In-Depth Review – Does Fertility Unleashed Work or Not?

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Infertility is the scaring verdict for every woman who wants to deliver a healthy and beautiful baby. Trying to get cured and fulfill female intention, a lot of women appeal to the newest medication services. However, they rarely succeed fighting against endometriosis, fibroids, uterus scarring, ovarian cysts, poor egg quality, ovulation problems, blocked fallopian tubes, etc.

Having made a scrutiny of the most convincing methods to raise the chances of woman conceiving, we, suddenly, found out an approved yet unknown concept which we would like to review. It is called Fertility Unleashed and it is rather fantastic but hidden from the eyes of publicity.


What is Fertility Unleashed?

It is the program of nutrition based on the investigation of modern scientists who tackled the problem of infertility. Having analyzed the medical histories of a lot of patients, they came to unbelievable conclusion: pharmaceutical companies we trust only make money giving us the drugs to combat the problem, while everything we need is to get rid of the root of the case.

Fertility Unleashed was invented by Doctor Tailor who made a study of 18555 women. The doctor offered to the surveyed to try eating everyday food such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, and ice-cream, and gradually figured out the decrease of unexplained infertility by 27%, and anovulatory infertility by 50%. The conclusion made was rather clear: to get healthy generation, a woman needs to take high-fat food, instead of such a popular yet damaging low-fat daily diet.

Why does it work?

According to the study of Dr Tailor, women should eat more fat. Consequently, the program Fertility Unleashed could sound a bit controversial for the connoisseurs of weight loss insanity. However, all those obsessed with low-fat food cannot say anything against the investigation conducted in the Medical University of Graz in Australia (European Journal of Endocrinology, 2012).

It showed the importance of vitamin D in the terms of boosting of fertility among both men and women. We dont need to be biologists to understand that the highest content of vitamin D is observed in fatty food such as fish oils, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, and fatty fish.

Another important study is originated from Italy (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism) demonstrated that women with high levels of vitamin D were more likely to conceive comparing with those who consumed the food without vitamin D.


What Fertility Unleashed offers

It includes certain types of foods which are recommended to become preferential. So, the stated program contains foods, supplements, and herbs which have all the ingredients to boost male and female fertility.

Moreover, it gives indispensable knowledge to educate all the couples, Instead of other companies that call low-fat food as must-led healthy lifestyle, the mentioned program cares about the health and, therefore, happiness of the whole family.

Fertility Unleashed services

Having ordered this scientifically approved program, you will receive the unique menu which could be called as every nutritionists dream. At first, every person is about to get foods, ingredients, supplements and herbs which have been deeply investigated and proven to increase fertility drastically.

Apart from that, the creator of Fertility Unleashed system has prepared an awarding bonus in a form of fertility-boosting recipes (ten breakfast recipes, ten lunch recipes, ten dinner recipes not to mention ten shake recipes) as well as seven-day meal plan. The efforts one should put into the health are minimal.

All the clever work has been done by the experts, so, all you have to do is just to follow scientifically proven menu. That will help everyone who wants so to become the perfect nutritionist for himself. The last but not the least is the second free bonus called Twenty foods to supercharge your sex drive.

It includes, particularly, Peruvian herb which is believed to increase sexual desire in males and females.

The special price

Usually, to cure the health problems leading to infertility, people tend to spend a great deal of money. It is an easy way to count how much money a woman needs to get a baby. Take into account that a single cycle of IVF costs $12,400 as well as additional medications which are to charge from three to five thousand dollars. Luckily, Fertility Unleashed system requires spending of only $497 to cover all the expenses on food and investigations.

However, with the launching of a web-site, this program has become even more affordable. Now everything one should do is to pay a special price $37.



In general, hesitations represent an inevitable part of our choice. Does this program really effective? To know it better, let us turn to the review provided by a woman who experienced the curing power of healthy food included in the program.

The customer who tried this truly simple but effective program left a feedback to share the story with others who are still hesitating whether to order this program or not.

I had been suffering from ovulation problems and a low number of eggs for many years. And my husband had a severe shortage of sperm as well as motility issues. All the doctors and specialists kept saying was go for IVF, go for IVF. They never even talked about diet. I thought I was cleared up about these things, but your program completely opened my eyes to where we were going wrong. My husband and I followed your system to the letter and then I was pregnant. We now have a beautiful baby girl who we’ve called Sophia. We have no words to express our gratitude, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kelly Walker from Swindon in the UK

Money back guarantee

As the programs creator is convinced in its effectiveness, Dr Tailor still offers sixty-day money back guarantee in case the client does not appear to have a successful outcome. Nevertheless, according to the statistics, all the customers send emails to Dr Tailor not to ask for their money back but, on the contrary, to tell the words of gratitude for changing their lives and filling their houses with the laughing of children.



The current world consider infertility is little investigated and, therefore, dangerous condition which affects life of every loving couple badly. However, the program Fertility Unleashed knows how to solve this problem as it includes the healthiest food that boosts fertility and increases the chances to deliver a happy baby.

Taking into account the fact that foods, supplements, and herbs provided by the stated program are truly healthy as well as natural, you do not need to be afraid of artificial components. It also means, this program is invented for everybody regardless of personal details and does not contain any medical counter-indicatives.

For Instant Access To Fertility Unleashed, Click Here


– Nutrition guides and diet charts can give you great energy for which you will not have to take any supplements.

– No side effects. The program is simple yet effective which is designed to boost male and female fertility.

– Easy to understand and practice methods by which you can prepare healthy food on your own.

– Proven results. Men and women who are not able to boost fertility by following other similar programs can achieved desired results within weeks.


The program might not be effective for women who have weak reproductive abilities which can only be cured through scientific medications.

Summary: Fertility Unleashed program is created for pregnant women who are determined to enhance effective fetus growth without the use of any medications or supplements. So if you are curious to deliver a healthier baby, do follow the diet and nutrition methods explained in the program.

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