Female Pleasure Guru Review – Does it Work or Not?

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Men are being lied to in today’s world and they are inclined to believe that if you simply play thenice guy, you will get and keep the girl you want. It is untrue, and if you go down that path, you will forever be cursed to live a life of cuckoldry, watching as horrible people take the best girls, while you will forever be banished into obscurity in the sexual marketplace. Finding and keeping a mate, monopolizing her for a life is an art that must be learned and practiced.

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And even if you have succeeded in the sexual marketplace and found a female who is willing to be with you, the hunt is far from over. You have to seduce her day by day so that she cannot possibly think of anyone else but you. You have to make her addicted to you with all means available. You have to walk a thin line ofsatisfying her desires yet doing so not out of altruism but out of pure self-interest so that she will remain with you and will not see you as a weak, tamed dog but as a lion who is ruling the realm.

You have to satisfy her emotionally, to prove that she will have a peaceful life with you,you have to satisfy her financially, to show that you are able to feed her and your child when and after she is pregnant, and you have to satisfy her sexually, so that her eyes will not wonder for another mate.

If you cannot give her sexual pleasure, if you cannot create a burning atmosphere of sexual tension where she craves you and wants nothing but you, and if you leave her dissatisfied, the whole point of sexuality will cease to exist, it will no longer serve as a tool for pair-bonding, and she will cheat on you or leave you.

This is the bitter red pill of the female nature, and the sooner you wake up to this, the sooner you will be able to build a perfect relationship for yourself.

The Path to Victory

Female Pleasure Guru, written byJack Grave,is the key for her sexual satisfaction. It teaches you how to give a woman intense multiple orgasms without having the penis of a porn star or taking any kind of medication.

It teaches you how the female reproductive system works, it tells you about the four different kind of sexual pleasures it can experience and it teaches you how to create sexual tension between you and your lover that is fundamental in achieving her orgasm. You will find out how to deepen the emotional bond between you and her during a sexualintercourse, which will strengthen her attachment and loyalty to you. It teaches you how to keep your sex life with her interesting and alive so that she will not consider being unfaithful, how to gain dominance among the sheets, how to master the art of foreplay, and how to give her a bursting orgasm that lasts for twenty minutes.

In short, it helps you turn from anamateur who kind of knows what he is doing but makes mistakes and not that exciting to a demigod whose gaze is addictive and whose touch will invoke pleasure.

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The point of Jack Grave’sFemale Pleasure Guru is to equip the reader with a skillset that helps him pin a girl to his bed and keep her there forever. You certainly won’t learn it by asking her what she wants, nor lurking the internet and trying to figure out what are the facts and what is fiction. Ultimately, you are reading this because you were lied to and misled about female nature and the significance of sexuality, and if you keep on getting your information from the same sources, you will be lied to in the future even more. You need fundamental change, and this is what Female Pleasure Guru gives you. It is a wakeup call that forces your eye open to the reality of human nature instead of watching it through lenses distorted by romance.It was written by someone who went through the worst kind of relationship hell before he had to wake up, face and research the truth about how to satisfy and keep a woman, and Jack Grave knows exactly what is it that his readers are going through.

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Additional Knowledge

You also receive the following bonus rewards.

  • The Long Lasting Sex Formula
  • Stop Sexual Rejection
  • Female Orgasm Fast Track
  • Multiple Orgasms For Men

These are four books that will further expand your knowledge in the world of giving her sexual satisfaction. The firstteachesyou to avoidpremature ejaculation and last longer in bed. The second will teach you how to initiate sex with your mate in a way that she cannot resist you. The third is a quick guide to the domain of female orgasm with 7 tactics of evoking sexual pleasure in her and the last book will teach you how to experience multiple orgasms and have even more stamina.

The whole packageis yours for $49. You need it. You know you need it because your other choice is the dreadful experience of finding out one day that she is cheating on you, or she will simply leave you.

Here are some facts to convince you:

  • Women who cheat have 127% more partners than men who cheat
  • 41% of women would divorce over an affair while only 29% ofmen would do the same
  • Women are in love with their affair partner 57% of the time, while the number is only27% with males
  • In a marriage, women cheat sooner than men
  • Women seek emotional fulfillment from cheating on their boyfriend.

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Throughout eons, women evolved a mating strategy that involveshypergamy, trading the mate they have for a more high status male. They had to, this is the only way they can survive. They couldn’t hunt as well as the males could, when they are pregnant and breastfeeding, they are completely dependent on the male provider they choose and so in order to maximize their survival the trait of hypergamy evolved. You can love it or hate it but this is the truth of female nature.

Now, you can lament and cry about it or learn how to seduce your mate and make her addicted to your penis so that the thought of hypergamy will be completely wiped out of her mind, replaced with the ever-present effects of sexual and emotional satisfaction.Female Pleasure Guru exists to guide your penis in doing this and securing yourself the female you hunted down forever, keeping her out of the sexual marketplace, because she is satisfied, happy and in love forever.

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– Learn the best mating strategies designed to fulfill your sexual desires and emotional expectations of your partner.

– If sexual dissatisfaction was the main reason for the breakdown of your relationship, you can find the best ways to make a patch up.

– Makes you mentally and physically strong.

– Get the program only for $29 along with extra bonuses free of cost.


There are some health concerns associated by the use of this program for which you need to follow the guidelines properly before getting into sexual contact with your partner.

Summary: Female Pleasure Guru is a manuscript of Jack Grave beneficial for men who are not able to fulfill the sexual desire of women. By following the sex formulas explained in the book, you can onto the fast track within days. So if you are sick of being rejected by women, Female Pleasure Guru can make you bring fundamental change in your life.

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