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There is a great difference between achieving change and turning one’s live completely upside down for the better.

While it is admirable if someone gains muscles, the act of being able to stand up after months or years ofparalysis, and working hard to regain the muscles lost in that time is a quite different feat of strength. And while it is not an easy process to lose a couple pounds of fat to gain the perfect body from the almost perfect, it is nothing compared to the hardshipsof gaining the perfect body from being morbidly obese.

This is the story of Anthony Turner, the author of Fat Burning Bible, who managed to lose 142 pounds in 90 days and gain a body of perfection from a390 pound, morbidly obese man through a unique method that is proven to be highly effective. His method doesn’t require vast sacrifices, twelve hours of exercises in every single day. It is based on a natural weight loss, high-fiber diet that aims to reduce fat-boostingbacteria in one’s stomach.

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The Caress of Death

The story ofAnthony Turner starts with a life-altering event. He experienced first-hand how obesity destroys health and reduces radicallylife expectancy. From his very childhood he gradually gained more and more weight, from being 140 pounds when he was 10 years old to being 210 in his 15th year, culminating in a 390 pound mere years before his 40th birthday.

And every single method of losing weight has failed him. Even though he avoided eating anything not explicitly recommended by doctors, he just gained more and more weight. And all the specialists, doctors and professionals were completely clueless, being unable to understand the problem, saying that his metabolism was slow oraccusing him ofconsciously undermining his diet by eating forbidden food. It was not that he didn’t try – his self-attacks and self-hatepropelled him to do everything they say – but none of the professional’s advice had any effect.


And the health problems started to arise. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which plays a major role in developing illnesses such as stroke, blindness, heart failure, and diseases damaging and destroying the kidney and the arteries. His obesity problem also had a profound impact on his mood, being highly irritable and agitated all the time, having no energy to complete the chores of daily life, being completely disconnected with his body.

And then one day he neared death. Due to a mild emotional distress he collapsed, his heart ceased to work, he couldn’t berate, envisioningthe merciless approach of death. He survived, but he remained in a critical condition as the doctors examined his heart, finding that two out of the three arteries were blocked, and the last one is barely working. He was told that he may very well die within half a year if he is unable to lose weight extremely fast – a feat that seems to be utterly impossible for anyone who ever tried to lose weight.


Biblical Path

Finally, Anthony Turner found a way to achieve the impossible andsurvive. This is the method he shares in his FatBurning Bible. It is based on a scientific research done by The Center for Genome Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, who had discovered a high correlation between fat loss – the kind of fat loss Anthony had, that didn’t stop even with perfect diet – and a type of bacteria in one’s stomach.

The conclusion of studies done on mice is that the obese animals had within them higher levels of a bacteria called Firmicutes and less than usual Bacteroidetes, while more slender mice had less Firmicutes and more Bacteroidetes, theorizing that the samebacterias would have the same effect on a human body. Later research conducted on twins has confirmed this hypothesis, showing that higher levels of Firmicutes were present within the gut of the obese twin.

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What Firmicutes basically do is that they help the body to extract more fat from the food consumed. When a slender mouse received an injection of Firmicutes, his body size doubled. One of the identical twins with an excess of Firmicutes got more calories from eating the same food, according to Jeffrey Gordon, director of Washington University’s Center for Genome Sciences.

Anthony then contacted the university thatconducted the research, and after a long adventure, he managed to access the principles of a diet that reduces Firmucites in one’s gut. According to a study, thosewith very high concentrations of fiber in their diet had much lower levels of Firmicutes. Increasing the intake of prebiotics also helps to increase the level of Bacteroidetes. Prebiotics arenon-digestible carbohydrates found mostly in the following foods:

  • Chicory Root
  • Artichoke
  • Dandelion Greens
  • Garlic
  • Leek
  • Onion
  • Banana


He constructed a diet with the help of a scientist and based on theresearch, and it worked. After a week, he started to lose enormous amounts of fat effortlessly, culminating in the total loss of 142 pounds within three months.

His product, the Fat Burning Bible guides the reader through the diet by a step-by-step process. It includes a vast list of ingredients that help to change the amount of bacteria in one’s body through dieting, making the body less prone to produce fat from the consumed complex sugars. The Fat Burning Bible also contains 21 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are easy to make and follow the scientific principles of the book.

Following the diet will not cost a fortune, nor does it require an overdose of dieting pills and supplementary products. It is a low-budget diet that requires only vegetables that are not highly expensive, and easy to find in most grocery stores.

You will alsoreceive two bonus e-Books. One, theFoods that Make You Fat, present the list of materials to avoid putting into your dinner, the foods that you must avoid because theyproduce Firmicutes. The other e-Book is False Friends, which explains how popular foods that are widely praised bydietitians are actually highly ineffective in helping you to lose weight.

The whole package of the Fat Burning Bible and the bonus e-Books cost $37, with a 60 days money-back guarantee.



If you ever tried to lose weight, you know how hard it is. It is even harder if the millions ofmicroorganisms living within your body actively oppose your goals. If you have dieting in your mind yet your body is physically unable to stop turning everything you eat into excess fat, you will never succeed with your goals. Fat Burning Bible is highly essential, since it is the only way to make your body able to lose weight in the first place, instead of trying to force it to do something that is chemically impossible.

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– Obesity can lead to serious health concerns and you must focus on getting rid of excess fat for which the program has methods of great interest.

– Diet plans which can fulfill your food cravings and stop your body from developing unwanted fat.

– Simple yet effective workout methods for which you need no professional assistance.

– Guarantee results. Once you have followed the methods as advised, you can achieve your dream figure within weeks.

– No use of any medications or supplements.


The program aims to give you ultimate fat reduction solution but you achieve the desired results, you need to develop strong consistency while following diet and workout plans.

Summary: Fat Burning Bible is written by Anthony Turner for people who are tired of following weight loss programs and could lead to no results. So if you want to get maximum benefit out of your workout plans without compromising upon your favorite food, Fat Burning Bible has uncovered the hidden secrets which can make you slimmer then ever.

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