Defeating Diabetes Kit – Does It Really Work? – My Review

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Defeating diabetes kit is prepared by Yuri Elkiam which contains different methods which can be followed to cure diabetes. The basic section of the guide contains several programs and videos which are designed to help diabetic patients so that they make themselves safe from any side effects.

There are four basic components of the defeating diabetes kit which contains everything which is required to get over with your diabetes. The author explains that there is a type of white starch which is also called resistant starch (RS) which can prove to be a long lasting solution for both of the types of diabetes. In order to live a healthier life, there are tips and guides by which you can get nutrition according to the requirements.

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The basic benefits of defeating diabetes kit

There are unlimited benefits of the charts and energy nutrition tips which are explained by the author in order to get safe from diabetes. Proteins are effective for the cure of any disease because it makes your body to get the essential minerals which are needed to cure the disease.

Moreover, vitamins and fats play a vital role in the development of immune system by which you can prevent all sorts of illnesses and allergies. This is basically an innovative program which makes the diabetic patients to battle against the disease by following the explained steps. You can get benefit from the step by step guide which is meant to define new ways by which dieters can develop lasting and healthy habits.

This course also contains information by which the readers can make the selection of food they must take in order to avoid any stages of diabetes. There are four main components of defeating diabetes kit by which the patients can win their fight against all stages of diabetes.


How to implement the super starch solution

There is a brief detail about the super starch solution which can prove beneficial to cure your diabetes. The information is explained in a manner by which everyone can implement these solutions by using homemade remedies and ingredients. White powder has the greatest levels of starch and there are proper instructions by which you make an estimate of the required amount. With the proper preparation of the white foods, the patients can increase their starch resistant levels by taking proper diet and nutrition.

Methods on how to Eat and Beat diabetes.

This portion of the defeating diabetes kit contains fourteen different wholesome recipes which can be prepared at home without any professional guidance. These recipes are meant to end diabetes if they are consumed according to the methods explained by the author.

The eat and beat diabetes method offers seven day rapid results formula by which you can consume the meals according to your eating plan. Moreover, there is a list of high glycemic foods which must be avoided to get the desired results within time.

  1. The third portion of the course is named as the 20 delicious diabetes recipes by which you can make your meals by your own. The 20 effective recipes are designed especially for the people who are having type 2 diabetes so that they can proper daily meal.
  2. Iso burn no movement workout is explained through videos and the patients must repeat the exercise three times a day. This workout must be done for twenty minutes to get optimum results. The author has explained these workouts as isometric training because it helps to increase your muscular strength by the support of a firm surface. It has also proved beneficial in creating strong body resistance if you perform exercise in routine.
  3. The fifth part of the course explains sixty-seven recipes which can make you win your battle against diabetes. Each of these recipes can be prepared within fifteen minutes by following the instructions defined in the cookbook. Moreover, you can also get safe from certain food allergies which can prolong your diabetes. Yuri Elkaim also explains that this component can help you in performing regular exercise which might be a great problem for the diabetic patients.


The main cons of purchasing the defeating diabetes kit

The guide is trustable because the author is an expert holistic nutritionist and has developed latest techniques by which you can get rid of diabetes. You can find many foods which contain white starch but it is important to consider other factors as well in order to avoid any future problems. There are extra tips and suggestions mentioned in the course by which you can improve your overall nutrition.

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How to prepare effective meals

Once you have learnt to get the diet which is correct for your immune system, you can prepare the meals by yourself even if you are not a cooking expert. The course is affordable by almost all of the diabetic patients as it includes a complete kit which is needed to fight against the disease. In case you are not satisfied with the course, you can request for a complete refund within the first 60-days from the purchase date.



Defeating diabetes kit is Yuri Elkiam who is a holistic nutritionist and understands the importance of natural remedies which can help you get rid of diabetes. There are four main components of this course which if implemented properly can give guaranteed results within 2 weeks.

The author has focused on how you can select natural and healthy foods which are available in the market and if you are not trying to leave the foods which can be a health hazard, you can never get benefit from this course. There are some supplements available which promise to give guaranteed results but you need proper guidance before you start consuming any.


To purchase the book, you can search over the internet for the sites which are selling such books. The components which come along with the purchase of this course are the super starch solution, all day energy diet, how to eat to beat diabetes, no movement workouts and 20 delicious diabetes recipes.

These manuals can be downloaded along with the e book without any extra cost. In case you are not satisfied by the performance of defeating diabetes kit, you can request for a complete refund within the first 60-days of the purchase date.

This proves that the course is not a fake or scam and has helped thousands of people in treating diabetes without the usage of any medications. The author claims that you can only get perfect results if you follow the completely the treatment plan which is explained inside the course.

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– Effective strategies and methods by which you can eliminate the root cause of diabetes.

– Simple yet effective recipes which can be prepared on your own.

– Saves you from painful procedure of dialysis as you can get desired results by properly following the program.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not able to get benefit from the program within 60 days, your investment will be returned at once.

– 100 percent safe to use methods which will help restore your deteriorating health.


The program is certainly not a replacement for medical treatment of dialysis as the patients having critical health conditions must consult their doctor in advance.

Summary: Defeating Diabetes Kit is a creation of Yuri Elkiam which includes the most effective methods which can be followed to get ta permanent cure for diabetes. There are specially designed recipes, workouts and techniques by which you can get rid of diabetes within weeks. So if you have failed to get desired results through medical treatments, Defeating Diabetes Kit can help you in great regard.

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