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Fast Fat Burning Meals Cookbook
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Growing up, my parents were obsessive about counting calories.

We had nothing in our kitchen that wasnt Low or No Fat. Blech, I want to throw up in my mouth just thinking about the low fat cookies that, from a distance, had a green box similar to Thin Mints.

I admit, I was a little skeptical when I saw a book about fat burning, because I thought it would be more watery, haphazardly thrown together, bland ingredients that could barely be called food.

measuring calories

I was wrong about this cookbook.

I know, its easy to think that everything that tastes good is horribly fattening. My dad always quotes Jack Lalannes famous one-liner: If it tastes good, spit it out!. But thats just a weird product of our societal conditioning.

Unlike what most of us have been taught to believe, food is not our enemy.

Did you know that a study has shown that people who buy the low fat version are going to eat up to 50% more than someone who buys the regular version of that same thing?

Its pretty crazy when you think about the psychological effects of all those low/no fat labels, isnt it? Not only that, but research shows that diet foods stop our brains fat storage receptors from working properly, so our bodies dont get the signal to quit eating long past when we actually are full.

Your body stores fat to protect itself against chronic stress and inflammation. Stressing about what to eat, which McBurgArbys Fried Bell to order from tonight because you feel too tired to cook causes your stress levels to rise, which causes your body to store even more fat.


This cookbook is your key to breaking out of this vicious circle.

Healthy food doesnt have to taste like sawdust or take hours slaving over the stove. Stop riding the crash diet rollercoaster today and see for yourself.

One of the authors, Yuri, used to live in France, so he knows how delicious their food is. I love the richness of French food. In fact, my mouth is watering just thinking about French sauces and creams

Dont worry, this cookbook isnt going to ask you to prepare a 5 course meal every night.

You dont have to be Julia Child to master these recipes. I only learned how to cook 3 years ago and had no problem following these recipes. I read through the entire cookbook and didnt see any recipes that I would stay away from because they sound like theyd be too complicated.

I love that the authors address the French paradox:

How are the French so thin, even though they use real butter when they cook?

It turns out that its not just one ingredient that determines whether youre thin or not, but the entirety of what you eat and whether those ingredients are processed or not.

We know French people can seem, well, on a different wavelength than Americans. Youll want to pay close attention to the differences weve found between their eating habits and ours.

They prepare their meals from scratch. Im sure the thought of a French person waiting in a bumper-to-bumper drive-through line for some greasy fast food seems as absurd to you as Subways Jared Fogle opening an after-school daycare center.


I know, I dont have time to spend in the kitchen all day, either.

Thankfully, we dont have to. All of the recipes in this cookbook take just 15 minutes to prepare. And I dont know about you, but Ive spent at least 15 minutes waiting in a drive-through line before. Why not spend that time investing in your health instead of clogging its arteries?

Recipes that take only 15 minutes to make and use ingredients from scratch? This must mean its going to taste as exciting as the idea of spending my whole day off at the DMV.

If you, like me, have been burned by the blandness of low and no fat food, dont let the fat burning in the title throw you off. The Moroccan Chicken is delightfully addictive, and you gotta try the Metabolicious Kiwi Smoothie!

Get Started Now!

What do I get with this cookbook?

In addition to the cookbook, youll enjoy 3 bonuses:

  1. Wheat-Free Wonder Breads: Just because it doesnt have gluten, doesnt mean it isnt delicious. This part consists of mostly baking recipes. Youll want to try their banana bread.
  2. Slimming Smoothies: Amy and Yuri give you great, filling combos of fruits and veggies for delicious smoothies.
  3. 30 Fast Fat-Burning Meals: This part is the key to preparing healthy, delicious anti-inflammatory food. Your immune system will be thanking you for making these every night, and your loved ones will be excited about dinner again.

Also, youll receive an adorable Grocery List, a 30 day meal plan, a new cookbook every month, along with a monthly newsletter and access to the members only Facebook group.

I love how on Yuris YouTube channel, he has a video of him going to McDonalds and seeing how long it takes to get his food. Surprisingly, it took even longer than the 15 minutes it would take to prepare one of these recipes.


This cookbook will fit all dietary preferences and restrictions (like Paleo, Raw, Vegan).

That means is it is universal and will be helpful to everyone. No matter your background or food preferences, you cant help but reap the benefits these recipes have to offer you.

Stop obsessing over how many calories youve had today, its only going to stress you out and remember, that is part of why your body stores fat, to protect you from chronic stress. But you are stepping off the Calorie Crazytrain now because you know that this cookbook presents a much better solution.

Of course, dont just take my word for it. I am confident that youll be so happy you did this, and youll never suffer through the Oh no, I ate all of my calories for the day in just one meal! anxiety attack again when you try these recipes.

Try preparing recipes from this cookbook for just 1 week and the results will speak for themselves.

Youve struggled for so long, counting calories, trying to stay on the merry-go-round of crash diets. Why not make it easy for yourself and enjoy the process with the Fast Fat Burning Meals Cookbook?

Imagine what youll be able to accomplish with all that free time you have now, since youre not constantly searching for the next Miracle Diet or spending hours obsessing over calories. Just think about how great itll feel to show off your svelte new figure.

Everywhere you go, people will be complimenting you on how great you look, and how you seem so much more peaceful. Theyll be bugging you constantly to ask how you did it.

Can you picture all the looks of disbelief youll get when you tell them that you did it only 15 minutes a day? Bon apptit indeed!

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– Easy to cook fat burning meals which can be prepared within 15 minutes and contain essential nutrition required for health growth.

– Makes your immune system perform better as you will get to learn the best eating habits through this program.

– Guaranteed weight loss results. Once you have followed the diet plan as advised by the author, you can achieve your dream figure within no time.

– Suitable for people of all ages. No matter what past medical conditions you have, this program can help you make delicious meals on your own.


The author must have included simple fat burning exercises so that the followers of this program could get best benefit.

Summary: Fast Fat Burning Meals Cookbook is a creation of Yuri who better understands body requirements of nutrition and calories to avoid growth of excess fat. There are a number of diet plans and meals which can be prepared out of natural ingredients so that you do not gain weight ever again.

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