Does Fat Burning Chef by Abel James Work or Not? In-Depth Review

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Fat burning chef comprises of a kitchen guide and a Paleo cooking recipes. The kitchen guide and cooking recipes are from the Powerhouse names in paleo. The fat burning chef products are of the best quality and will make you to prepare a favorite meal for your friend and family.

More information about James Abel

Abel James is well known for the combination different paleo products from favorite paleo chefs. He is the founder of his products and he is credited for a long list of fitness and health credentials. The best part of Abel chart is leaving a mark on the ITunes health podcast chart. With plenty much of experience and attribute towards the Author, you should expect a lot when you purchase the product. He is not any Tom, Dick or Harry but a professional who will change your world.


Back ground information about the program

The program written by James Abel. He carried out a statistical research about health and fitness. Through his findings the rest of the word discovered that human in Paleolithic was healthy and ribbed. Abel made another discovery that at any age human beings can be ribbed irrespective of their gene.

The patheolitic diet was the basis of writing his paleo book. The paleo diet is a composition of Meat, fish, eggs vegetables, fungi and fruits. The exclusions of the diet are refined salt, dairy products and processed oil.

Why use paleo diet?

According to modern research, there is a decline in common diseases like hypertension, cancer, diabetes and asthma with the use of traditional or batholitic diet. You will need to cure the disease from the root. Eliminate the causative agents of the disease and you will be free from doctors medicine and prescriptions. You need to improve your health and health outcomes thus why I recommend the use of patheolithic diet.

Abel started with a chapter that explains the methods through which you can stock a paleo kitchen. To my own point of view it was a good idea in that he started from the simple ideas first which is encouraging. To prepare paleo kitchens you will need to stock appropriate utensils and equipments. With appropriate equipments and utensils, shop for appropriate and fresh ingredients. The tips will be building blocks in the preparation of recipes.


Fat burning chef cookbook recipes.

The basics of a cookbook are having efficient recipes. Most cookbooks have a limited number of recipes but with the fat burning chef cookbook, you have at least 150 recipes to choose from. The recipes will aid in the preparation of a variety of meals .From preparing breakfast, sides, appetizers and seafoods, the recipe will be an added advantage to you.

The recipes contains a detailed list of all the ingredients you will require at given quantities. Dont worry, if you have the modes to combine the ingredients into the final products. With a proper list of the ingredients, you will be provided with an easy to follow procedure. The procedure will be detailed and will explain points from different angles. You will be provided with the total preparation time and the number of serves per given population.


Meet your chef section

The next section of meet your chef will provide you with whereabouts about your favorite chefs that made up your favorite recipes. You will have a chance to see their physique, get to know their paleo background, and have their favorite links to favorite websites.

Get Started Now!

With the opportunity to get active links to their favorite websites, you will learn a lot, you will even get to know more about their background information and what triggered them to write about the recipes. You will have an opportunity to send emails and even comment on their blog posts. With leads to more paleo resources, you will have solution to possible remedies.

Fat burning chef prices and packages

The standard package will cost you $ 27. With the standard package, you will have access to the Fat burning chef e-book with is licensed. With the license, you will be able to share the files with family and friends. The standard package will give you a detailed list of 23 cooking tips which will emanate from top kitchen Paleo report.

With the e-book and the tips from kitchen report, you will have a bonus wild diet quick start guide and the Abel and James video files. An important factor to note is that the price listed may change due to forces of demand and supply. There may be additional other bonuses.


Advantage of fat burning chef program

The program addresses need of all groups of people. Be it that you are newbie in the industry, or expert in the program, the favorite recipes got you covered. The program is a core program that is well crafted and has recipe guides that provide a detailed list of instructions than most recipe books even in your local book stores.

The price is very affordable. Most online publications cause a great fortune. They charge prices in relation to the quality of the services they render. Paleo recipes are indeed affordable. With at least $27 you my land on a worthy business opportunity that may change your life and standard of living. You will also get the chance to interact with big names in the paleo business. I assure you it will be your pleasure to get access to their email and other methods that can be used to contact them.

With a wider coverage of the various meals categories, you will have an added advantage. The recipes cover a variety of dishes like breakfast, snacks, soups and appetizers. With the variety, I was able to prepare different variety of meat and sea food. I assure you that the variety is something worthy and will bail you out in different situation.

With the presentation of information with beautiful aesthetics, sequential program and well explained recipes; the book has an easier readability. The beautiful images of the delicious food will increase your reading attention which is something to smile about.

The book has several sections. Some of the sections include the beef, pork and poultry entrees. Decadent, breakfast and breakfast are other section of the book just to mention a few.



The fat burning chef review is such a darling blessing for someone who considers the paleo diet. The e book which is only available on an online platform is beneficial to both the veterans and the newbies. You will a combination of favorite recipes with beautiful combination of pictures. The book is of very high reward and will be beneficial to your family.

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– Tips to prepare more than 150 recipes out of meat and vegetable which can give you never ending health benefits and fill your food cravings as well.

– Simple and step by step methods by which you can make fat burning recipes at home.

– Recipes to prepare meals, dishes, soups and appetizers out of natural ingredients to gain never ending health benefits.

– Available in e book format which means you can learn the great recipes on the go.


To make the recipes as advised in the program, the followers must have essential cooking skills. Moreover, the book is only available in downloadable format which means you need to stay connected to learn the best recipes.

Summary: fat Burning Chef is a diet program made by James Abel which can help you learn methods to prepare delicious recipes out of natural ingredients present at home. So if you are tired of having junk food, you can prepare healthy dishes and recipes with ease by following the tips as explained by the author.

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