Dentist Be Damned! Review – What You Need To Know About it?

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There are many things that can generate phobias, such as darkness, closed spaces, the heights and the horrible and spooky sound of a dentist’s machine. Yes! There are people who can develop phobia when going to the dentist, in fact, this phobia is called “dentophobia”. But fortunately going there is something you can actually skip.

But, do you know what is worse than being afraid of a dentist? Needing to go there! It is a complete nightmare to suffer some oral problem that merits going to a dental practice over and over.

All of us, at some time, have suffered dental discomfort: the unbearable toothaches, the painful cavities, the uncomfortable bad breath and even canker sores.

Fortunately, Alice Barnes has created an Ebook where she describes how to take care of our mouth so that it is never necessary to go to the dentist!

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This book is titled Dentist be Damned! And there she talks about everything that dentists do not want society to know about taking care of oral hygiene in a correct, safe, and above all, economic way.

The first thing you should know is what happens in your mouth when you don’t take care of it properly.

Alice explains in her book that there are many things that have been created in the industry to “take care” of the oral cavity, which in reality only affect or further deteriorate health. A master plan for a big scam!

That’s why she states that preventive medicine is better than 5 Harvard dentists and the most important thing in oral health is that you take care of knowing the truth behind those myths about sugar, brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups among others.

What is the Ebook “Dentist be Damned!” About?

This manual reviews the truth about the correct care of the teeth, through the experience and research of its author, Alice Barnes who is 45 years old.

This PDF was created to do more than to cure oral conditions, it was created to prevent painful visits to the dentist. Yes, Alice confesses that she fears fiercely going to a dental hospital.

From the age of 30 and after many dental treatments, Alice set out to obtain the cause of all her illnesses to solve them at the root, so that she never had to sit in a dental chair again.

This means 15 years of hard study, but giving as result the birth of reviews that everyone should read about preventive oral care.

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Who is Alice Barnes?

Alice is the author of this ingenious and essential Ebook for all those who hate the dentist. She is a woman who, from a young age, suffered from various dental problems and was forced again and again to go to the doctor; and literally tried everything to avoid having to go!

She tried out every home treatment, she really tried everything. But, unfortunately, she always had to end up in the hands of sinister dentists who had no compassion for her pain.

To her, it seemed a complete scam to spend thousands of dollars on treatments so that she had to return for the same reasons to one or another dentist over and over.

It was then when she decided to investigate and study about mouth care. Alice studied so much, that she gathered enough information to create “Dentist be Damned!” An excellent review of her raid into the world of preventive health and the search for the hidden truth behind the big industries.

What do you have to know, that you will only discover in Dentist be Damned !!?

With this PDF that also has audio reproduction, you will be able to know many truths and myths about the care of the teeth, that surely no dentist wants you to know about. Next, look at the list of topics covered in the Ebook.

  • Absolutely all the truth behind the pharmacological industries associated with dental offices.
  • The big scam behind the recommendations of dentists.
  • The real cause of toothaches is a bacterial infection, this review shows you how to cure it at the root.
  • The medicines with which you must be careful to avoid tooth decay, especially in children.
  • Treats the myth of sugar and decay thoroughly, demonstrating what the true effect of sugar on teeth is.
  • Does it help or hurt flossing?
  • Tips for the natural bleaching of teeth, without needing to use chemicals.

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What was it created for? Dentist be Damned! And what is its reason?

There is so much distrust in dental patients about advice, recommendations, products and the correct hygiene of their mouth that it is possible that you may think that this Ebook is another mercantile strategy mixed with a type of reverse psychology so that everyone goes to the dentist.

Absolutely not! The main reason for Alice Barnes to create this book is to give a hand to you and all the people who, like her, are afraid of the dentist, but who often suffer oral affections of all kinds.

In fact, aside from exposing the results of her research, Alice has noted all kinds of palliative treatment for pain caused by inflammation of the gums or caused by the clogging of a tooth, claiming that they are not miraculous remedies but that they can help while you take the reins of your oral health.

Because that’s the goal of Dentist be Damned! That you begin to know how to take care of yourself, become familiar with the causes that really damage your teeth, and become able to recognize the treatment without needing to go to the doctor.

As oral health is a very broad field, Alice also adds other reviews that talk about “How to prevent and cure mouth sores” and “How to get rid of bad breath

What results will you get with “Dentist be Damned!”?

Basically, it will be like having paid 20 dental consultations but without spending even a quarter of half of what that may actually cost.


Thanks to this book, which is a preventive health manual, you can discover the cure for those annoying toothaches, That is, goodbye to toothaches! You will also learn how to get a whiter smile with the tips that Barnes’ review brings.

This way, you will also save your money a lot by not buying all those junk products that are just a scam for consumers’ pockets. This PDF has come to renew shelves of health fans, and unlike other reviews, has shown effective and immediate results. Everything begins with changes in habits.

The only downside is that most of the practices in this guide require patience and most notorious results will be seen after a few weeks of treatment.

Sure, there are plenty other guides of this kind out there, but this book has 2 main differences that highlight it.

  1. It is easy to read and has plain and simple to-do recommendations.
  2. It is an already well-known book with good results and testimonies.

Get Started Now!

Testimony that supports the book “Dentist be Damned!”

The author of the book says that it has completely changed her life taking the reins of her dental health, having now a white whiny smile with more than 15 years without visiting the dentist.

But it is not only her, there are plenty of satisfied readers like Michael, who says his entire family is no longer visiting the dentist every now and then. And like him many others who already got this book and now know more about teeth and have a better hygiene.

Where can you get the Ebook “Dentist be Damned!”?

This book can mostly be bought online, there are international shipments, translations in several languages, and a guarantee system of 60 days after receiving your product.

Also, on the website, you can find offers on other books by the same author.

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My verdict

Having huge economical and health-related advantages and very little downsides, “Dentist be Damned!” is quite recommended.

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  • This book is extremely easy to read and follow.
  • With the book, you will say goodbye to dental abuse.
  • You will save a lot of money invested in unusable treatments.
  • You will know thoroughly how to take care of your mouth.


  • There is only the version in Ebook, PDF, and
  • The practices stated in the book require discipline and some weeks for the effect to be noticeable.

Summary: This book is simply great, it is honest, understandable but above all warm. It shows a real interest on people learning about health or oral hygiene, it shows that you can have control of your health in a very economical way, making it a piece of knowledge that you should give a look at.

Alice Barnes knows what she is talking about when she says that being in a dental chair, under a brief anesthesia, feeling pain and with confused senses by the smells and sounds of the office is a totally preventable nightmare!

So, sure this is a great book that you should definitely get.

RatingRated 4.5 stars