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Many of us tend to ignore the symptoms of insomnia, regarding them as a temporary phase. For those who are new to the term, it is a sleeping disorder wherein the victim finds it arduous to fall asleep or to stay flaked-out. This is followed by daytime somnolence, tiredness, and frequent mood swings.

Insomnia is a condition that may occur as a consequence of stress, chronic disease, or without any apparent cause at times. However, our concern is the debilitating effects it casts on the health of its victims.

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How common is insomnia?

If you too are struggling with sleep issues, no one can describe your misery better than yourself. But let us tell you that about 30 percent of the total world population is experiencing the same plight with varying severities. This is merely a rough estimate. There might be a lot of similar cases yet to be reported.

Can insomnia legit kill me?

We won’t sugar-coat anything to soothe your stress. We shall be rather straight-forward and blunt in this regard.

Certainly, insomnia is dangerous to the extent that it can shorten your lifespan! 

Many people are yet unaware of the disastrous health effects these sleep issues carry along with. 

Insomnia downturns your cardiac health:

As a matter of fact, insomnia counter-regulates the vital body mechanisms, the most important of which are related to the brain and the heart. It has been observed that insomniacs have a heart rate greater than those in good sleepers. Anything that interferes with the normal heart functioning for a long time can dispose one to grave cardiac illnesses.

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The quality of life abates:

Your quality of life is certainly expected to decline by many folds if you continue to stay awake all night. Insomniacs often complain of the following conditions that tend to affect their daily routine:

  • Body aches
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Decreased physical functioning
  • Daytime sleepiness

An insomniac causes more accidents:

Scientists have also concluded that as a consequence of insomnia, one is more prone to accidents. According to an estimate, a person with sleep troubles is 2.5 to 4.5 times more inclined to be a victim of accidents. Without having your mind snoozed off for a good 7-8 hours, it is extremely arduous to focus on the road or to look around while working on a site or inside a factory.

Insomnia calls for psychiatric illnesses:

A majority of the insomniacs can relate to having depression for most of the time. This is what happens when the brain becomes weary and tired for long. Anxiety is yet another psychiatric comorbidity that occurs as a consequence. Whether insomnia precedes a mental condition is, however, a separate debate. But it is absolutely definite that a sleepless brain acquires mental illnesses real quick. 

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How can OUTSMART INSOMNIA save my life?

The most convincing part of the product here is that the author has himself experienced a life-threatening event. Sam Oakes, the person who owns Outsmart insomnia, deemed it absolutely crucial to share his scheme after suffering through a fearful happening. He had been a victim to the disease himself for 20 years straight. Not sleeping all night and staying groggy throughout the day had almost become a norm for Sam. His family, work and personal life were crumbling and there was nothing he could do to against it.

Sam became so agitated that he resorted to sleeping pills. Now that he had been an insomniac for long, he overdosed on the pills out of forgetfulness and the next he woke up was in a hospital.

This wasn’t the end of it. The real fact that spooked him was when the doctor opened to him about his health condition.

“Sam’s vitals weren’t up to the mark. He had a significantly low blood pressure. His heart was beating out of rhythm and skipping beats! Sam was at the verge of a heart failure.”

Most of these symptoms are attributable to sleeplessness. Outsmart insomnia is what Sam later resorted to in order to convene the bits of his health.

How does it work?

Your brain is a complex organ. It is a collection of several small centers that work in their own distinct manner. Likewise, there are sleep and wake centers that function to regulate your sleep. Outsmart insomnia will teach you how to carry a control of the ‘sleep-hub’ of your brain to take your life back on the path.


Outsmart insomnia is not about letting you snooze off for a couple of hours a day. It is important here to know that it is not your prime goal to sleep uninterruptedly You could go on and doze off for 10 hours and still wake up groggy. This happens when our mind does not undergo the “deep REM stage 3.”

The sleep cycle:

During a normal sleep, your brain undergoes 4 stages, each of which is dominated by 4 different brain waves. When you enter the stage three of sleep, your brain is overtaken by the slow-delta waves. A person who wakes up at this stage feels like they haven’t slept at all. In fact, if you have a well-regulated sleep cycle, it is almost impossible to arouse you at this level.

Deep sleep is indeed a “big wheel:”

Your body releases growth hormone when you are in deep sleep. This aspect is crucial with regards to your growth and development. The hormone focuses on eliminating body stress and restoring the immune functions. If you undergo deep REM stage 3 uninterruptedly, your mind shall be refreshed for a new day, for a new learning. Outsmart insomnia targets this aspect of your sleep cycle to make sure that it goes on regularly and peacefully.

A sneak-peek:

With the Outsmart insomnia protocol, you will come across the following four modules:

  • The truth about insomnia:

Here, you will learn the actual medicinal elements that are responsible for your condition. Also, the module aims to teach you about the disastrous events that take place in your brain when you go on for days without sleep.
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  • The quick and dirty guide to fall asleep in 15 minutes:

This module is packed with:

  1. a shake recipe that will outsmart your sleeplessness
  2. a meditational approach devised by the experts to help relax your body from head-to-toe
  3. a healthy breathing technique
  4. ‘No words’ visualization- here, you will discover how you keep your brain stimulated during the sleep hours inadvertently
  • Harmonizing the brain chemistry and regulating the sleep timetable:

By the end of this module, you shall be capable enough to hold a command on your brain. This may result in a long-lasting cure for your insomnia.

  • Secrets conveyed by the neuroscientists for a peaceful sleep:

Here, you shall come across some valuable secrets imparted by the learned men that will help you achieve a satisfying sleep.

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Why don’t my doctors talk about it?

Outsmart insomnia isn’t a medically-recognized regimen. It, in fact, is a combination of remedies and brain exercises that when put into correct perspectives, bring about the desired results. You can, however, discuss with your doctor about the protocol, so that you treat your condition under guidance.

There is no harm in going after the scheme, as it won’t require you to adapt to something unusual. It is at least better than running after the sleep pills.

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  • Outsmart insomnia will help you find a way to overthrow your condition by taking you towards your goal step-by-step
  • You finally have a healthy solution to put an end to the sleeplessness nights and the slumberish days
  • You don’t have to intoxicate yourself with the sleeping pills. Outsmart insomnia is all about achieving a regulated and peaceful sleep cycle by kicking in your natural mechanisms
  • As compared to your medical bills, which may in figures of thousand or even greater, Outsmart insomnia may bother your budget with a mere $37
  • In case you are not entirely satisfied, you can have a refund without being questioned


  • OUTSMART INSOMNIA isn’t a medically-recommended treatment against the condition. Those with sleeping issues owing to other illnesses must not fall after trial and error methods. Instead, a proper medical approach must be sought in such cases
  • There is still a chance that your condition remains completely or partially unresolved. Here, you need to approach a health professional to rule out other causes that could be responsible for your insomnia

Summary: Outsmart insomnia protocol could be the answer to your cry for help. Getting no sleep for days or weeks can cast deleterious effects on both physical and mental health. Science has proven that insomnia can make you prone to diseases you were not meant to come across.
The program focuses on ‘brain-training’ so that by the end of it, you shall be able to regulate your sleep cycle on a life-long basis.
Before resorting to sleeping pills, do consider paying Outsmart insomnia a try.

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