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If you are a victim to stubborn body fat and struggle every day to appear somewhat leaner, PaleoQue shouldn’t sound unfamiliar to you. The Paleo food pattern has remained native to our ancestors from the most archaic times. The “Paleolithic diet used to be the meal of cavemen of that era.

What modern protein-based regime contains is actually an extract of the ancient food menu. Our forefathers did not have an access to carbs, and all they ate was animal meat and herb leaves. Well, they also had an amazingly active lifestyle, and we cannot stand anywhere near it considering our sedentary habits.


Why should I consume more proteins for a thinner body?

We won’t take you through a roller coaster of body sciences, but for now, just know that protein makes you lose weight whereas carbohydrates make you gain kilos.

Protein is important for hormones that regulate your hunger and digestion, hence, it can dwindle your appetite and kick-start your snail-paced metabolism.

Moreover, cutting down upon carbs in the diet is the biggest solution towards belly fat reduction. You might already know about how lethal this fat is to your health, making your body vulnerable to various illnesses such as high cholesterol and diabetes.

PaleoQue is all about urging your body to use proteins and fats in place of carbohydrates.

Where did all of this begin?

Allow us to introduce you to the great mind behind this concept. He is Bill Anderson- not a mere weight watcher like us, neither did he stumbled upon paleo diet accidentally. His deep and exorbitant journey has helped several weight-concerned peeps with their mission.

Dear weight-watchers! Bill Anderson’s PaleoQue can be the answer to your long-awaited prayers!

It can be the ultimate guide as well as a solution to your fat-problem. He can make you consume fewer calories without letting people around you know that you are on a diet. You shall not cringe at the sight of taste-less, odor-less foods anymore. Dr. Bill has a lot to teach about how to smoke scrumptious BBQ recipes.


Now BBQ isn’t something many of us would disapprove of. It has been among the most favorite dishes at all times and people actually smoke BBQ out of hobby (Bill is a great fan too!). A scrumptious meal will perhaps make it easy for you to stick to the plan.

About Dr. Bill Anderson…

Dr. Anderson is a knowledgeable expert in the subject of Family and Consumer Sciences. He draws our attention towards an ever-ignored fact that we are shoving “shoe-leather” down our guts. Yes. These words come out of the mouth of someone who has bagged the BBQ competition Grand Champion position eight times. He holds the place for ‘Best brisket in the world” for the year 2013 under Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour. Bill has always loved cooking, eating and serving BBQ. He was fond of what he made until one fine day he happened to try out a BBQ contest and tasted the BBQ-rib meal prepared by one of the fellow contestants. He couldn’t stop awing for it tasted heaven. Also, it was then he realized that his recipes were a ‘fail’ actually (refers to the shoe-leather part).

Dr. Bill thereon struggled by investing lots of time and money to get to the taste which he deemed as perfection. He kept participating in more BBQ contests and took up lessons.

Do you see what it takes to be a champion? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to go through this heap of battle. It won’t cost you a fortune or a trail of BBQ contests to excel, for you have Dr. Anderson instead.


What does he offer?

By blending his valuable experience and BBQ secrets together, Dr. Anderson has for you a book which he calls “PaleoQue.” It is a comprehensive guide for those who want to incorporate the Paleo way of living to their current lifestyle. Not only that, but the guidebook comes with a discount worthy enough to avail. A new hat may cost more than the offer.

Now tell us, who shares the deepest of BBQ success secrets at rates these friendly?

You don’t really have to buy what we say. Do your own research. Visit his web portal and see how his students review his PaleoQue guidebook. The reviews will tell how we are not talking about any scam here.

How does PaleoQue work?

The idea here is to cut down upon carbs (the main and the quickest source of energy) and divert your body mechanisms towards the utilization of proteins. Hence, all of your meals should revolve around paleo (proteins). People adapting to this lifestyle are generally required to feed upon foods that are free from chemicals and processed ingredients.
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The whole diet-design is not merely about losing unwanted pounds of fat, but also to keep up with good health. Can you imagine the outcome of a whole year without having consumed processed and high-sugar foods? It will ultimately salvage your body from harmful food chemicals.

Well, let’s make it clear. With Paleo nutrition, all you can eat is nuts, meat (including organ meat and lean meat), vegetables, roots, fish, eggs, and fruits. Vegetable oils can be used. What you are supposed to refrain from is refined foods, extra-sugar, factory foods, legumes, rice, bread, grain-based items, and dairy.


Will it make me starve?

Don’t worry about it for PaleoQue shall never ask you to survive on an empty stomach. The greatest flaw people commit when losing weight is that they make their bodies starve. This actually brings them the counterproductive results as inadequately extended meal intervals cause the metabolic rate to go sluggish. Also, starvation leads to undernourishment, which makes one look rather emaciated, whereas PaleoQue wants to make you seem thin within healthy limits.

Moreover, how can you starve by cooking appetizingly delectable BBQ meals?

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  • There have not been many clinical studies regarding the benefits of protein-based nutrition, but till date, it has been observed that Paleo diet followers have a better cardiovascular health status
  • PaleoQue is specifically beneficial for those who want to reduce weight within healthy limits, as the diet design also focuses on calorie restriction
  • The Paleo diet pattern encourages the use of healthy drinks such as tea (preferably green tea) and coffee
  • Eating vegetables and fruits for most of the time in a day shall gift you with all the essential minerals and vitamins
  • If at any point you feel that PaleoQue isn’t what you were looking for, you can expect a refund (visit the website for more information on this)


  • No, it is not going to cause you a dramatic shred. It is not a miracle, and we believe you understand that. Paleo diet needs consistency with lots and lots of patience. We repeat, “loads of patience”
  • Eliminating carbohydrates from your daily meals will make you feel less energetic, but that phase is likely to exist for a few days. Our body needs time to divert its energy-using mechanisms towards protein utilization which may make you feel low during the initial days of the Paleo diet
  • Paleo nutrition encourages meat intake, and meat is known to contain considerable amounts of saturated fats. These fats have been linked to significant health decline and an early death

Summary: It has always been recommended improvising one’s dietary patterns for a healthy living. PaleoQue is a sequel to similar concepts that encourage calorie restriction and a total cut down of processed foods. It has the reason behind many success stories, as one can easily interpret from its customer reviews. Moreover, what comes from the mind of Bill Anderson, an immensely skilled and highly experienced teacher, barely leaves out any space for doubts.
As a matter of fact, it comes with perks as well as consequences, but we are glad that its benefits outweigh the shortcomings.

RatingRated 4.5 stars