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I’ve been through things in my life that most man would never dare to go through. I faced challenges deemed impossible to overcome and trials nobody ever won before. But there is nothing that poses a challenge so tough than parenting and raising a child. Initiating a young soul into the very secrets of the everyday life, showing a newcomer around in the great halls of mankind really is the hardest and most demanding struggle, and no amount or readingand learning can prepare a parent for this.

Start Potty Training

Now, of course it is not a fight between the parent and the child but rather the highest tier in the art of persuasion and deal making. And, as always when you try out something new and travel uncharted lands, sometimes you lose. Sometimes youdo not know what to do, how to proceed in your teaching, and you start to lose your hope in that the problem will ever be solved. But in these cases you have to remember that there are always people out there in the world who have faced the same issue as you do – and they have a solution.

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And look. Teaching something new to a child should not become a conflict between the parent and the mischievous little devil, but sometimes, when you have tried everything you had in store and you are completely out of ideas, conflicts may arise. You can avoid them and have a wonderful time raising children, but the way to avoid the conflicts is finding good and working solutions to that particular problem.

Parenting Advice

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One suchproblem is potty training a toddler. Nothing. Will. Work. Whatever you try intuitively, it will be failure after failure. Pull-up diapers will not work, sitting the child on thepotty will have no effect, and you will be exhausted and tired, completely out of ideas about how to solve the problem.

Start Potty Training gives a wonderful solution. It is a method that helps you to potty train your child in under three days with amazing results, with more than 240 thousand satisfied customers from 154 countries. The book, written by Carol Cline,a wonderful mother of four children, consists of 17 chapters, and through the pages she explains her six-step method of potty training a child.

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The first two steps are psychological preparations for the upcoming three days oftraining. She explains how to ready your child and how to prepare yourself before you start applying the method.Then she explains what you have to do in the first day, she even elaborates on how to keep the sheets dry at night, and how to proceed in the following two days of training, with a solution in the end that will forever banish diapers from your household.

The most marvelous part of the method of Carol Clineis that it gives a high amount of self-confidence boost to your child, and in the end, they will be excited and motivated to use the potty instead of getting back to the diapers.

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Contents of the Guide

The book is well-written, with the intention of keeping it short and simple, and it contains an abundance of useful tips every parent needs to follow. Apart from the text, the course also comes in video and audio format, and you can access it with various devices such as Kindle or iPad. In addition, you will also get three highly valuable bonuses upon purchase:

First, you get reward charts and certificates to incentivize your child’s learning and make it into a psychologically rewarding experience. Waking up the childs self-interest in following your guidance will make the whole training an experience free of conflict between you and your child.

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You will also gain access tofree one-on-one Q&Asessions with the Carol Clinewhere you can receive coaching and help in unique situations that are not dealt with in the book. Parenting sometimes yields unpredictable results as a mind that the world never encountered before interacts with the outside universe, and you may encounter a problem that is completely unique, barring the training to continue. With the Q&A session, you will be able to access professional help in such an occurrence.

And finally, you also get aguide on How to Raise Great Kids, a book that answersthe most challenging parenting questions which is sold individually for $29.99, but is given as a gift to those who order Start Potty Training.From mundane, everyday things to how to talk to your child about death, the book is an outstanding collection of tips and guides for parents who seek to be even better at how they raise their youngling.


Ultimately, Start Potty Training is an investment into the emotional well-being of your child. You receive an abundance of newfound knowledge about parenting, and if you take the time to learn them and implement them into your interaction with your child, your relationship will improve tremendously, he or she will be more attached to you, and strong bonding between the parent and the child is the most powerful way to ensure their mental and physical well-being later in the future. The lack of it may bring about suicidality, depression, drug abuse, violence and so many dysfunctions that the list is virtually endless.


So this is more than a simple potty training. It is you investing time and effort into being an exceptional parent, and by showing attention, love and caring, helping your child to grow and mature emotionally and cognitively. This is a long-term investment into the well-being of your family, strengthening trust that will reduce conflicts between the parent and the child in the future. Some parents do not look that far into the future, but the fact is that time and energy invested into the early years of the childs life will have a tremendous impact, not only on them but on the parent as well. Those who neglect this duty will face an ocean of nightmarish conflicts that will arise when the child gets into his or her teens, while those who were nurtured and loved will not rebel in a destructive rage.

Parenting, if done without the help of the more experienced parents, will always be a constant struggle and source of conflict between the parent and the child. We have to be clever, we have to outwit the littlemischievous devils, and we have to turn to the vast library ofknowledge accumulated by hundreds of thousands of parents to make raising a child the most rewarding experience in our life that is not the source of frustration and anger, but the source of joy and love. With our caring and attention as parents, we raise a more peaceful world and ultimately we create a better future for all.

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– Get closer to your child by understanding his or her emotional and physical traits by which you can give your child the perfect potty training.

– Video lectures and tutorials for the parents who find it difficult to go through the text through the book.

– Long lasting relationship benefits by which you can create a strong bond between you and your partner.

– Removes the conflicts between children and parents as they can effectively communicate with each other.


The program might not yield 100 percent results in each case as the situation only depends upon the attitude of the toddler.

Summary: Start Potty Training is the ultimate parental advisory program which can help parents to their toddlers the best potty training. So if you are tired of using convention pull up diapers, this program can help you in great regard.

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