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One of the most depressing moments of my life is the side effect of giving birth which is excessive weight gain. After I gave birth to our first child I noticed that my metabolism started to slow down which accumulated a lot of fats, especially on my belly.

We all know that having a child is one of the happiest moments of our lives however this side effect gives us women some sort of stress because the figure that we tend to take good care of will be compromised.

One of my fears also is that my husband will look for another woman because of my appearance. Because of that, I can’t help to just cry at night because of the stress that it gives me.


The Decision to Transform Myself

One morning after I do all my household chores, I decided to search the internet for some ways on how to get rid of excess body fat especially on my belly. I came across this website which is the and I feel that I was not alone and there are many women in the world who are also in the same situation as me.

So I studied their sales page of what benefits could I get if I buy their product which is called the “Fat Shrinking Signal” at first I am thinking that it might be a scam as we all know there are a lot of scams that are scattered all over the internet.

But the benefits are so enticing and I could not help not to try because they promised that in just 10 minutes of my time every day I can get rid more than 15 lbs of fat in my belly area.

I decided to buy their product which is composed of an instructional video which demonstrates how to do the 10-minute trick.
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Implementing the Trick

So I bought the product and studied every step of the program and because of that product I learned the reason on why most of the women get excessively fat after they give birth is because of hormonal imbalance or which is also called as “Hidden Hormonal Defect”

I also learned that I do not need to go to the gym and waste several hours there to bring back my fit body. Here are some of the routines that I learned on the product:

• Lose 10 pounds of my weight in every 14 days
• Burn up my excessive fat in just 60 seconds!
• The cardiovascular routine of Jennifer Lopez which I can do in relatively small spaces at the comfort of my own home.
• Ways on how can I achieve a younger looking self by activating the hormones of anti-aging
• The 20-second method for flattening my belly which is also used by models.
• Shreds excess belly fat in just a routine of 4 minutes every day
• How to turn on the activation of metabolism in 40 seconds
• Beyonce Knowles butt and leg workout routine
• How to deactivate the hormones that are responsible for stopping the heart and to enhance the shock factor for metabolism.


Seeing Improvements

After implementing the techniques and routines that the “Fat Shrinking Signal” program has taught me I managed to bring back the slim figure that I have before having a child. My weight significantly dropped in a healthy way.

I noticed that my belly skin is firmer and ugly fats are not visible anymore. I also began to notice that my wrinkles below my eye are not evident anymore even stretch marks due to my recent giving birth are not there.

I also had a much stronger energy and mindset every time I woke up in the morning and my mood swings are also reduced a lot maybe because my hormonal imbalance was already gone!

Thank you to the Creator of the System

I would like to appreciate the creator behind this great product which is Derek Wahler a professional Personal Trainer and an expert in fat loss. I was really amazed at his approach regarding weight loss because he believes that we do not need strenuous exercises to get the body that we want.

Yes, he is correct strenuous exercises are not always the solution in achieving weight loss and many attest to that because a strenuous exercise only drains the strength. Thankfully he formulated a solution that is easy yet effective.

Because of the routines that I learned on this program, I managed to get fit without having to sacrifice the time that should be dedicated to my child and household chores.


Some of the Reviews from the Other Clients of Derek

As we all know the “Fat Shrinking Signal” techniques worked for me and I can say that it is not a scam at all. Many women also found the same success that I achieved in following the program of Derek.

One of them is Michelle a 30ish woman she loses significant weight and almost 5 inches of size on her belly and loses 21 lbs of her overall weight.

Although the program targets women who recently gave birth it also works for men and also all the age groups of both gender.

Most of the people who got themselves interested in the program are the ones who got tired of their old selves like they can’t wear skinny jeans because their sizes are holding them back. One of them is Kendra a middle-aged woman her jeans which is size 17 is getting too rigid for her waist.

She also has problems with her diet because some vegetables made her tummy feel very upset. That is why he is very thankful that he implemented the program of Derek into her life and now she is feeling better than ever with her fit body and overall good health.


There are a lot more reviews regarding this program and all of the customers are completely satisfied they are too many to mention. Without getting their opinion you can surely say to yourself that this program is not a scam at all because I am a living proof that it really works.

My Final Verdict

I would like to tell you my dear friends that you should not waste your time to wait because we do not know whether Derek pulls it out on the market. You have to take an action now the price is very low and there is no risk involved when you try the program.

The program had worked for me and a lot of other people also benefited from it that is why there is no reason for you not to try because I am definitely sure that it will work for you also.

Because of Derek’s program, I became more comfortable with myself and I brought out the best in me. My overall health is amazing I felt strong than ever.

Now I have the courage to have another child again without having the pressure and fear to ruin my figure because I now know how to bring it back to its original state.

weight loss

Lastly my dear friends, you just have to cheer up and do not succumb to the temptation of depression because here is the answer to your problem Derek’s program and I am very sure that you can achieve your desired figure because of this program.

Right now my relationship with my husband is getting sturdy and burning with fire I am now not worried that he might have any mistresses because of my bad figure before after giving birth.

Thank you for reading my review I hope you find it useful and informative. I wish you luck with your fitness and health goals and I am sure that if you buy the product you will never go wrong.

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  • Easy to do and user-friendly workouts
  • Does not require long hours of stay in the gym because you can do it anywhere even at your own home or at the office
  • Price is inexpensive
  • Clear video and audio all of them are made of high-quality materials
  • I managed to shrink my belly significantly.


  • Much better if they produce a pdf copy of the workouts so that people can read it anytime and anywhere if they want to.
  • You need to have discipline after you reached your goal in order to maintain the size of your belly.

Summary: This is the only program that has worked for me I never tried any other workout programs after trying this program. It breaks the traditional workout routines which are strenuous and requires long hours of workout. Derek’s program concentrates on short workouts but more efficient than the traditional workouts. I lose a lot of bad fats because of the program.

RatingRated 4.5 stars