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I’ve only had one kidney stone, and am grateful for that.

After 2 days of waiting for it to pass, let’s just say I will never drink Mountain Dew again. No amount of caffeine is worth that level of pain.

I know my story is tame compared to what people with kidney disease have to endure. That’s why I want to share how this diet can start helping you reverse kidney damage and/or disease today!

happy kidneys

The creator of this diet, Rachelle Gordon, was a kidney/renal nurse for 10 years, and a health consultant for those suffering from kidney problems.

You can think of her as an expert and advocate. Renal disease from diabetes, kidney stones, renal failure – you name it, she’s seen it. That’s what inspired her to create this diet plan.

She was sick of seeing her patients suffer and wanted to find a viable solution. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m going to tell you all about Rachelle and how her program is going to help you enjoy a better quality of life, but first, let’s talk about some more about the basics of kidney disease.

What kind of symptoms would you experience if you were at risk of developing kidney disease?

You would be dealing with things like appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, you’d bruise easily, have itchiness, trouble breathing, muscle spasms, and your urine test would probably come back positive for protein traces.

Scarily enough, many Americans have kidney disease and don’t even know it. This is a widespread problem across the world, affecting all age groups, races, genders and socio-economic statuses.

Thankfully, whether you have kidney disease or suspect you may have it, that doesn’t have to be your fate. Using Rachelle’s expertise, you’re going to learn how to restore your kidneys back to health and finally put an end to your suffering.

Get Started Now!

By investing in your health today, you’ll discover:

  • Which foods to eat to completely wipe out kidney disease.
  • What causes kidney disease and how to prevent it in the future.
  • A blueprint of exactly what to eat for maximum kidney health.
  • How to lose weight while restoring your kidneys back to health.
  • How todeal with anemergency concerning your kidneys.
  • A little-known trick to treat those awful kidney pains.

These techniques have been tested on numerous patients with proven success.

Take back control of your health from this potentially fatal issue today!

“You are what you eat.”

vegan food

After Rachelle became determined to find a way to treat this problem with a holistic approach, she looked everywhere she could for a solution. This book is the result of her years of research, from meeting with countless patients, other doctors and natural healthcare providers, along with clinical tests.

She found the people who had successful recoveries from these issues were eating foods that nourished their kidneys and brought them back to a state ofhealthfulness.

This book has helped so many people restore their health, that some physicians have even started recommending it to their patients with kidney disease.


This system involves three steps:

  1. You need to find out how advanced your kidney issues are. Rachelle gives you several helpful tips to figure this out in this section.
  1. Look at your daily behaviors and habits and how they may play a part in your kidney damage or disease. I know it can be challenging to examine our own lifestyles objectively, but you’ll see how doing this will allow you to make changes that will result in a better quality of life.
  1. This section shows you how to make nutritional and behavioral improvements that will not only stop, but reverse your kidney damage or disease. Here, you’ll learn what to eat and what to avoid.

Save yourself from the hassle and cost of drugs, excessive doctor visits and risky surgery.

Invest in your best health by ordering Kidney Diet Secrets today for just $47.


This program is packed with a lot of great bonuses. You’ll also enjoy:

  • 100 Simple Kidney Diet Recipes: I enjoyed this part of the system the best. Rachelle has included so many delicious recipes, like appetizers, breakfast foods, breads, entrees with chicken, seafood and other meats, soups, salads stuffing, pasta, veggies and desserts.
  • Lower Potassium Diet: This will help you lower your blood potassium more than 97% compared to other kidney patients.
  • Complete Body Fitness 101: Integrate your new diet with these workouts. This holistic approach will allow you to unlock peak levels of well-being! This book normally retails for $35, but by ordering today, you get to enjoy it free of charge.
  • Free future updates to this book: I’m sure you, like me, have bought a book or program in the past, only to find out that there were updates a few months or a year later, and you’d have to buy it all over again to see them. Rachelle understands that this is common frustration, and since she’s always learning new things about kidney health, she’s decided to include any future updates to you for free.
  • Easy Self-Motivation for Kidney Patients: I know, kidney issues can drain your energy right out of you. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. This book will teach you how to thrive, regardless of the kidney problems you’ve had in the past, and accomplish your goals so you can life the life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Meditation and Relaxation Techniques for Kidney Patients: Learn how to kick back, relax and indulge in some much-needed me time. With this guide, you’ll learn multiple meditation techniques to bring you that much-sought-after peace of mind we all crave.
  • Healthy Yoga for Beginning Kidney Patients: As a yogi myself, I can tell you that, even if you know nothing about yoga, that’s okay, don’t be intimidated. This guide will give you everything you need so you start to enjoy practicing yoga today.
  • Losing and Managing Weight Safely: This book will clear a lot of common misconceptions about weight loss. This will be a great benefit not only to you but to all your family and friends.
  • Nature’s Best: Effective Herbal Medicine: Are you sick of suffering from side effects caused bysynthetic drugs? This book will show you how you can harness the healing power of plants to create herbalremedies.

By ordering now, you can take back your life and put your kidney issues behind you, once and for all!

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-Learn how to prepare meals out of food and vegetables so that you can make your kidneys stronger than ever.

-Saves you from regular doctor visits and months of medications which can cause adverse effect in the future.

-100 percent safe methods which have proven to give the desired results.

-Detailed instructions about exercise plans, yoga and health management so that you can develop healthier kidneys for the future.


Patients having critical medical conditions must not only rely up on this course but also take regular consultation from their doctor to avoid any future health risks.

Summary: Kidney Diet Secrets review is planned by Rachelle Gordan who has years of experience in the treatment of damaged kidneys. The author believes that healthy and nutritious diet can make the vital organs inside your body function properly and you can avoid medications or supplements by taking the best diet as well.

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