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Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets
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Unfortunately, women of varying age groups nowadays suffer fromovarian cysts and PCOS.

As someone who deals with cysts myself, I know it can be frustrating, trying so many different ways to treat them. Maybe you’ve had fleeting success with one method, only to find that it was just putting a Band-Aid over the problem.

If you, like me, were scared the first time your gynecologist told you the reason your cramps are so bad is because you have cysts, then I want to share with you what I’ve found to not only shrink, but make my cysts completely disappear.

I have great news for you: starting today, you no longer have to use the “throw spaghetti on the wall to see which pieces stick” approach to treat your cysts. Read on to learn how to break free from the pain and stress caused by your ovarian cysts.


What are ovarian cysts?

They are fluid-filled sacs within your ovaries, and may look like bubbles on an ultrasound. The cysts can be as small as less than 1 inch or up to 4 inches in diameter. Sometimes they could even grow to be as big as 12 inches in diameter.

Ovarian cysts usually don’t have symptoms, but women with larger or ruptured cysts may experience symptoms like:

  • Severe, sharp pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Infertility

A cyst becomes ruptured when a blood vessel bursts,which may cause youpainbecause the cyst is filling up with blood.

If you think you might or know you have been suffering fromovarian cysts, read on to learn about a powerful remedy to resolve this problem, once and for all!


I’m confused, what are the different kinds of ovarian cysts? What is PCOS? What’s the difference between an ovarian cyst and PCOS?

One of the greatest benefits of this remedy is that it works with every type of ovarian cyst, as well as PCOS. Here are the differences in each type:

  • Follicular cyst: this kind of cyst can develop you don’t ovulate, or a fully grown follicle “falls” on itself in your ovary. This usually happens mid-cycle, around ovulation time. About 25% of women experience pain from this kind of cyst.
  • Corpus luteum: this cyst is created post-ovulation, after an egg has been released. If you don’t get pregnant, corpus luteum will usually dissolve and disappear, but if it doesn’t, it could possibly fill with blood or fluid and stay on your ovary. Corpus luteum typically forms on just 1 side and doesn’t have any symptoms.
  • Hemorrhagic: this means the inside of a cyst is bleeding, and as a result, you’ll feel lower abdominal pain on one side.
  • Dermoid cyst (also known as mature cystic teratomas): this is a more abnormal cyst, and is usually seen in younger women. These kinds of cysts can grow as large as 6 inches in diameter. They look similar to cysts you might see on a person’s skin, and can be filled with fat, cartilage, hair or bone. These cysts can cause lower abominal pain because they twist your ovary.
  • Endometriomas (also known as endometriod cysts): these cysts develop when your uterine lining grows inside your ovaries. This usually affects women of childbearing age and can cause painful cramps during your menstrual cycle. Infertility may be an issue if you have this kind of cyst because 80% of all pelvic endometriosis is found in 1 or both ovaries. These can be between 0.75-8 inches in diameter and are a color similar to chocolate. If you’ve ever heard doctors or nurses refer to “chocolate cysts”, endometriomas is what they were talking about.
  • Polycystic-appearing ovary (not to be confused with PCOS): this means your ovary is twice as big as a normal ovary, and is surrounded by small cysts.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): this is an endocrine disorder. PCOS is caused by a hormone imbalance, and one of the biggest symptoms of PCOS is ovarian cysts. Instead of releasing your eggs during ovulation, the follicles in your ovaries hold onto them, causing your eggs toturn into cysts. The symptoms you may experience are similar to those you’d get with ovarian cysts (irregular periods, infertility, etc.), but a unique symptom of PCOS is that you’d have hair growing on your face, chest and body hair, along with weight gain or inability to lose weight.


How do you find out if you have ovarian cysts and/or PCOS?

The most common way you’ll find out if you have cysts or PCOS starts with your doctor doing a pelvic exam. This is how I found out; my gynecologist did an exam and asked me where I felt pain. Then they’ll usually do an ultrasound. Ovarian cysts can also be detected on an MRI or a CT scan.

For PCOS, your doctor may take a blood test to measure your hormone levels. Additional tests for PCOS may include measuring your glucose, triglycerides and/or chlosterol intake.

Can ovarian cysts be prevented?

This program will cover all of that. You’ll learn natural ways to have a pain-free existence, allowing you to enjoy a much-deserved higher quality of life!

By following the remedies in the book step-by-step, you’ll start to notice the pain gradually decreasing, until one day you wake up and it’s completely gone!


Imagine how great you’ll feel when you go to your checkup, and your doctor tells you the cysts have shrunk or completely disappeared.

By using these secrets, you’ll be able to get rid of painful ovarian cysts and PCOS in just 6-8 weeks!The best part is, you can do it without having to take weird drugs or have possibly risky and costly surgery, because these are all natural remedies.

I’m glad I got this book, because knowing that I don’t have to worry about another cyst popping up, giving me even more pain, is worth more than I could put a price on. Now it’s your turn to stop suffering and start enjoying your life again. Think of all the things you’ll be able to do without being weighed down by ovarian cysts or PCOS.

You’ll get this program, along with 4 bonuses packed with powerful secrets to improve your health and wellbeing, all for just $39 today. However, the price won’t stay this low forever, so act now so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to get rid of all that pain and suffering, once and for all.

You owe it to yourself to invest in your health by ordering Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets today!

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– You will need to consult with the doctors about your condition, otherwise relying the wholly on the guide might not be that effective.

Summary: This is a comprehensive book that will teach you on what you can do in order to take care of the cyst problems. The book has proved worthy of your time, effort and money and therefore, this is the book that you will need to be using. Get this from me, the book has helped so many women out therefore and believe me, you are not an exception. Go ahead and click that red button, you will be on your way to making great healing of your cyst condition.

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