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I convinced myself into purchasing this workout system late last night while guild fed away on my nerves. So far, I havent tried out any of these workouts, but have watched some of the videos to know what the program is about. I tried to be as open as I could be about my experience and here you go with my review.

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The package consists of five videos that consist of exercise demonstrations and tips and can be downloaded, five PDFs files that have printable guides for each workout, and one programme overview PDF. The plan usually consists of 5 one hour weight-focused workouts per week. Although the ab workout is known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) element, no additional form of exercise is required once you complete this. The five activities are:

1) Tight and Trim Thighs– a programme focused on various exercises for the chest, back, biceps, triceps and abs.

2) Showoff Stomach a mix of traditional ab work, planks, and HIIT

3) Booty Booster– more like the thighs workout but includes a rigorous dose of exercise for the top body

4) Sleek and Shapely Shoulders– shoulder workout usually with some ab work and very light lower body work

5) Beautiful Backside– exercise for the upper body and how to make it look perfect



Flavia has a great personality and seems quite knowledgeable and educated in her field. She thoroughly practised at least one part of most of the movements and is encouraging, and neither chatty nor aggressive. I was worried this workout would be as rigorous and tedious as other programmes of the same type, but it was not condescending.

The exercise is fun to do as well as very effective and although it is not the best body building workout it does provide a solid headstart.

  • I am intrigued by the emphasis she puts on the lower body which I usually ignore when planning exercises for myself. My impression is that the intense lower body workout compared with some upper body workout makes the whole process very effective.
  • I also liked her attention to pairing horizontal push and pull exercises with vertical exercises. I think that for someone like me who spends most of her time sitting we also need a pull exercise along with push exercises to prevent our back from hunching. I think the balance in this programme is commendable
  • This application requires minimum equipment and is very easy to adopt because of the flexible exercises.


I liked this plan and am looking forward to trying it out, however, being a critique, its always easy for me to come up with things that could be improved. One significant criticism is that for some exercises Flavia should show more advanced or basic versions and also talk in detail about how to select the correct weight or when to increase your weight. She mostly assumes women using this programme already know this, but most women will use too light weights or not increase their weights unless encouraged.

While the program included an equal share of planks and stability work, I thought the emphasis was mostly on traditional ab work. Preferring mostly not to train my abs in isolation at all but engage throughout my workout I found this of little help. I would appreciate seeing a mix of mobility moves with HITT if she wanted to include an HIIT every day.

I also wish there had been a warm up exercise before every session of rigorous training. I guess she assumes most people know how to perform a warmup, but I think some guidance would make made it a complete program. With an amazing personality like hers, I think a warm up exercise would have made the whole thing perfect and given a professional look.

Her dumbbell swing can be added to the list of massive fitness professionals who have cruelly butchered derivatives of the kettlebell swing. This seemed more like a squat than a hinge, however, it was still a hip centric movement, and is a good flow pattern which is very helpful but I found it particularly difficult to attempt.

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Personally, I only like doing cardio after weights because I usually get very sweaty and then I either want to keep moving quickly or be in the shower. I dont enjoy alternating between cardio and weights for this, however, I thing this problem is only limited to most people and I might not mind this at all hence it might not be such a big concern for many people and they might be just fine with it.


Who Is This For?

  • This is undoubtedly a high volume programme that relies on some initial strength. For instance, the pushup is frequently repeated as a chest move, and while I think modifications are possible, I would not recommend this to people who are not very strong or cannot take such strenuous exercises or those who do pushups with their toes.
  • I think this programme would serve women who are intermediate exercisers and want to ramp up the intensity to improve their conditioning and look better. I dont think its the ideal workout for building strength because of the volume, but I think if someone adhered to it while holding diet consistent they would get a lot leaner and make modest strength gains. It also depends on the person how many efforts he is putting in as an individual. Apart from the daily exercise special care should be taken about the diet as well and cheat meals should not be turned into cheat days.

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While I think Flavia has a lovely body, I can imagine some women thinking she is too bulky or muscular. Although she says this programme is what she did to get in shape for the video, I guess she already had a pretty good base and is extremely lean, which makes her muscle definition look more extreme.

Also, she can do the most advanced progression of every exercise (pullups, one arm towel grip inverted rows) which will not be typical of most exercisers. I dont think this programme would make most women more muscular than they were comfortable with, although I do think the target look is more muscular than, say, a Valerie Waters programme is shooting for. Its also possible some women would want to skip the quad work; as I said earlier, the amount of ab work is not appropriate for my goals.

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– Detailed program- the package contains videos and pdfs that are very detailed with some tips that will help you improve your overall performance.

– Result oriented- The package has been written to help you get the results that you need, that is, it will improve your physical strength and ability.

– Improves your flexibility- The Full Body Licious will help you improve your overall flexibility and performance making you stable and in good shape.

– The package comes in various different formats that you can download from the internet much to your advantage.


– You will have to wait for sometime before this package can produce the desired results. Therefore, it is a package that you do not expect to produce instant results.

Summary: If you need a work out program that will work out perfectly for you, then this is it. The Full Body Licious has been filled with some well explained points that will help you increase your overall performance. It will improve your physical posture and also, it will improve your strength. Therefore, go ahead and get this program for yourself, surely, it will not fail.

RatingRated 4.5 stars