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Becoming older and older is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because by the time you reach the middle of your life, you have learned from all of your mistakes, became wiser, even-tempered, and tranquil with financial stability and security behind you. You have accumulated long decades of life experience and because of thatyou know that no problem will remain unsolved that you come across. And on the other hand, as it is a blessing for your mind, it is a horrible curse for your body. Your physical vessel slowly starts to deteriorate. Things start to get hurt, you gain weight more easily, and the natural beauty you enjoyed in your youth slowly fades away.

Female Fat Loss Over 40 by Shawna Kaminski is a guide that will help you regain the beauty entropy is taking away from you. A work praised by hundreds and hundreds by peopleall around the world, this guide will chance your metabolism and help you naturally fend off the weight that is endlessly trying to invade your glorious body.


A War against Time

Especially as a female, as you are getting older, things you once took for granted will become the reward of a sustained and hard effort. Keeping weight off your tights, waits and arms will become a constant challenge that will quickly overwhelm you if you do not face it. You will find yourself longing for the old days when you were young and delicate with bittersweet nostalgia as you are getting more and more fed up with the fact that your sexual market value slowly and visibly dissipates.

The secret of Shawna Kaminski’sFemale Fat Loss Over 40 is switching the metabolism of those who follow its guidance into a mode that is constantly burning fat, never letting additional weight tosubside. This teaching goes against the natural tendency of the female body, which – experts hold – slows down metabolism at the age of 40, increasing the storage of fat and decreasing the energy you have at your disposal.

Naturally, it should be almost impossible to revert the fact that your metabolism slows down. Through your 30’s, fatinvisibly starts to accumulate on your body as you slowly lose your lean muscle tissues. But the more muscle tissue you have, the faster your body burns fat off your body.And by the time you reach your 40’s, your muscles mostly withered away, and with them, your body’s ability to turn fat into energy.

Now, the point of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is not to become a bodybuilder, and you do not have to worry aboutbecominghighly muscular due to the unique technique the guide has to offer. It is based on a highly specialized method of workout that will increase your muscle tissues and help your body burn fat more effectively while not gaining visibly bigger muscles.


An Abundance of Support

Upon purchase, you will receive an abundance of goods that will help you regain your former glorious and youthful body. Even if you never gone through extensive dieting and workout and you are not familiar with the subject, the highly extensive guide of Female Fat Loss Over 40 will help you through every step of the process.

Most importantly you will receive theFemaleFat Loss Over 40 Program Workout. It contains every exercise that will help you shrink the critical part of your body and start burning fat the very moment you start following its advice. The guideis very easy to followwith step by step instructions, highly praised by its clarity and simplicity.

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Secondly you will receive theFemaleFat Loss Over 40 Video Library and Audio Interval Workouts. In the formerbonuscontent you will find a video tutorial of every exercise inside the main workout program to be able to see and follow without confusion the instructions that enhance and hasten your metabolism. The latter also instructs you in the proper form of workout but in audio format, coaching you through doing each exercise real-time.

Along with the Audio Workout, you will also receive Audio Interval Training files that include even more workout techniques. These are high intensity micro-workouts to execute even if you have only 10 minutes to allocate. The purpose of these exercises is forcing your body to constantly maintain the process of burning fat and turning it into energy you need.


Thirdly, you will receiveFemaleFat Loss Over 40 Hard and Fast Nutrition Tips Guide. It is not a dieting e-book but a basic guidelines for how to eat. By following the advice within this guide, you will still be able to eat your favoritecuisine and keep losing weight.

Next, you will receive a guide about Meal Plans. This includes a comprehensive list of meals to eat and instructions on when to eat them. The meal plan issynchronized with the workout program, making it possible to lose the most weight under the least amount of time and with the least amount of hardship required.

A sleeping manual called Get Your Zzz’s is also included into the bundle. Most of the time people who diet and try to change the shape of their body simply miss out the most important part of our daily life regarding our long-term health: sleeping. This manual will help you in achieving refreshing and healing sleep every single night so that yourbiorhythm will remain balanced and your body will stay on the same path of constantly burning fat.

Finally you will also receive a What to Eat guide, an extensive, RDA approved guide you can follow step by step to gain the most healthy eating habits.

running on water


For $30 you will receive one of the most comprehensive workout plans tailored for women who have already crossed the Rubicon of natural female youth. As you go forward in life and as each month and year passes, you will find that it is harder and harder to look into the mirror and accept yourself for who you are. You will be longing for the glorious body you once had without having to do constant workouts.

Those days are long gone but you can still regain your beauty by following the advice written in this guide. Your sexual market value will once again skyrocket, your self-esteem will return to normal, and you will once again feel home in the body you have lost and regained with the hard work and exercise. This is a worthy investment for anyone who wishes to look into the mirror once more and see a female body’s natural grace.

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– Helpful tips to remove excess fat from critical body parts by which you can achieve your dream figure within weeks.

– 40 hard nutrition tips and guides which are designed to give best health benefits for women who have approached an age of 40.

– Enhance the pleasure of sleep by relaxing your mind and body through the advises as mentioned by the author.

– Comprehensive workout plans and tutorials which can be followed without any professional assistance.

– Complete meal plans which are to be prepared out of natural ingredients to achieve additional health benefits.


The program requires a permanent change in eating habits to achieve best fitness results whereas success in not guaranteed for each case.

Summary: Female Fat Loss Over 40 is a fitness program designed by Shawna Kaminsk exclusively for women who are having excess fat and can find no benefit from long hours of workout or supplements. There are special diet charts and exercise routines which can be followed with ease and can give you a perfectly toned body figure within weeks.

RatingRated 4.5 stars