove that this program really works. Teaching children to read is critical and this program promises to make it simple. I will most certainly back any effort that seeks to enhance childrens reading. I definitely recommend The Children Learning Reading Program.

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-12 week program to give children best listening and reading skills designed to enhance learning.

– Rhymes and mp3 stories through which children can develop strong listening and understanding abilities.

– Step by step tutorials so that children can unleash their hidden mental capabilities.

– Guaranteed results, once you have followed the course as advised, you child can surely develop strong listening and reading skills.


The results might not be similar for each child as it depends upon their intellect and mental capabilities.

Summary: Children Learning Reading course is created by Jim and Alena which can uncover the reading and learning abilites within children. The program consists of lessons and mp3 stories which are informative for children and can help them comprehend actual meaning of the lesson on their own. So if your child has weak learning and reading powers, this program can support them by all means.

RatingRated 4.5 stars