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Fatty Liver Diet Guide
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  • The lack of having the right information and knowledge on how to manage fatty liver disease is plaguing you
  • You have a history of poor diet choices and lack of exercise
  • You need a clear plan and guidance from an expert on fatty liver, who will point you in the right direction,

Then, read on, I have good news for you.

First, a little background…

  • In hospitals, the 2 most common places where people who suffer from fatty liver diseases are found are the intensive care unit and in the out-patient department.
  • Fatty liver diseases are a precursor to liver cancer and, liver failures. To cure these will require extreme life threatening surgeries
  • While there are proven scientific solutions that does not require expensive and dangerous surgeries nor medications, hepatologists and dieticians have kept a close lid on this inventions for reasons best known to them only.

4 major causes of fatty liver diseases

  • Genes – it is hereditary. Once a member of your family contracts it, you have a higher chance of contracting it too.
  • Lack of spending energy -spending too much time in the same position over and over again could increase your chances of being affected
  • Wrong nutrition – eating and maintaining a wrong diet balance
  • Care-free health maintenance – a lack of regular health checkup may prevent you from knowing that you have the disease. Thus, it may have reached an advanced stage before you know it

Symptoms that can lead to fatty liver disease

If you observe any of the following symptoms, then, chances are that you are leaning towards suffering from fatty liver disease;

Weakness, nausea, loss of appetite, tiredness, back pains, yellow skin (also known as jaundice).

These symptoms can lead to the following conditions;

Diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypertensions, frequent alcohol intake.

Why this proven system has been hidden from the world

One of the biggest reasons why this diet method of treating fatty liver disease has been hidden is because physicians prefer giving out drugs so that you can always come back and pay them more consultation fees and later on recommend surgery when the disease is now at an advanced stage.

The reason for this is simple – these physicians want to make more money at your expense

To end the symptoms and the conditions above, i have the right product recommendation for you. This product is Dorothy Spencer’s Fatty Liver Diet Guide.

She shared in details

Fatty Liver Diet

The 4 simple processes to eliminate fatty liver disease

  • Destroy liver destroyers – this section of the guide will show you the kinds of foods to avoid and the ones to eliminate
  • Eat the recommended diet – eating the diet that destroys fatty liver disease. There are diets that have been scientifically and practically proven to reverse fatty liver disease. This guide will show you those diets
  • Changes – this guide will give you the kind of changes you will need to make to your own life
  • Consistency is key – the secret to your success lies in you sticking to the above 3 steps. This will ensure that the solution becomes a permanent thing


You will…

  • Be exposed to ways by which you can stop the progression of your liver disease starting today using a proven fatty liver disease diet
  • No longer need any expensive drugs
  • Not need to spend high consultation fees on doctors
  • Avoid any expensive and life threatening surgeries and More importantly, you will be full of life again
  • Be exposed to how to deal with the root cause of this disease
  • Be given a diet workbook that you can easily follow at your own pace
  • Understand what you need to do on a daily basis to improve your liver and stop the progression of your fatty liver disease
  • Be shown effective and scientifically proven way to flush your liver
  • Exposed to the kind of diet you should be taking if your liver disease is at an advanced stage
  • Understand the kinds of terminal complications that are associated with fatty liver disease and how to avoid them
  • Be shown easy to implement practices that you can use to first treat your liver at home. This will not only help you, but will also help those around you – friends and relatives alike

Fatty Liver Diet2

Additional benefits

  • 2 major ways of being relieved of back pains and lower torso pains
  • What to do when there is a sudden relapse for a liver disease patient

Get Started Now!


You can begin to show off your healthy liver lifestyle to your family by this time tomorrow because this product would have given you the confidence and the liberation that you need. And they will be very proud of you.

  • 7 days from now, you will no longer have the symptoms or the conditions of someone suffering from liver disease again.
  • You are not constrained to any specific kinds of food to eat, this guide will help you with eating the food you love and still maintain your health
  • The best guarantee – if this diet guide does not give you the results that you are happy with, you will be refunded every cent you paid, provided you indicate so within 59 days of your purchase

Proof – Why Dorothy Spencer is the Real Deal

  • Her fatty liver disease solution has seen her get featured on yahoo health, WebMD as well as
  • For over 10 years, she has been handling cases related fattty liver diseases.
  • She has worked in units where most people that suffer from fatty liver diseases are always placed in hospitals – the intensive care unit and the out-patient department.
  • Her research work on the cure for fatty liver disease through dieting has been on since 200
  • She has been a private health consultant for victims of fatty liver disease since early 2006.


The fatty liver disease diet guide comes with 7 exclusive bonuses

  • 6-Part Liver Diet Video Series with Nurse Pam. Value: $45/Hour Consultation
  • 33 liver diet recipes. Value; $80
  • Sample – 7 day diet plan. Value; $35
  • Losing weight the healthy way. Value; $85
  • Easy self motivation for fatty liver patients. Value; $70
  • Effective herbal medicines. Value; $80
  • 49 tracks for better health audio cd. Value; $95



“My Mom’s Fatty Liver Disease Stopped Progressing in Under 2 months!”

I found out about your website from another nurse who recommended your Liver Diet Guide book for my mom who had an alcoholic steatohepatitis.

I bought the book for her and monitored her laboratory results for 6 months.

Just after weeks of following the Diet Guide, we immediately saw improvements in her. She was already up and about and the pain in her right side belly was already diminishing.

It was a great feeling to have.

After 1 year and 5 months following your diet guide, I couldn’t be more happier for my mother.

Thank you!

–Linda Perry, 28, Boston, USA


For the fatty liver disease diet guide plus the bonuses, you will invest $47


The fatty liver disease diet guide is your final bus stop if you have had issues with managing your liver disease.

For Instant Access To Fatty Liver Diet Guide, Click Here


– The program will uncover the root causes of liver disease and how you can take preventive measures to maintain a healthy life.

– 7 day treatment plan which promises to give you complete cure from liver diseases for which you will have to follow the diet plan as explained by the author.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not able to get benefit from the program within 60 days, your investment will be returned at once.

– Diet workbook which is easy to follow and can give you unlimited health benefits.

– Access to scientific methods by which you can flush your liver and eliminate the root causes of liver problems.


For the people who are having serious liver problems should consult their doctor before following the program to avoid any complications.

Summary: Fatty Liver Diet Guide has the best natural remedies to cure liver diseases without any recommendation of medications or drugs which can cause harmful effects on other vital organs of your body. So if you are determined to stop the progression of your liver disease, this program can give you best diet plans which have proven to give guaranteed results.

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