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The fact that you are reading might have something to do with your daily struggle for seeking mental peace. Don’t worry! You are not alone in this realm. We shall make sure that the minutes you spend on reading the article are worthy. But before we get into the minutiae of Deep Zen, ask yourself the following queries:

  • When was the last time you were able to carry out a day or a few without breaking down emotionally?
  • How long has it passed when you were able to sleep soundly and uninterruptedly?
  • How many hours can you comfortably go on without fidgeting for once?
  • Do you wake up every morning with a sore and aggressive mind? If it is so, then, how long has this been occurring to you?
  • Do you feel fresh and healthy less often?


We won’t be surprised if you could relate to all of these conditions. In the current era, which is pre-occupied with social media so much that disclosure of news of all kinds happens every minute, and that too without you wishing for it, people generally are quite anxious. With the world in front of your eyes day and night, securing the peace of mind have turned into a task arduously quenchable.

Does meditation help?

Meditation is a skill wherein a person isolates themselves in order to focus their minds on an object or an activity. Medication for the sake of mental tranquility can be attained with extreme and unmeasurable strengths of willpower over a period of indeterminable years.

Certainly, meditation is a great way to lead our minds to a neutral state. However, great practice and time are the prime requirements here. The monks who spend most of the years of their lives in high mountainous caves are the ones who can actually uplift their mental state to the levels of utmost amicability.
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People often practice the “quiet hours” at home, and many do so regularly. However, amidst the busy social lives and barely any time to reflect upon ourselves, the effects seem to be rather shortlived.

Why is Deep Zen Different?

Amid the measures to procure a quiet mind, Deep Zen stands out to be contrastive. It won’t make you invest a great deal of time and money, and the outcome shall be the most of what you desire.

Instead of making you sit by yourself in solace for hours, Deep Zen makes use of uniquely formulated sounds that shall alter your brain waves. Here, the term ‘audio meditation’ turns out better to describe the scheme. The minutes you shall spend audio-meditating may allow the scientifically-created sound waves to amend your mental state.


We would like to clarify right from the beginning that there isn’t any religious or spiritual element involved here.

Those who feel comfortable with associating the factors can do so at their own wishes.

If you are not a fan of audio tapes, then Deep Zen has something else in store for you. You can choose for binaural tones which comprise of sound waves of rather marginally contrasting frequencies.

The science behind Deep Zen:

The basic idea here is to restore the altered brain waves. Till date, science has been able to distinguish five types of waves that can stimulate our gray matter individually. These are as follows:

Alpha waves:

They correspond to “wakeful relaxation”, that is, an aroused state but with closed eyes. Alpha waves are necessary for a ‘relaxed mental condition,’ when the subject isn’t tired or sleepy.

Beta waves:

These waves are prominent when our brain is involved in tasks such as decision-making, problem-solving, or activities that need great focus. It corresponds to our ‘alert and conscious’ state, and has been linked to ‘fast actions.’

Delta waves:

The delta waves have a slow frequency and a high amplitude which occur during deep sleep. Now, these waves have a lot to do with the development of the physical aspect of our body, the release of growth hormones, melatonin, and DHEA.


People who wake up abruptly during this stage feel like they haven’t snoozed at all.

Sleepwalking, bed-wetting, and nightmares tend to happen during the delta wave phase.

Theta waves:

These waves reflect the alert state of mind. When the subject is moving around, is conscious, and performing activities, the brain gets stimulated by theta waves. They are also believed to be transmitted during short-term memory tasks.

Gamma waves:

Gamma waves are for the ‘conscious attentive state.’

They are the prime focus of any meditational therapy, for they correlate ‘feelings of blessings.’

Gamma waves are also responsible for intense levels of cognitive operations, as well as peak concentration.


Deep Zen and brain waves:

Now, that you know the basics of brainwave stimulation, let us tell you that the process of attaining mental peace is all about mastering the “alpha-theta” crossover. This very transition is also targeted to treat substance abuse. Deep Zen understands that during meditation, the mind is either dominated by alpha or theta waves. They also comprehend that the creative outbursts happen with the admittance of the gamma waves.

The program has nothing to do with your mental-thresholds. Hence, you won’t be forced to learn to live with your current stress-levels.

The Deep Zen audio track is composed of “Triple Harmonic chord” effect, which can bring you an influential involvement better than any other program.

Deep Zen and binaural beats:

As mentioned afore, these beats are composed of soundwaves of alternating frequencies, used to put the subject into a state of meditation, deep relaxation, as well as altered levels of consciousness.

Not everyone shares the same kind of mental stress. Some individuals find it hard to put themselves to sleep, while others struggle to stay awake. Also, there are people who battle within their heads when trying to focus or concentrate on a task.


If you are not certain about the type of program that may suit you, there are some demo modes that Deep Zen has for you:

  • Laser focus: it stimulates the Beta waves for an enhanced concentration (must not be tried before going to bed)
  • Totally tranquil: it stimulates the alpha waves that allows the subject to liberate stress while staying awake
  • Deep Zen meditation: makes use of theta waves to alter the subject into zen-monk like state of meditation
  • Digital Sandman: this program addresses sleep-related problems as it targets the delta waves

You don’t have to buy our words. People who really benefited from Deep Zen have their say on the website. Review the page for your own satisfaction.

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  • You do not have to have a religious spirit or a soulful mind to meditate. Deep zen can help you otherwise as well
  • There is no stereotypical pattern to follow here. The modes and programs can be sorted according to your wishes
  • Every level of meditation has its own impactful influence, and you do not necessarily have to go through all of them to attain mental peace
  • You have an option regarding money refund within 60-days of purchase if the idea doesn’t seem to work out for you
  • You can train your brain to attain peace in the most stressful times, without perturbing its threshold


  • In case you are going through an altered mental neutrality as a result of some medical condition, it is better to seek the help of your doctor regarding methods to attain a quiet mind
  • The idea of hiring a professional who can deal with your problems face-to-face always remains superior to DIY online schemes

Summary: A body without the presence of mind is rendered useless in terms of perceiving the true meaning of life. If you feel that you fail to apprehend the crucial moments of your present times quite often, it is then the right time to sit back and reflect on your life. With stress levels accumulating at an ever-growing pace, attainment of mental relaxation is now a far cry.
Deep Zen is a scientific concept of meditation that can be approached at times when no path seems to lead you out. It is able to tackle your issue individually by the virtue of its various programs. You do not have to follow a pre-planned scheme here. The modes and programs you choose may go according to your needs.

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