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Dean Somerset, a professional trainer with ten years of personal training experience, has written an eBook that outlines his rehab essentials. Deans experience in rehab includes his position as the Medical & Rehabilitation Coordinator at World Health, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Clients come from chiropractors, surgeons, general practitioners, and physiotherapists.

Deans system has many sections that go through the different anatomical information. He tells you what adaptions to use with injuries, ways to determine when to start training, and how to train to get the best results.


Post Rehab Essentials has given hip replacement surgery patients the energy and vibe to ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon. In this book are simple exercises and step-by-step guidelines on how the exercises work and how to use them. Dean shows you how to do regressions and progressions for fundamental movements that are correct.

The user-friendly breakout sessions instruct you how to move through active as well as passive assessments. He shows you how to build a total program of rehab to get the optimal results you want.

How does the Program Work?

There are many different concepts in the program, and these include:

  • Injury rehab
  • How various injuries happen
  • What creates a training program for those injuries
  • When it is the right time to start training
  • Rehabilitation and training and not two separate program
  • You as well as our clients can get stronger no matter how restrictive their injuries are
  • How to conquer the fear that you customers and you may have when it comes to rehab and training.
  • Working the Upper Quadrant
  • The biomechanics and how the anatomical structures work together
  • Should injuries can be fixed without surgery (how to fix rotator cuff problems)
  • Conventional training programs that can actually cause more injuries
  • Overcome your injuries with maximum training responses
  • wound-661999_960_720
  • Neck, shoulder, and low back issues ae related to your breathing. Techniques on how to solve this problem.
  • Taking care of the Lower Quadrant
  • Knee injuries and how to fix them
  • Biomechanics and anatomical structure study
  • Re-train your feet
  • Tips and exercises on how to improve knee health naturally
  • Learn to implement glute training to prevent and recover form knee injuries
  • Common knee problems
  • Spine
  • How to combat lower back injuries
  • Ways to train your core functions for optimum health
  • The quality of movement is important in handling low back pain
  • Core training workouts do not actually train the core
  • Exercises that actually work to build a functional spine
  • Bonus: the three core training exercises you will ever need to create a powerful and healthy spine.


Benefits of the Program

This program cuts to the chase and tells it like it is. It contains all the instruction you need to rehab properly. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

Trainers will love the eBook since it teaches you tips to enhance the value of your training sessions and the techniques to keep your clients stronger than ever before. You will learn how to perform assessments, complex lifts, and the correct exercises done in the right ways.

Every step of the program is easy to follow. You can do it at your own pace.

The after sales customer service is efficient and professional.

You will improve flexibility and mobility and stop the pain in your body parts.

Time and money will be saved. You dont need to try out useless programs on the Internet or purchase expensive pills.

You can access the program immediately since this is a digital product.

What you receive in the Program

Four downloadable videos that show you exactly how to do the exercises. These are hands-on sessions that illustrate to the right movement patterns. Plus, you also get easy regressions and progressions for basic movements.

Continuing Education credits from NSCA and canfitpro. Receive 12 CEUs with NSCA, and 3 CEUs with PTS. These go towards your certification.

12 hours of videos that contain the answers to your questions.

Free updates, revisions, new videos as they become available.

So much more!


Advantages of the Program

  • The program is tailored to the specific needs of the clients. There is no down time or fluff.
  • Joint exercises that prove why some exercises hurt while others help
  • Fix repetitive strain injuries. These are common, and you will learn how to fix them in your clients forever.
  • Pain doesnt tell you the problem. You need to learn how to uncover the real issues.
  • Static stretching is useless. Dont teach this to your clients!
  • Increase the value of your training sessions.
  • How to keep your clients longer.
  • Perform complex lifts, assessments, and corrective exercise safely
  • Help people get and stay strong.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. If there is any reason you feel you havent learned a thing from Post Rehab Essentials, let Dean know, and he will personally issue you a refund.



Dean Somerset is one of my go to resources in the fitness industry when I have a question that requires awesomeness. I can say without a doubt or any hesitation that few have the knowledge around rehab, movement dysfunction, physiology, program design and training. Not only that, Dean has the priceless under the bar experience that many trainers are lacking to be able to actually apply this knowledge in a real-world setting and with real clients.I was patiently awaiting the release of Post Rehab Essentials because I knew Dean would over-deliver big time and I wasnt disappointed. Every time I go back to it, I learn something different and pick up new ideas to integrate into my program. I dont recommend ANY product without truly believing in it or if I dont actually use it in my program. Post Rehab Essentials will change the way you program and make you a better coach by increasing the value you bring to all of your clients. James Smith

Dean Somerset has quickly emerged as an outstanding resource in the fitness industry. I really enjoy reading his stuff, and Im sure you will, too. – Eric


Deans program is a steal at $127, but right now you can get the entire program for $97. Remember the money back guarantee? If there is any book on rehab you need, this is the one.

Once you have paid your money, (it is priced in Canadian dollars), you can download the videos, manuals, and webinars. Get started on your training career immediately. You wont have the hassle of waiting for the mail system to get the program into your hands.

To recap, you will receive valuable information that includes injury rehab, working the upper and lower quadrants, strengthening the spine. All exercises are safe, designed to cure, and will bring you and your clients strength.

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– Eliminate pain and discover the real benefits of rehab as the program is designed to yield best results.

– Avoid long workout sessions which can further increase the intensity of your injury.

– Safe methods designed to give you an instant cure for you and your clients.

– Video lectures and tutorials so that viewers can get to learn the best rehab techniques.

– Free updates and after sales services by which you can get a solution to your problem immediately.


The program is certainly not a cure for physiotherapy and you must take recommendations from your trainer before following the program.

Summary: Post Rehab Essentials includes the most effective techniques by which you can completely eliminate any injuries or disabilities by your own. The exercise and workout plans will develop mobility in your body parts so that you do not get injured while playing your favorite game. So if you avail the best instruction for proper rehab, this course can help you in great regard.

RatingRated 2.5 stars