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Pull-Up Queen – An Effective Bodyweight Exercise

There is a prevailing myth which says that women are not strong enough to pull up the bars, it is something that only a man can do. If you also think like this, then it is the time for you to break this stereotype. You must have heard that at least once in your life, this is no more a truth.

Too many women out there want to get rid of their bulky body. I think a perfect body shape is the demand of every lady, but often ladies are underestimated. In order to teach you perfect body exercise Pull-up Queen can assist you. This program will help you to learn correct pull ups.

Our aim is to assist women so that they can learn the techniques in order to form perfect upper body. This training program comes with three different levels, while very first one is for beginners.


You must have visited a lot of sites about exercise and body shaping. Well it is really not an easy decision to be made. You can check our reviews, to make yourself sure about the program to be free of scams.

Credit goes to Neghar Fonooni:

This amazing bodyweight training course is created by Neghar Fonooni, especially for those ladies who want to enhance their pull up skills. Neghar is an entrepreneur and also works as a speaker and personal trainer. She wants women to realize their actual power. Her experience in the field of fitness industry is more than 17 years. She considers herself as a strong lady and completely feminine.

According to Neghar Fonooni, such a system was firstly designed for herself or by her practical experience. She used to deal with a lot of problems regarding confidence and pull ups.

After working really hard, she came to know that it is not just men who can do body lifting, women are equally capable.

Features of Pull-up Queen Program:

Some significant features of this program are:

  • A program for everyone:

A woman of any age can join this online program. As there are different levels, from simple to the advanced one, therefore beginners can choose the simple one, and vice versa.

  • Sessions for beginners:

gym girl

There is a session for beginners for 12 weeks. People who are new for training can get familiarity about workout in this session. This will help the beginners to get prepared for advance level.

  • A video library:

Basically, it is one of the packages that you will get with Pull-up Queen Session pdf. Women who have no time to look out the written content can watch the tutorials to learn the techniques.
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How the product will help you?

Are you tired of your shapeless figure? Do you want to do some work out? No proper guidelines? Then hurry up join us because it will help you sort out your body issues. This product was created for those who want to strengthen their muscles, particularly women.

This program is for all the ladies out there who want to strengthen their body through really easy workouts. Not every person is fond of fitness, but if you are then what are you waiting for. Ladies often lack the confidence and skill of doing pull ups in the appropriate manner. So this program is specifically made for them to help them in the best way.

pull-up queen

Is it really worth it?

Neghar Fonooni training session is truly a complete program, without any scam. After joining the program you will have life time access in only one payment. Once you buy the program it’s all yours. Moreover, after joining it you will surely not going to need any gym, but only the right equipment.

Pull-up Queen has a number of levels along with a variety of programs. After joining it is all your ease whichever program you to choose or even if you want to choose multiple programs.

Success story of Pull-up Queen:

A number of people have used our services and we have received some really positive reviews. For us, the review you
give matters a lot. Here I want to share a really good review of one of our happy customer.

She says that she was having a really bad time with her body, and really wanted to get rid of the fat that was attached with body. So on internet she saw the rating of our training session and decided to join it. According to her, she could never be more satisfied. She have learnt the techniques that are mandatory for workout. At first she joined the beginner’s level and with the passage of time she completed all levels.


Moreover, she also received the membership portal. Sometimes she was unable to attend the program and in such a case the video library of the session helped her a lot.

Without any doubt, this is a must-try training sessions, that has a lot to offer you. It is a great way for the women who want to maintain their fitness and want to build a really solid foundation of the upper body. A path through which you will be empowered to increase your confidence and stamina by the bar.

Benefits of the training program:

In order to firm up your chest and arms as well, this is the most significant exercise. It also helps you to increase your stamina along with your body flexibility. Neghar’s training program will assist you so that you can lose the excess fat. Some of the major benefits of this training program are given below:

  • Development of rock solid base at your upper body.
  • Helps you in improving pull-up techniques.
  • Increases your stamina and your confidence.
  • Helps in building strong durable back.
  • Provides you with membership portal.


Be careful:

Before buying the product you must know all aspects of it. The reason is that there are various kinds of similar products and training programs, some are fraud while some are not. One thing is confirmed that this program is
green and great for you. Do not hesitate to be a part of it.

The additional information that you must know before becoming the part of it is that the training program offers three levels, it is your choice to join whichever level. Moreover, you have to register yourself for only one time then you can enjoy the services as long as you want. Reading the website will help you understand which level is appropriate for you.

Buying advice:

This training program is the best one as it offers various deals for its potential customers. Neghar has her own book, a guide in which all the techniques are mentioned for the pull ups. Moreover, women who are not interested in written content can go with the tutorials.

Pull-up Queen also offers membership portal, you can get an easy access to all the material. Membership gets you motivated and helps you in staying on track. There are many other perks of membership as well.

nice body

Final Verdict:

If you really wish your body look attractive then grab the copy of the program. Time is up for your slaggy bodies to look awkward. Wear your favorite sleeveless dress after making prefect body through pullups. Ready to look confident? Join us.

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  • Program arranged in easy steps.
  • Program assists you in strengthening the body.
  • This training session gives you lifetime access.


  • No physical form of this program is available yet.
  • It might seem a little difficult at the beginning.
  • You might join the wrong level that is not suitable for you.

Summary: Pull-up Queen is a training program, especially made for women who want to have attractive bodies. This program offers a number of deals, with various levels. Get yourself registered with your desired level. Only a single time you have to pay then you are part of us. All content written or visual will also be provided.

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