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Sick of dealing with symptoms that evenyour doctor can’t explain? Slay the toxic blood sludge today!

I’m sure you can imagine how great you’ll feel when your health is fully restored to peak levels. Your heart will be stronger, circulating healthy blood and oxygen to all of your cells.

You can slow down or even reverse aging using the methods you’ll learn in this book!

You’ll have energy usually only seen in teenagers and 20-somethings. Your skin will be smooth and firm, and your brain will be running at optimal levels. You’ll be able to transform that sluggish brainfog into alertness and excellent memory recall!


I will never forget the day of April 20, 1993.

My dad, who had been healthy his whole entire life, had a heart attack in the middle of his karate class.

Even though I was only 8 years old at the time, I was terrified. I’m really close to my dad, and seeing him have to get an angioplasty was just awful. He’d always been my hero; I watched him run a business, walk at least 6-7 miles every day, and get his black belt in karate.

Up until that point, I thought my dad was invincible.

It was a really rough time, because a priest even came to the hospital and said his last rites (my dad was raised Catholic). I don’t know how, but he miraculously recovered from his heart attack the day after the priest visited.

My dad returned home and back to work from the hospital on crutches, just 3 days after having a heart attack. I always wondered how he was able to survive something so traumatic.

Nowadays, he religiously monitors his cholesterol intake and takes all his supplements (and yes, he still walks 3-4 miles every day). Just last year, he went to a checkup with his doctor.

My stepmom and I were so happy, yet surprised, when his doctor said that his heart looked healthy, in fact, it looked as healthy as a heart without any damage or cardiac issues.


My dad’s always told me the importance of donating blood, and eating certain things to keep my blood thin. Now, after reading this book, it all makes sense.

One of the authors, John O’Dowd, was concerned when his mom developed breast cancer out of the blue. She started having to have a slew of invasive surgeries, while her body continued to breakdown. John started researching ways to conquer this. He wanted to findsomething, anything,that was proven to work.

He found Dr. Young, who specializes in cases like this where nothing else works. While it was costly to fly his mom out to see him, he thought if anyone could help his mom, it would be him.

After his mother was treated by Dr. Young, John couldn’t believe his eyes.She reemerged with vibrant health.He couldn’t believe how luminous her skin was. She looked 15 years younger!

What’s the first thing Dr. Youngdid when he saw John’s mom?

He looked at her blood under a microscope. In fact, over the 3 days his mom was there, he monitored her blood levels frequently, seeing how her body responded to certain foods and supplements, and changes in the way she breathed andthe roomtemperature.

This inspired John to figure out the secret to optimal blood health. Maybe you expect to get weaker as you get older. You might think your body’s just going to start gradually decomposing as you increase in years.

This simply isn’t true. Now, don’t be too hard on yourself for thinking this way; a lot of people do, and it’s just a result of the social conditioning you’ve received throughout your life.

Today, you’re going to learn the key to unlocking your most vibrant, optimal health.

The other author of this book, Dr. Holly,was named as oneof TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People. She’s been featured on popular TV shows, like Dr. Oz and the Doctors for her work in reversing toxic blood.

You know how you feel really amazing after giving blood? My husband always talks about that, how he just feels so much lighter and has a ton more energy afterward.

Well, the reason you feel so great after you give blood is because not only does it give your blood a chance to thin, but your body now has space to start replenishing itself with new, healthy blood.

By taking advantage of John and Dr. Holly’s program today, you’ll learn:

  • How to circulate oxygen throughout your body using the “Breath of Life” technique. You can do this in a little under 1 minute!
  • How to tell if your blood is healthy or not, without having to make a doctor’s appointment.
  • How to reverse signs of aging, like hair loss or a low sex drive.
  • How you can turn back the clock and make your blood younger using the “Blood Beautification Buffet”.
  • Causes for rapid aging, swollen feet, varicose veins and cellulite (and how to get rid of and prevent them).
  • How to get rid of joint aches and pains forever.


In addition, you’ll enjoy these 3 valuable bonuses:

  • Maximum Memory: Yes, you can be sharp as a whip, with laser-fast memory recall. This book will show you how to do exactly that.
  • Better Eyesight Naturally: Restore your vision to peak levels.
  • Hot Blooded: This book will give you everything you need to reignite your smokin’ hot sex life!

The best part of this program is that anyone at any age can benefit from the secrets you’ll learn.

This system usually retails for $126.95, but when you order today, you’ll get everything for only $29.95. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an excellent value for turning back the clock and restoring your youthfulness!

Imagine how great you’ll feel, when everyone you know is commenting on how great you look. They’ll be incredibly curious as to what your secret is.

Think about how happy you’ll be, no longer weighed down by fatigue or sluggish memory. What are you going to do with all the extra energy you’ll have?

Unlock the key to your optimal health today!

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– Based on effective methods designed to give permanent cure of heart and blood purification problems.

– Lets you get rid of joint aches and muscle pains by following simple workout methods

– Enhance the thinking capabilities of your mind by the help of memory boosting techniques.

– No side effects, The program is absolutely safe to use and saves you from visiting doctors or surgeries.


The program will advise you continuous use of supplements to achieve the best results.

Summary: Grow Younger Blood program is designed by a team of expert doctors for patients who are having heart and breathing issues. Whether you want to reverse the effects of aging or enhance your health by blood purification, you can find never ending methods and techniques.

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