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No, you dont have to think about baseball and nuns every time youre about to reach the point of no return.

Guys, you know what Im talking about. Im sure youre done chasing the next promise to make Paul Bunyan look like a fairy princess compared to you, whether that be pills, oils, creams, whatever your preferred form of snake oil.

Full disclosure here: Im a woman. But I know how frustrating this situation can be. My ex, Jay (name changed to protect the innocent) was always promising me a mind-blowing experience in the bedroom.

Of course, that was dependent upon whether he could get the flag to half-mast. I felt awful for him, and of course it made me insecure that it was something I was doing to create his boner buzzkill.

If he knew that this was available, he would jump at the chance to get it and start to use it right away.

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This is your blueprint, outlined step-by-step, to unleash your sexual prowess in ways you never thought possible!

Imagine, if you will, that you and your woman are getting ready to try the sex thing again. You cant pinpoint why, but you know that this time is going to be different than what you guys have become accustomed to.

You see the half-hearted look in her eyes, like shes obliging you but mentally shes probably doing the budget in her head. Can you envision the look on her face at that first (and far from last) powerful thrust? When she feels that youre rock hard, harder than youve ever been, even in your 20s?

Can you picture having complete control over your orgasm, being able to thrust as fast and deep as you want without having to think of Americas favorite pastime or Gods wives?

Using the Ejaculation Control Triad, youll learn how to give her an unforgettable experience of boundless sexual pleasure.

I know thats something you can get on board with. This program is chock-full of content, with 5 video courses. Everything you need is here at your fingertips, all you have to have to be successful in combating premature ejaculation is the motivation to want to change.

Being determined to follow these steps to get to the point where you can have multiple orgasms (some even say theyve had up to 10 from using these techniques!) will help you get in a better mindset to resolve to change this situation once and for all.

The author, Jason Julius, discusses how premature ejaculation is often thought of as an evolutionary advantage.


You might be thinking, How could this be an advantage to anyone?

Think about it from a cavemans perspective: you have to be in constant warrior mode to protect the women and children in your village. So while sex is well, incomparable to any other activity, your brain cant be scanning the environment for possible threats if your, uh, head is elsewhere.

In other words, sex is too dang distracting when youre trying to protect against predators. But todays world doesnt pose the same challenges our ancestors had to deal with, so the need to release the seed as quickly as possible is no longer relevant.

Win the battle against nature with the Ejaculation Control Triad in your toolbox.

The Triad consists of Physiology, Psychology and Threshold Mastery. Focusing on improving even just one of these areas will lead to better results than what youve been used to, but consciously working toward success in all three will make you a sexual powerhouse in no time.

Lets look at each element:

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This part talks about male kegels (strengthening those muscles you use when you have to pee but hold it in). Even though this material doesnt apply for my husband, I had him try the exercises and we can both attest to their effectiveness. And yes, thats all the detail Im going to go into about that.

Jason mentions how consistent exercise is important to increase your testosterone, and, in effect, your sex drive.

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Remember what I said earlier about changing your mindset? This the second part of the triad. Jason explains how your sexual performance (or lack thereof) is based on your mindset at that time. He also gives you some tips on how to back down from the ledge when youre having sex and feel youre getting way too close.

I thought this part was interesting because he discussed the reason why some men get overexcited at the prospect of sex (especially if its been a minute). Or teenage boys who cant believe theyre about to get some for the first time.

Threshold Mastery

Now this is where it gets interesting! Jason shows you techniques to help you prolong your orgasm and increase your stamina. No doubt youll start seeing changes after incorporating these exercises into your daily routine.

My husband practices delayed gratification similar to what Jason describes in the book, and I can tell you that the difference since hes been doing it is undeniable. Like, to the point where its been almost 8 hours before. We lost track of time and he was rushing because he was late to work, completely worth it though

Anyway, to sum this exercise up, its when you feel like youre about to reach the point of no return, then you dial it back down so youre still aroused but are trying to contain the flame. This takes some time and practice, getting the breath work right, but my husband learned it successfully and you can, too.

Can you imagine being so immersed in sex of such passion and high intensity with your woman that you completely lose track of time?

You will be so proud, knowing youve brought her to brinks of pleasure that no other man could even dream of. Think about how eager youll be to rush home from work every night, to end the day tangled in each others sweaty embrace.

Jason says that, with consistent use of these methods, youll never last less than 20 minutes again. Not only that, but you will have complete control and can wait to cum until youre ready.

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Just a warning, after completing these steps, shes going to crave you in ways she never thought possible. Thankfully, Jasons already thought of how to take her on a wild ride neither of you will ever forget.

Youll get two bonuses with this program: one to teach you how to stimulate her g-spot and squirt (yes, its possible outside of porn), and one that focuses on foreplay.

As a woman, I enjoyed his section on how long it takes us to orgasm. He explains that, even though it might take a while to orgasm the first time, after that first one, its like opening a floodgate.

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– The self help program comes in a step by step format and thus, this makes it one of the best guide in terms of how you understand it.

– The program will help you overcome some of the common problems experience by men during sex which result to sexual dissatisfaction.

– The Extreme Stamina is a program that will win you respect from your woman. Therefore, consider all the techniques that are used here and you will note she will yearn for you more and more.

– The program is a complete manual with detailed information of what you need to do, how to do and when to do. This will eventually win you success.

– If you are the kind of person who get to cum very fast, then the program has the ultimate solution for that.


– The program is expensive to most people thus rendering it cost ineffective.

Summary: Extreme stamina is a self help program that will help you increase you sexual agitation and thus help you satisfy your woman greatly. What the program does, it introduces you to some cool methods that will help you control your orgasms and premature ejaculation and thus helping you to enjoy the full pleasure of sex. Get your copy right away by clicking the button below.

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