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Mental Impotence Healer
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Is sex becoming a nonchalant task for you and your partner? One that is hardly initiated.
Is your sexual performance becoming a cause of concern for you and your partner?
Does anxiety get the best of you when you hit the sack with your partner?

If your answer is yes, then let me assure you this beforehand. You are not alone in here going through this ordeal. There are scores and scores of men going through the same problem.

Psychological impotence or mental impotence is when a person fails to sexually perform due to a myriad of thoughts and feelings in their heads rather than the person not being capable of it. As our minds affect our bodies so does the very possibility of not performing in the bed. This sure sounds like tragedy. Doesnt it?

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That being said there is a creative solution to the problem of mental and psychological impotence. One that has been extensively tested and researched upon and is now finally in the public domain for people to use. Please give this post a few minutes of your time to understand things in a better perspective.
The revolutionary technique of Guided imagery is brought into the picture to understand things in a better light into a program called as the Mental Impotence Healer.
You may be asking the million dollar questions right now. How is this possible and what exactly is this so called program?
The Mental Impotence Program is the answer to all your erection woes.
Lets understand what mental impotence is first.

What is mental impotence?
Mental impotence is a form of erectile dysfunction in men also commonly called as a sexual performance anxiety. Mental impotence is caused largely due to anxiety and stress which leads to the release of stress hormones in the body. One common way of understanding if you have a mental impotence is when you are perfectly capable of maintaining erection while masturbating but fail to do so in front of your partner. One of the reasons why its also called as sexual performance anxiety. Your body feels under attack for a number of reasons leading to a release of stress hormones like cortisols and adrenaline which further leads the brain to misinterpret brain signals and thereby confusing the excitement of having sex with a danger or a life threatening situation. This prevents sexual arousal in men and ultimately to erectile dysfunction.


What is the Mental Impotence Healer program?
The Mental Impotence Healer by Mike Miller is a 100% natural technique to solving the problems of erectile dysfunction in men. The program uses the technique of powerful guided imagery and anxiety releasing brainwave music which helps the mind recover from a state of mental disconnect which is the root cause of psychological and mental impotence.
According to a research conducted by the department of psychiatry, Christian medical school in India, it was found that an estimate 70% of men can be treated with guided imagery and tools in overcoming symptoms of mental impotence.

How does the program help in curing psychological impotence?
The program contains a self help guide on tackling the problems of mental and psychological impotence with the help of Guided image therapy to solve the problems of mental impotence in a healthy way without the use of any pills or prescriptions. The program has been designed in a way so that you release your fears, anxiety, and stress so you can get back to having a normal sex life.

Medical research has proven time and again that listening to scripts and music at the theta brainwave level helps putting your mind in a relaxed, meditative state away from all stress and anxiety. Guided image therapy is one of the most effective ways to facilitate changes in a persons physical and mental well being.


What is guided imagery therapy?
The guided imagery therapy is a gentle therapeutic method of healing wherein you listen to a set of specific, visually descriptive scripts making you imagine and visualize scenarios and healthy thoughts to help overcome your body of any mental or physical problems. It is also known as visualization and mental imagery. Guided imagery therapy involves making use of all primary senses of the body to overcome negative and misguided thoughts.

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What does the program ask of its user?
The one and the only thing that you need to do is listen to the guided imagery therapy scripts provided in the program.
The author suggests listening to the program for 20 minutes every day for a period of 30 to 60 days. Listening to it puts your mind in a state of relaxation and self hypnosis. This takes your mind away from the problem and re-channels it to a positive state of mind that you should be in. The more you visualize, the more your mind channels to the positive thoughts invoked by the program until you can finally let go of your negative thoughts converting them into strong, confident thoughts and feelings.

Is this form of healing better than pills or therapy?
This actually is a good question. The answer to this is a yes. Yes, this form of healing is better than other conventional methods of healing. Below are the reasons why:

  • Mental impotence is not a physical ailment. I bet you would agree to this as well. This is generally caused due to anxiety and stress. Pills or other forms of healing may give you temporary relief from the situation but it wont help you tackle the root cause of your problems.
  • Anti depressants and medications have long term and dangerous side effects whereas guided imagery is a rather safe and better alternative to taking pills.


Cost of the program?
For as little as $37 this whole program could be yours and you could be on your merry way to leading a healthy sexual life. Isnt this more than you can bargain for. It surely is. With the program you also get a 24*7 access to email counseling support. You also are provided with a lifetime access to the membership website along with its members forum. The program also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. Interested now?

Outreach of the program
The program has received a global outreach and sales pitch across all seven continents. With thousands of happy and satisfied customers, the program has definitely created a nice for itself in the market for dealing with mental and psychological impotence and with the cost it is being offered at. It definitely comes as a steal. This is the ultimate solution to all your troubles. Its now or never. Get your copy of the program today.

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– The guide seeks to give you more than enough pleasure during sex. Therefore, you get to enjoy more and more as you are engaging with your partner.

– Uses natural healing methods to help you deal with the problem. The guide really advocates people to stop using the pills once and for all.

– It is a self help guide that will show you how to really cure the psychological impotence without the usage of the pills and prescriptions and such like things.

– The guide uses imagery therapy to help you get rid of the problem. This is where you get to see and listen to visual and descriptive scripts that will show exactly what you need to overcome this condition.

– The guide will help you solve problems including the erectile dysfunction which is know to originate form your mental status during sex.


– The major con of this guide is that if it is not given enough time to take response in your body, then it might be very difficult for you to notice any change.

Summary: Sex is meant to be enjoyed and if you are not getting the happiness or the pleasure of sex, then something is wrong. Mostly, this comes from our mental status and that is why this program has been made to help you out. It is a guide seeks to help you mentally stable during sex, get the most of sex through fulfillment and pleasure. The guide gets deep to the causes of metal impotence and helps you get rid of this condition once and for all.

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