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Figure Competition Secrets
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Karen Sessions gives you the secrets of her expertise in winning figure competitions. Her guide is also perfect for building an incredible body. Find the real solutions to get your dream body by reading Figure Competition Secrets.

The exercises and diets that Karen writes about in her program are real and verifiable. Every tip and trick in this eBook is proven to work and has worked for thousands of figure seekers.

Figure Competition Secrets gives Karen Sessions advice on figure enhancement, competition diets, supplements, workout information that will help you get the perfect winning body within 12 to 15 weeks. Karens prep diet is considered the basic foundation to winning figure competitions. With this program, you will not follow severe diets to create a well-built body. The book will give you an appropriately structured diet that will help you slowly reduce calories and carbs to give you that low fat and lean body you want.


What is in the Program?

The Figure Competition Secrets includes the figure prep diet, prep training for competitions, plus supplements, peak week, how figures are judged, and backstage secrets.

You will also find in the program:

  • Strenuous workoutsto help you build awesome muscles.
  • Training splits that go along with workouts throughout all phases of the program.
  • Suggestions on grouping all body parts. This is to get concentrated profits of your own training routine.
  • Basics of a valuable figure training session.
  • Cardio exercises and regimens to stimulate the body toburn fats quickly.
  • The top supplements intended to burn fat you need to use for last 6 weeks.
  • Awesome supplements that help you burn off belly fat.
  • Karens recommended natural supplement to decrease insulin sensitivity, stop cravings, and thwart carbohydrates from being stored as fat.
  • The best ways to form that paper thin skin and great low body fat judges look for.
  • When you must start your own figure diet.
  • A written outline that guides you through eating the night before a figure competition.
  • Times that are preferable to eat in the morning of the figure show. This will keep your muscles competition ready.
  • Advice on the stances that make your figures appear muscular and distinct.
  • Learn the keys of posing. This trick will either make or break your competition if you do not learn how to execute the right pose.
  • Ways to do every pose correctly and stop the common mistakes that might get you judged down.
  • Learn the best posing suits for your figure as well as costumes to highlight our strengths and hide your weaknesses. Karen provides a color key of suits to match up with your own personal skin tone and hair color. If you are unsure where to get these suits, the book will give you a list of places to find the perfect swimsuit for figure competition.
  • Positive steps for skin ground work is included. You will learn shaving, waxing, exfoliating and painting tips.
  • Find easy tips for the perfect skincolor to showcase your physique, and give yourself an illusion of a tighter, leaner, and more muscular body.
  • Exactly when to hit the tanning salon and how much tan is perfect for on-stage competitions.
  • A supplement that is designed to provide you with a remarkable skin color.
  • The perfect body oil that most judges love to see on competitors.
  • Perfect supplements that are intended to redistribute water. This creates harder muscles and flat bellies.
  • All the secrets of the backstage are in this book. It will outline what you need to do and what you must avoid to stay confident for the competition.

Figure Competition Secrets

Benefits of the Program

Figure Competition Secrets contains many fitness tips and techniques that will get your figure competition ready. There are many customers that are pleased with the program and are now ready to compete in shows.

Get Started Now!

Learn the best fat reduction supplements and exercises, muscle supplements to help strong muscles develop. You will also learn the ways to gain adrenaline coursing through your body just before a competition. You can transform your body simply by using this proven program.

The program is more than transforming your body; it is diets, building muscle mass, and melting off body fat.

Figure Competition Secrets 2

What comes in the Program?

For $47 you will get a lean body, loss of body fat, and the proper way to pose. You will receive the Figure Competition Secrets eBook as well as several awesome bonuses.

  • Twelve Week Menu Plan. These are pre-made meal plans that are perfect if you are too busy to design recipes for yourself. They are great if you are a novice to fitness and competition dieting. The mean plans are customized to lower calories and carbs in a very safe manner.
  • Food Catalog gives some advice on picking and choosing the right foods for your competition.
  • Meal Planner is for you if you are a more advanced dieter. If you need more freedom to pick and choose when and how you eat, this bonus is for you.
  • Bonus Reports cover last minute preparations, how to manage competition stress, posing and suit cleaning. You will also find some interview with the most famous fitness models and competitors.
  • Fully Loaded Training Program includes updated training programs. You will have a list of what and how to do the exercises, poses, and when to change up and add more training principles.
  • You will get a full year of email support from the author. At no added cost to you. You can ask any questions you have and break down our program. Everything will be at your fingertips.

Figure Competition Secrets 3


This program includes tips on eating a fat-busting, muscle boosting diet that is high in protein. It also delves into the figure training techniques that will give you a toned and head-turning body. You will find strength training information to make a body transformation. Get the insider tips on proven ways to get rid of body fat and win contests.

Fat burning workouts includes cardio programs that are for those serious but losing fat and meeting fitness goals. There are advice and strategies in the book that will give you the ways to melt body fat right off. You will get the fine detailed body you need to take to the competition stage.

Figure Competition Secrets 4

Supplements are a necessary evil to get in shape and workout. They are also great for overall health, muscle gain, and fat loss. The book will give you lists of recommended supplements you can use to augment your diet and exercise regimens.

If you want more, sign up for the Figure Competitions Membership Site. This is only $4.97 the first month and gives your figure prep lessons, diet, cardio, training, posing, and video lessons. You will also find a supplement schedule, tear sheets and many other downloadable pdfs.

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– Best methods and exercises to get rid of unwanted fat from your body by which you will start to develop a strong and muscular physique.

– Effective supplements which are supposed to yield best results within 6 weeks without bringing any harm to your body.

– Training programs and tutorials so that you can get hands on practice without any professional guidance.

– Complete e mail support of 1 year given by the author so that you can get an instant solution to any of your fitness problems.

– Improve overall health and bring your body into perfect shape by following the guidelines as explained by the author.


The program is only available in a downloadable e book format which means you need to have access to a digital device to learn the best practices.

Summary: Figure Competition Secrets is an e book designed by Karen Sessions which includes the most effective and result oriented exercise and workout techniques by which you can get rid of excess fat within weeks. So if you want to achieve the most beautiful and perfectly toned body figure of your dreams, this program will be your ultimate adviser.

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