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Sometimes you meet with an idea that is so counter-intuitive and so strange that it instantly commands your attention. These ideas include that the Earth is, in fact, not flat, the wave-particle duality of the building blocks of our universe or that you have to intentionally eat more food and watch as your weight increases to lose fat.

But this is the principle behind Reverse Dieting, a radical dieting method that seeks to restore the metabolic and hormonal system into its natural order, promote muscle growth while minimizing your body’s tendency to store fat and preparing your body to long-term fat loss instead of the usual intense diet that always ends up in failure.


Indeed, Sohee Lee,the author of Reverse Dieting clearly understands the issue with most diets these days. Diets usually demand a complete change in your lifetime and precious hours of your free time, only for you to see that forcing yourself to follow the instructions they give and forbidding yourself everything you used to love and cherish is a miserable existence, slip back to your own self and regain the fat you managed to lose with your extensive self-torture.

She talks out of experience. She has gone through the same nightmare everyone who ever decided to diet went through, losing fat and gaining it back again, and in her book, she offers a solution that permanently ends this cycle of self-abuse andself-abasement by fusing physiology and psychology into an effective technique.


A Unique Approach

Reverse Dieting skillfully deconstructs how the dieting industry works and why is it ineffective in helping their customers losing weight and instead they end up becoming fatter. It offers a profound insight into the mechanism of our body and mind when we start to diet, how ourmetabolic and hormonal system operates, what kind of psychological effects does dieting have on us and how to use these bodily responses in our favor through the diet.

Sohee Lee points out that the reason why traditional diet techniques do not work is exactly because it is based on starvation. Your body will not give up willingly the last remnants of fat when you are in starvation mode. And regardless of how hard one tries to exercise, success will not come to her by going down that path.

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To solve this issue, she proposes the calculated increase of food intake that will boost one’s energy level and fire up the metabolism of the body, and results in a long-term fat loss while one enjoys the joys of healthy eating habits and a sustainable lifestyle. Using the Reverse Dieting technique, the calorie intake will gradually increase, and as various results show, it will not bring about the increase in bodyweight or in waist size.

And it works. Sohee Lee is an accomplished trainer with many many satisfied customers who report extremely positive effects of following her counter-intuitive diet all around the world. She alleviates the cons of the traditional diet techniques and does not ask for major sacrifices in terms of food intake, habits or free time, replacing it with a diet that is a psychologically rewarding experience.


Additional Benefits

Reverse Dieting contains various products that help the reader accomplish his or her dieting goals. It contains thebook itself, which is a well-writtene-document with an abundance of information new in the dieting industry.

It contains the recording of a Q&A webinar where they talk about different questions regarding the technique. It contains a guide on how to measure the consumed grams of carbohydrates, protein and fat each day. It also contains a 6 week training program that the reader has to follow with the diet and a list of 10 5-15 minute workouts. And finally the customer also gains access to a Facebook group where she may contact the author.

There may be several reasons for one to follow this type of diet. Bodybuilders and weightlifters commonly use it to rebuild their stamina and strength after an extensive diet. Those who simply want to achieve fat loss, or have struggled and failed with different diets will also find it to be a highly effective method of achieving their goals. It prevents the depression and self-attacks that usually follow the end of a diet with no further planning.


The most valuable aspect of Reverse Dieting is the fact that it is a win-win diet technique. First of all, it helps you lose fat, which is obviously important. Secondly, unlike other diets, it will help you to cultivate a healthy relationship with food. You will not have to completely deprive and starve yourself, dieting will become a humane experience. And thirdly, which is the consequence of how it relates to food, you will not feel like a horrible mess of a human being while you are continuing your diet due to the lack of proper nutrition. You will have energy to carry out your tasks, you will have motivation to continue the diet, you will be able to live a full life, instead of having a depressed and dark, frustrated mood all throughout you try to succeed.

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Let us forever forget the myth that the classic or traditional diet techniques are working. They are worthless. In my opinion, they are more than that, they are outright damaging the soul of those who want to lose weight.

Because they want to lose weight, it is obvious that they have issues with self-esteem and self-respect. These are harmful emotions that drive one down a very dark path, and those who try to diet want to end their travel on that path.

But since these diets are inherently not working, both from biological and psychological standpoint, following their instructions will only make these people more miserable and wounded. They will be told that they must deprive themselves of food, and so they will.

They will endure, through the haunting starvation that twists the mind and summons a storm of emotions from rage to despair. And even if these people succeed in losing weight, one day they will have to stop starving themselves only to see that the fat returns in an instant, which will further accelerate their descent into depression and self-hate.

That is why Reverse Dieting is so important. It is important for the body but it is even more important for the mind and mental well-being of those who suffer from these issues and want to escape their old self. It offers a new way of losing fat that is sustainable, that is design for long-term fat lass and that will energize and motivate the acolyte instead of wreck her brain and turn her into a self-abusing victim of the diet industry’s myth.

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– Effective methods and techniques by which you can get rid of excess fat within weeks.

– Boost your energy levels by following the effective diet plans as advised by the author.

– Simple and easy to practice training tuturials so that you need not to avail any professional assistance.

– Unlike other fitness programs, Reverse dieting can give you guaranteed results if you follow the methods advised.

– The program does not recommend the use of medical supplements and muscle development pills.


The program is suitable for beginners who are in the initial phase of muscle development but professional trainers can find no beneficial training techniques.

Summary: Reverse Dating program is a creation of Sohee Lee for people who are struggling hard to achieve the body figure of their dreams but can get no visible results. With easy to follow nutrition guides and workout tutorials, you can lose excess weight within weeks. So if you are striving to get the perfectly toned body figure, Reverse Dieting program can help you in great regard.

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