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A perfect body weight communicates a lot about your individuality among many other attributes. Scientific research has proven that you can lose a great quantity of weight if you control the magnitude of your food intake. With Eat Stop Eat program, you will get rid of excessive calories and maintain a steady body weight. The Eat Stop Eat program is quite easy to follow program unlike other weight loss programs like cold therapy and hypnotherapy.

Basis of the Eat Stop Eat program

Fasting forms the basis of Eat Stop Eat schedule. With reduction of the number of meals in a day, you will greatly reduce the rate of calorie intake into your body. Fasting isnt an easy task. With food being one of the basic needs, you will be required to pull lot of strings to either skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. The program recommends taking simple resistance training.

The importance of the resistance training will be to ensure that the trimmed weight is fat. You will be required to gain muscle since is it will lead to weight loss. Experiments with different personnels have been carried out and proved that fasting indeed leads to loss of greater quantities of fat


Author of the Eat Stop Eat program

Credit goes to Brad pilon for coming up with the program. Besides the discovery of the program, Brad provided clear information on fasting and eradicated the negative notions people had on fasting. Brad borrowed knowledge from ancient Greece philosophers and spoke out his message loud that the only permanent and sustainable solution to weight control is to eat less.

Through scientific research, Brad was able to crash all the impediments and convinced the greater public that yes we can fast and there are no side effects in form of reduction of cell metabolism among many other factors.

Eat Stop Eat content Listing

The book has a definite and comprehensive content listing. Thats the uniqueness of the book from other books in that the content is arranged on a perfect chronological order. The content listing include: The origin of the program, the fasting state and the exit of fasting state, the relationship between fasting and cell metabolism, exercise , muscle mass and hunger. The health benefits associated with fasting and the Eat Stop Eat way of life are also listed. From the content listing, expect the Eat Stop Eat conclusion, Way of life and frequently asked questions.

Eat Stop Eat

The mode through which Eat Stop Eat boosts your cell metabolism

The program reduces cell metabolism through insulin sensitivity and fat oxidation. Through insulin sensitivity, the eat stop process ensures that the level of insulin sensitivity is lowered giving more room for burning of fat at a faster pace. Through the program and the practicing of two ESE on a period of two month, be assured of storing a greater calories in lean tissues and a lesser number of fat.

Through fat oxidation, you will boost your cell metabolism. A statistical estimate of the number of calories which you will burn per year with the program is 8840 calories. You will only be required to Eat Stop Eat twice in one week just for s period of one year.

Mode through which you will realize the program is working for you

With the program, I assure you that you will experience quick noticeable results. Noticeable results will be experienced through carrying out of personal checkouts. You will be required to consume your meal normally and afterwards ask yourself several questions. Common questions can be retrieved with the purchase of the e-bookTry to see if you feel lighter, if your digestive system is healthy or clean and if you feel that you are normal than before.

With a deep night sleep, the following morning you will be required to weigh yourself and note down your weight. With the completion of one week period, you will reweigh yourself and note down the change in weight. With the completion of one month using the same procedure, you can put on your normal clothes and notice the change. With adherence to the Eat Stop Eat procedure, you should notice a change in weight

Eat Stop Eat 2

How will you determine if you are suitable for the program?

To be honest, the program is not for any Tom, Dick and Harry. Even the author brad admits that you need to pull lot of strings to adhere to the program requirements. The program requires you to be fully committed to work or have something to do by the end of the day. You are required to reduce the idle time as you may be tempted to consume lot of food at that time. Scientifically, there is a higher probability that you will be thinking about food at most times when you are idle.

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If you can break a little bit of protocol, not professional protocol but eating protocol. You should be flexible enough and able to defy the normal meals and some traditional diets needs at whichever cost. For you to pull through, you will be required to reduce your appetite and food cravings.

You should be able to follow easy strategies and be patience. Sometimes all that you may be craving for may not come easy even with the following of easy strategies. You need not to give up but be patient. Be that person who cares so much about your personal health and your physical appearance.

Eat Stop Eat 3

Advantages of the program

The program is available on an online platform thus you can get instant access of the files via your email. On the online platform, the program is explained in an easy to understand language. That is quite an advantage as compared to other programs which care less on the readability of their content.

The cost of the program is affordable. You will get access to additional bonuses like the eat stop Eat quick start guide to kick you off. With the book, there are discounts given at period of time. For example, for the month of June, the guide trended at $10. The book costs $ 49 but the price will change due to forces of demand and supply.

With the 60 days guaranteed period, you will be rest assured that you wont waste your money. You will have a window to determine if its indeed true that the program will yield viable return. You got that opportunity to ask questions to brad on major social sites. With a twitter account you can get brad to answer some questions about his program or clarify issues.



Eat stop Eat program addresses issues on the rate of food intake. It is a program that requires lot of attention and sacrifice. From a distance, you may see the program as an abnormal reality but I assure you that through brad support, you will realize how simple it is Eat Stop Eat

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– Eating schedule which is easy to follow and consists of natural ingredients which can enhance the metabolism inside your body.

– Complete detoxification of your body so that cell metabolism could be boosted which causes great effect upon your health.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not able to get benefit from the program, your investment will be returned immediately.

– Highly affordable program which never recommends the use of any medications or pills.


The followers of this guide will have to permanently change their eating habits to maintain weight for a longer period of time.

Summary: Eat Stop Eat is a nutrition guide made by Brad which contains the best eating routines which can help you maintain a perfectly shaped body figure. The strategies are simple to follow and can help you get rid of excess fat for which you will not have to compromise on eating your favorite meals.

RatingRated 4.5 stars