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Over the past few years, I have been battling low platelet count may be because of my job as a call center agent. Because that I worked at night shift my sleep is compromised.

My sleep patterns significantly have changed and my sleeping hours have been reduced from eight to ten hours to four to five hours at maximum.

But why? Because changes in sleeping pattern gave me a hard time to get my sleep.

Most of the time, my supervisor switches our schedule from time to time that is why adjustments on my sleeping time are really difficult.


This habit took a toll on my health I experienced several situations in which I feel really dizzy and pale-looking. I know that something is wrong with my health.

I went to our company clinic to have my checkup, and I found out after the nurse has checked my blood pressure that I am having a low blood pressure.

For that reason, the company doctor advised me to take laboratory tests to further check my health condition. So I underwent several tests at the hospital like blood test, urine test, and etc.

The Culprit!

So I received the results of the test and the output of it is that I have a low blood platelet count. I consulted an internal medicine doctor and gave me a prescription medicine that I should take to increase my blood platelet count.

The medicines were effective on the first few months and I have used it for several months however as time pasts by because of my job my blood platelet count still drops significantly from time to time.

Because of this, I realized that medical intervention is not the answer to my problem. I thought of using a natural intervention to solve my low blood platelet count.


Research is the Key

I tried searching the internet for some natural ways on how to cure a blood platelet count.

Upon searching the internet found a lot of links that claims that they can cure low blood platelet count however as we all know there are a lot of products on the internet that says that they are effective but the truth is the creators of these products just wants to take your hard-earned money from you with their scamming tactics.

However, I saw a product that really caught my attention. The product is called “Conquer Low Platelets” it as eBook which is created by Louis Cruz which built his expertise in this field.

The reason why he has a wide knowledge regarding this topic is that because there are several members of his family who have suffered this kind of condition like mine.

For this reason what Louis Cruz did is to search the library for some knowledge regarding low blood platelet count. He spent a lot of hours studying the topic and found the solution and afterward disseminated the information to his family and implemented the techniques.

He was completely satisfied with the results and the low platelet count on the blood of several members of his family has already been solved. Because of this, he compiled all the knowledge that he learned on an eBook.

Giving the Product a Try

After reading the reviews about the product I was really enticed to try it because of the great reviews. I purchased the eBook without any risk at all because it offers a 60-day money back guarantee on the eBook.


Through the use of my Paypal I was able to pay the eBook and immediately got the download link and downloaded the eBook afterward without any hassle at all.

I spent my half day reading and studying it and the next day I started implementing the techniques that I learned from it.

The Techniques that I Learned from it

The contents of the eBook are really made of high-quality information that provided me some sort of confidence to combat the disease. Here is the summary of the topics that “Conquer Low Platelets” tackled:

• It exposed the two magical herbs that are great in adding up platelet counts on our blood.
• The most crucial vitamins that will help prevent the lowering of our blood platelet count.
• The foods to avoid in preventing the dropping of the blood platelet count.
• The technique that lets you calm your immune system’s down approach to keep your platelets from attacking it.
• It proved that over the counter drugs and steroids are not only the solution in curing this disease.

Those are only some of the most important knowledge that I grasp through the product and there are a lot more techniques that you can find inside of it once you buy it.

There are also two bonus eBooks that are included in my purchase that comes along with the main product. The freebies are also in the genre of health.

pills eating

The Freebies Unboxed!

There are two free eBooks that are included in the sale as I have said awhile ago namely:

• Conquer Urinary Tract Infection – this is included in his collection of eBooks written by Louis Cruz. It instructs people on how to prevent and cure urinary tract infections with the use of natural methods/
• Insiders Secrets for a Lean Body – this second freebie is a great guide on how to achieve a slim body with the use of techniques that are healthy and free from side effects.

The Result

After several weeks of implementing the techniques that are stated in the eBook, I really felt the changes that it made for my body. I am not experiencing anymore the symptoms of low blood platelet count.
Get Started Now!

My health became better than ever thanks to this wonderful product I learned that it is possible to increase blood platelet count through the use of natural methods.

Reviews from Other People

Many people from all parts of the world have tried this eBook and gave their honest feedback regarding the product. One of them is Ivana from the Czech Republic. She was a 25 year old woman who is also suffering from low blood platelet count like me.

She won the battle with the help of this eBook, in just four months of following the techniques that are written there her blood platelet count returned to normal.

Another satisfied customer is a guy from Puerto Rico his name is Jose. Since Jose was a child he is suffering from low platelet count his parents had to remove his spleen in order for his platelets to become stabilize however it did not solve the problem at all.

That is why while growing up until he became an adult he was still suffering from the condition until he came across this amazing product by Louis Cruz and everything has changed.

He became healthy again which brought back the normal life that he barely experienced because of the health condition that he had.

He was very thankful to the creator of the product because the technique of Louis is the only one who worked for him.


The Conclusion

With all being said I recommend this product to you with confidence. This is a very good product for people who are suffering low platelet count on their blood.

The treatment does not possess any risk for you and for your health because it is a natural way of increasing your platelets through the use of certain herbals that increases platelet count.

There is also absolutely no risk at all when you buy the product simply because it has a 60-day money back guarantee. You can get a full refund if the techniques did not work for you.

I advise you to buy this one of a kind product now until it is still available in the market because the techniques that are inside the eBook includes top secret techniques that can put the prescription medicine business down.

Thank you for reading my honest to goodness review regarding this wonderful product. I wish you good luck in achieving a healthy blood platelet count.

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  • Has a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • No side-effects at all because most of the methods that are included in the eBook are all natural techniques.
  • Precise and easy to read the guide because the contents are very clear and well-explained.
  • Secured payments and fast download.
  • Has a lot of freebies included in the deal.


  • Should have not put an artificial method on the eBook anymore because of the natural methods themselves are already sufficient to cure the disease.
  • It is much better if it has a hard copy of the product for people who do not have an access to a computer, tablet or smartphone that supports eBook reading.

Summary: This is a great eBook in which I managed to increase my blood platelet count and completely saved my life. I am thankful that I came across this wonderful product because of this I am now living a normal life.

Before I did not know that it is possible to use natural intervention to solve a serious health issue like this but it proved me wrong because it natural method is more effective than the traditional healing.

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