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I just recently purchased the eBook which is entitled FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete Workout Program; I am greatly amazed by the results, right now I am on my excellent form and has the ability to handle heavy workload and stress. I have observed that I became slimmer, more powerful and much efficient whenever I am at duty.

The regimen is composed of different exercises for the various parts of our body. The training program is so effective however it tested my stamina at first because it is my first time to try a workout program like that to give you an insight about it is that the regimen are vigorous I can compare it to the exercises that are done by the army.

I Thought it was a Scam. I was Wrong!

Honestly, prior to I thought that this workout regimen is another scam on the internet, simply for the reason that I have witnessed many kinds of workout programs that are available on the internet, the majority of them are not proven. Though I have witnessed many kinds of reviews on the internet regarding this “FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete Workout Program” because of that I asked myself should I give it a try? luckily I did.


What did I found Inside the eBook?

The exercise regimen is also composed of stretches in which it will prevent pain while performing the exercises and after the session of my workout. We are all experiencing those kinds of muscle aches whenever we are doing workouts but after I practiced the stretches that are included in the program along with the workout regimen.

Whenever I can’t have the capacity to go to the gym, what I am doing is I switch to the “Interval Cardio Workouts” it is also included in the eBook because the workout can be done in less than an hour and added the fact that it can be done at the comfort of my own home and also when I am on my duty during break hours.

What I did is I printed the exercises on a bond paper and put it on a folder so that I can easily view and read it whenever I need to. Inside the eBook, you can find over one hundred-fifty exercise with complete instructions. I did not have a hard time following the guides because it is very well detailed and most of all it is simple to follow.

After I implemented the exercises, what I noticed is that my strength has increased, my muscles became more defined and I do not get easily tired whenever we have a firefight. I also introduced the workout regimen to my co-workers and all of them are satisfied with the results that the regimen is giving them.


A Summary of What is Included in the Package

To give you an insight or summary of what is inside the eBook. The workout includes:

  • Daily workout plan with a complete plan for what I will be doing throughout the day.
  • Training calendar is composed of 12-weeks; the exercise regimen also has 12 whole body workout of power and endurance.
  • Rationale training for fire situations which is good for our overall health even though you possess a different profession it is still a good regimen for your overall health.

Why is this Considered a Great Deal? Continue Reading…

I am so glad that after I bought the product I discovered that it has a lot of freebies, one of them is an ebook which is valued at 39 USD. It taught me how to get slimmer so that I will be always physically and mentally fit for work.

After finishing that guide I immediately proceed to the next freebie guide which is also on the topic of workouts for fire fighters I learned a lot of things in that guide, it is like a continuation of the main product but it has a lot of additional information which you cannot find in the main book.

When it comes to nutrition there is also a free guide regarding that topic, just like the other eBooks, it is encoded in PDF type of file. I can build muscles much faster than ever because of the diets that are indicated in the guide.


The diets are composed of high protein and low carb diet the recipes tastes so good that you almost forgot that you are on a diet. The author had done a great job compiling such great recipes that taste good and at the same time nutritious.

After workout we can feel the pain because of the strenuous workouts that we have done, however I want to thank the author because he threw in another freebie on the deal when I bought the “FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete Workout Program” the guide is called “FRF Stretch and Recovery Manual” valued at 29.99 USD it is a great guide for speeding up the muscle recovery after each workout.

When I implemented the techniques in this guide I was really amazed that my muscles are recovering quickly I always have a great feeling every time I finished my workouts no pain no gain no more.

I am lucky that I got a special deal on it I got the first program free with 4 free guides plus I got the second routine for half the price. The name of the guide is The Get FRF (Fire Rescue Fit), the difference of this on the first one are it is composed of a workout regimen that is composed of 8-weeks and has nine various endurance training which includes five challenging workouts.

Get Started Now!

There are a total of 60 special exercises which is good for building strength, losing fat without sacrificing my stamina. It includes climbing, crawling, pushing, pulling and other workout routines that are related to my work as a firefighter.

The author had a magnificent job also in putting links on every routine for us to see the proper form and right way of doing each set of the exercise. There is also a tutorial sheet which is included in the package it elaborates on how to do each exercise correctly and when is the right time to do each exercise.

I am always not a fan of core exercises because for me it is boring and the improvement is so hard to achieve, In reality, you do not get 4 to 8 pack abs very easily on just doing sit-ups based on my experience what I gained is just back pain by doing the traditional abs exercise.

Thankfully I found this workout program my abdominal muscles are now showing some improvements, it has an optimized program that targets the muscles of the abdomen effectively.


The 2nd product has some freebies also, I got this free guide for cooking healthy food the name of the guide is “FRF Standard Operating Procedures to Eating Healthy in the Firehouse” and the “FRF Healthy Firehouse Recipes Cookbook”. I tried the recipes myself and I can say that it is really nutritious its main ingredients are mainly composed of vegetables.

I am also thankful to the author that he gave a free “The Get FRRF Gym Companion and Log Sheets” it is a good tool which you can use to monitor your progress, it is in PDF file also, what I did is I got a handful of scratch papers on our house which I used for the printouts for me to save a little bit of money.

My Final Recommendation

What I can say to you guys is that you this package is a great deal that you should not miss especially when you are a firefighter like me because all the information that you need to make yourself at the top of the game.

Even you are not a firefighter the techniques, workout programs, and the diet will also help you to keep yourself physically fit and healthy. I believe that by doing these routines you can achieve your fitness goals in a fun and easy to do way.

Before when I did not discover this programs and diet I easily get tired at work and I really gain a lot of bad fats I am happy that I came across this product that is why do not miss the chance because I am the living proof that the workout programs, techniques, and diets were written in those eBooks are very informative


You just have to apply it on yourself. I hope that you learned a lot of things in my review and I wish you good luck in achieving your fitness goals.

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  • Price is affordable.
  • Lots of freebies included.
  • The workouts and diets are easy to follow.
  • The foods that are included in the diet are tasty. The taste was not sacrificed for the nutritional value.


  • The diets and workout are specifically optimized for endomorphs and mesomorphs should have included workout and diets for ectomorphs also.

Summary: The product is excellent for firefighters who wants to put their abilities and overall wellness to the next level, with the intense workout and diets that is written in the eBook it is achievable. Tried and tested satisfaction guaranteed.

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