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I have been consuming a lot of beer lately for the past few years maybe because of escaping stress from work. To give you a background about myself I am a call center agent in a huge multinational company.

Our job in that BPO company is really stressful because from our day to day operation we are handling hundreds of calls every day and our workload is really in the pedestal even though we are not on our peak season yet.

For this reason, I accumulated a lot of stress over the years and my only refuge is to drink beer. I do not know why but I really like its taste especially the different varieties of it.


Also, I do not have any time for exercise at all because most of the time I am at the office and on the weekends what I do usually is to sleep the whole day to cope up with the energy that I lose throughout the week.

Serious Health Problems Arise

This very unpleasant lifestyle took a toll on my health. The lack of exercise, regular drinking of beer, eating unhealthy foods and sitting for long periods of time raises my risk on acquiring diabetes, hypertension and other unwanted types of disease that you can think off.

And one significant sign of being unhealthy is having a big tummy. This is very annoying to see because every time I am wearing shirts and any fitted outfits it tends to pop out every time.

Even though I am a man it looks like I am pregnant because of my condition which is not funny at all.

Wanting to Make a Self-Change

One day I just woke up that everything does not feel right, I felt dizzy and it seems that my body is not responding to what my mind wants it to do. I knew that this was a signal or a warning that I need to do changes on my lifestyle.

So I ask my friends and colleagues for some tips on how I can reduce the excess fats on my belly. They told me that instead of just reducing my belly fats I should go build some solid abs to make me look more pleasing to the eyes.

smoking drinking

Because to tell you honestly I am a handsome guy with a very sexy facial features but not so sexy body type because of my unhealthy lifestyle.

Although they did not provide a definite routine because they are not a fitness coach by profession. So I did a personal research on the routines on how I can achieve some sexy abdominal muscles.

Luckily, after a few hours of searching, I found this Specforce Program for abdominal muscles and it promises that implementing their routines would give me the ripped abs that everyone is wanting to have.

What is Inside the Product

To tell you honestly at first I was a bit skeptical about purchasing the product because as we all know there are a lot of products on the internet that are intended to scam people.

I was really amazed by the benefits that I can get when I implement the routines that are inside the eBooks.

So I decided to purchase the product and give it a try because there is no risk at all in buying the product because it has a 60-day money back guarantee if I am not satisfied with the results.

Immediately after paying through my Paypal account I got the download link of the eBooks. I was very excited to browse the eBooks because I really want to make a change of lifestyle for the betterment of my overall health.


Because having a healthy gut and at the same time possessing ripped and well-defined abdominal muscles is a win-win situation for all of us.

Upon browsing the main eBook it really consists of strong and well-explained routines and techniques to possess ripped abdominals. I know on the back of my mind that I made a right choice in buying the eBooks.

The Routines

The routines that are inside the main eBook are segregated into routines for the three parts of our abdominals.
• Rectus Abdominis
• Obliques
• Posterior Chain

These are the 3 portions of our abdominal muscles and each portion have their corresponding routines to execute for a fat burning and to define the abdominal muscles.

I was really happy that the exercises are not that hard to perform and do not require the assistance of a professional trainer.

The good thing is most of the exercises can be done in the comforts of our own home. For the several weeks of doing the exercise, I also became stronger and my endurance became lengthier.

The creator of this one of a kind product is Todd Lamb a fitness expert and a known pioneer in formulating different kind of workouts. He did a great job in explaining the movements and the proper form that is why you will never go wrong with his eBooks.


The Freebies

Along with the main product, there are tons of eBooks that are included in the deal for free! All of them are good for your overall health and can help you reach your fitness goals.

Here are the eBooks that are included in the package:
• Fix and Flatten – has a lot of techniques that you can use to flatten your belly in a scientific and precise way.
• ABS for Men – this is a great eBook for men to get additional ways on how to get that well defined and sexy abs real quick.
• ABS for Women – this eBook is a female version of ABS for Men.
Now you know that you will be getting a lot of quality products for the price of one!
Get Started Now!

My Progress

After several months of implementing the product, I can say that I have found significant success in the programs that Todd has taught me. I am very thankful because I can now feel that I have a better overall health.

My abdominal muscles are quickly showing because I already lose the unwanted fats on my belly. As a result, I also lose a lot of weight which is a good thing because it lessens the chances of the progression of diseases that are connected to being overweight.

Because of this product, I was inspired to change my lifestyle completely. I feel that this product is a gift from the heavens because it is an eye-opener that I must take care of my health.

Right now I feel better than ever because of the techniques I do not feel the symptoms that I told you earlier.


The Conclusion

The price is considerably low compared to the benefits that you will be getting if you purchase the product. Added the fact that the freebies itself are worth more than the price of the main product.

What I can suggest you is to buy the product now until it is still available in the market. And after buying you must follow the techniques carefully and do it with hard work and perseverance.

Spend your whole day (most preferably on weekends or on your day off if you have a job) for you to master the techniques before implementing it completely to your everyday routine.

Because in everything that you do you must put an effort if you want to be successful. I am very thankful to Todd for creating this product because of him I have learned a lot of things.

The product that I thought was a scam was a once in a lifetime opportunity that made my life better. To tell you honestly I also became a chick magnet because of my six-pack abs

I looked better because of this.
Good luck on your journey to fitness and I wish you all the best on that journey.

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  • Easy to follow routines and techniques.
  • Very affordable and worth the price.
  • Has a lot of freebies.
  • Secured payments via Paypal.
  • It has high-quality information inside each eBook.


  • Although the routines are easy to do you will still need a lot of hard work and discipline for it to work.
  • You have to follow the correct form of each exercise to optimize its effectiveness that is why missing a step is not a good idea.

Summary: This is the best eBook if you want to flatten up your belly and at the same time build a well-defined abdominal that will surely an eye-candy once you remove your shirt off. Because of the eBook my overall health became much better and gave me the abs that I am dreaming of.

RatingRated 4.5 stars