CT-50 by Tyler Bramlett Review – Scam or Not?

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The first thing that caught my eye about the CT-50 workout is that it can be done in 20 minutes or less and you’ll still get results.

Maybe you’re like how I was, groaning about having to get a kettlebell for this program. Stop rolling your eyes – I know, I’ve probably spent thousands over the years on exercise equipment that’s never used after the first month.

My whole family and even my in-laws are like that. In fact, my mother-in-law uses her treadmill as a purse hanger. But don’t start hanging your purses or whatever accessory you can’t find a home for on your exercise equipment just yet.


I’m going to show you how you can start to enjoy the same results I have from this workout.

And also why you should just suck it up and go out to get a kettlebell today. You’ll learn why you really feel the burn when using the kettlebell. It’s because it works out multiple muscle groups with every swing. It’s going to be a key factor in helping you shed fat and increase muscle tone with this workout.

Sure, the creator of this program, Tyler Bramlett isn’t a humongous bodybuilder.

But he has a pretty sizeable reputation in the fitness world for his website and nickname, The Garage Warrior, and other workout programs he’s created, like Bodyweight Flow and 0-6 Pack Abs.

He was overweight and tried multiple times to lose the extra pounds, but with no success.


Tyler experienced the common frustration I’m sure we’ve all had, where he’d workout and try to eat healthy, but he couldn’t seem to lose weight.

He was inspired to create this workout after dealing with the repercussions of a bum knee afterterrible accident. He was riding his bike and a car struck him. That sparked his motivation to ignoreconventional advice about weight loss and fitness, andfinally find a way to burn offhis extra pounds and get in great shape.

This program is the result of 10 years worth of Tyler’s trial and error and research in finding the most effective ways to sculpt your body. He’s found a formula that will help you increase your muscle tone and enjoy the best shape you’ve ever been in!

Man Weightlifting on Bench With Dumbbells

The main book is divided into 3 easy to follow sections.

The first part of this book gives you a solid foundation for this workout. You’ll learn how often you need to exercise, for how long of a duration (spoiler alert: 20 minutes or maybe even less!), and the importance of proper nutrition.

The second part is the “meat and potatoes” and describes each workout in detail. There are 5 levels you can choose from, each with 10 workout options.

What I enjoyed most from this program is the daily workout videos. I’m a visual learner, so I can’t just guesstimate what I’m supposed to be doing from reading a block of text.

You’ll see that Tyler describes each workout as specifically as he can. It really is like having an actual coach right there with you, to guide you through each part and make sure you’re moving correctly. The best part is, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home.

The last part of the book explains the importance of the recovery process. It also goes into more detail about what to eat and what to avoid.

In addition, you’ll receive:

  • Quick Start Guide: If you’re chomping at the bit and want to get started working out right away, this is for you. With that being said, I think you’ll get the most benefit out of the program by reading the main book first. The main book is easy to read and understand, and only took me about 45 minutes (with distractions) to read.
  • Score Sheets: Print these out to track your progress and easily figure out what’s effective for you and what isn’t.
  • Wall Chart: Hang this somewhere you know you’ll see it every day. This is going to help you plan your upcoming workouts.
  • Exercise Manual: Shows you pictures and descriptions of all the workouts in the program. This is an excellent resource if you’re a visual learner like me.


Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by ordering today are:

  • Increase in muscle tone.
  • More flexibility.
  • Weight loss.
  • All the unwanted fat you’ll finally shed!

CT-50 is only $37 if you order today.Make the best investment you canin yourself and start sculpting your gorgeous dream body now!

Are you sick of going to the gym, pumped with false hope at the beginning of every New Year, only to give up in frustration a few weeks later after seeing no results? That doesn’t have to be your fate any longer. Tyler’s given you everything you’ll need to get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in.

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you can go to the pool or beach, confident to show off your rockin’ body. Think about how cathartic it’ll be to finally get rid of your “fat pants”! Maybe you can burn them like I did when I shed 10 pounds from just 2 weeks of using this program.

Using the Progressive Movements you’ll learn in this workout are going to give your body no choice but to mold into a lean, sculpted version of itself.

Since you can easily do these workouts from home, there’s no reason you shouldn’t start building your dream body today. Now, you might be wondering, what is Progressive Movement Technology?

Progressive Movement Technology is based on one principle: form follows function.

This means that the amount of time you’ve been working out isn’t what makes your workout effective. What will get you the results you desire is the way you’re moving your body.

For example, if you’re just walking or running mindlessly on the treadmill, your body will muster up the endurance so you can keep on trucking. However, if you’re walking or running with a specific goal in mind, this will send a signal to your brain, prompting it to start losing weight.

Unlock your fat loss potential with Tyler today!

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– With the fitness book, you will get a quick start guide that will help you get prepared on what you need to know to improve your body fitness.

– The book helps you to track your performance easily by providing you with a score sheet.

– The book will help you increase your muscle tone very fast using some of the coolest natural methods.

– With this fitness programmed book, you are assured of flexibility. If you were a inflexible, this guide will improve your overall performance.

– As you gain all the benefits from this book, you will also be losing a significant amount of weight day in day out.

– The book comes with an exercise manual that helps you to watch some of the workouts and how t effectively do them.

– It is a very cheap manual and anybody can afford it.


– You will have to commit yourself each day in order to effectively achieve what you have been aiming to get.

Summary: Body fitness is one of the factors that will make you live a long and healthy life. However, achieving the kind of body you want might be very difficult especially if you are using the wrong fitness program. CT-50 is a fitness book that is designed to help you get the perfect lean body that you always desire. Leave alone that, with this fitness book, you are assured of living a life of abundance, fat-free and very flexible. Therefore, to get the lowest price possible in the market today, just follow the button below and you will be on your way to making great achievement of a lifetime.

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