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Shin splints is the most common injury there is among sportspersons and amateurs alike and can affect people of all age groups. It is a very common phenomenon caused due to a weaker core.
A study has shown that recovering from a splint injury can take an approx of 70 days of rehab. Shin splints injuries range from mild discomfort to severe pains depending on the severity of the injury.
A little bit of your undivided attention is all thats needed to explain shin splints as an injury, its remedy and subsequent treatment.

Almost anybody who has ever played any sport or indulged themselves in any sort of physical activity must have come across the common injury of shin splints.
Shin splint injuries account for an approx 10.7% injuries in male runners and 16.8% injuries among female runners. This figure is even worse for aerobic dancers which stand at reportedly 22%.
A nerve wracking, brows sweating kind of an injury is what shin splints are. Anybody who has ever faced it would agree with the assessment. Its not easy being the person at the receiving end of it.

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So what exactly is a shin splint?

Shin splints is a catch phrase word for the medical term medial tibial stress syndrome. This happens when the leg is exposed to strenuous activities or impact based stress which results in inflammation and fatigue to the back muscles of the leg creating an exorbitant bend to the tibia bone of the lower leg. In simple layman terms a shin splint is caused by excess fatigue and inflammation to the muscle tissue in the front of your leg. The intensity to the injury isnt realized until very late. And contrary to popular beliefs in the medical and fitness world, shin splints are easily treatable. There is no hard and fast rule of thumb involved when it comes to treating one. This article will help shed light on the same.

What causes shin splints?

The exact origin of shin splints has not quite been understood in the medical circle but is considered to involve various issues. The causes of a shin splint happening are quite clear though. It is mainly concerned with repetition of activities that causes stress to the shin bone and the connective tissue surrounding it. The excess force makes the muscle swell increasing the pressure against the bone which further leads to pain and inflammation.
There are also other causes leading to shin splints which include flat foot syndrome, weak muscles around the legs also improper training techniques.


Probable symptoms of shin splints

People with shin splints experience a wide variety of symptoms. Some of them includes:-

  • Numb feet and weakness in the legs
  • Throbbing pain in the shin bones
  • Soreness along the inner part of the lower leg
  • Swelling to the feet

Now that shin splints as a whole been discussed, we move onto the remedy for shin splints. There are a wide variety of techniques and methods used by physiotherapist and fitness gurus to tackle the problem of shin splints. There is a method brought straight from the master with an extensive research on the subject and what makes this method more foolproof than others is its reliability and its effectiveness in committing to an end solution.

The solution

Gary Buchenic is the guy who made this possible and his book Stop shin splints forever is what he brings to the table with a wide array of trusted and tested methods carried out of his own experience. You may ask if there is a wide range of treatment and remedies out in the market then why just rely on this guy and buy the book.
Lets start with a little telltale on the backdrop of the story, shall we?

The author of the book was himself a victim to shin splint for a number of years. Being a personal trainer himself, Gary was unable to lessen his pain and after years of shelling out money on different kinds of treatment. The treatments worked for a short period of time but the problem still persisted. All this caused him to look for a solution outside the normal realms of conventional treatments. After three years of self research in the subject was when the final outcome of the solution took the shape of the book today.


Contents of the book

The book contains a step by step holistic cure backed by research methods to cure shin splints. It contains unique techniques to help solve the problem. Some of it is detailed below:-

  • A proven step by step method to get rid of shin splints. The book involves conveying a three layered approach to the problem helping you stir clear of the problem once and for all.
  • Home remedies made available by the author to relieve pain and swelling when having shin splints.
  • Helping the readers understand the root of the problem from preventing its re-occurrence with corrective treatment.
  • A complete section on recovering and getting back in shape.
  • Explaining the problems of traditional methods of treatment and why they dont work in the long run.
  • A chapter by Jerry Lundgren, the famous runner on a secret treatment method.
  • 5 free bonus guides apart from the book helping on a wide range of topics including sports nutrition, online support, lifetime updates and much more.

Get Started Now!

Why get this book?

For the likes of a few others who may still not be impresses by the prowess of the book itself. Lets make a few important pointers to better understand how the book benefits you:-

  • Natural homemade remedies and exercises created by the author out of his own experience battling with shin splints for years.
  • Custom approach of treatment for every individual type suffering with shin splints
  • You save quite the money not going for traditional treatments and approaching the step by step as provided in the book.
  • The book helps cure the real cause of the shin splints to end it permanently.
  • You strengthen your body without aggravating your shins again to get back in shape with the inbuilt methods mentioned in the book.
  • 24/7 customer care support and unlimited email counseling
  • Additional bonuses available apart from the main book itself on a wide array of topics.



The book is priced at a mere $27 dollars which includes five free bonuses:-

  • How to pick the perfect shoe
  • Ultimate guide to sports nutrition
  • Lessons from miracle doctors
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Fee online support


The program has been widely received among people from all walks of life suffering from the problem of shin splints. Thousands of satisfied customers have reviewed the book for the effective content it provides at a low cost. The book is available only in a e-book format for now and for the outstanding price of just $27.

The program also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee if you during the use of the product feel it not to your liking. A return can be initiated instantly with you receiving the full cost of your product back.

This remedy does really come in handy dealing with shin splints and ridding yourself of the problem altogether with featured added bonuses. So whats the wait for and get yourself a copy of the program today.

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– The book comes with some natural home made remedies to deal with this condition effectively.

– The book highlights some of the treatment procedures that you will need to follow if you are suffering from this condition.

– The book will help you choose the best shoe that will help you become the best sportsperson and avoid these injuries.

– The book is affordable and considering the damage it is preventing, it is worth it.


– The book only focuses on one kind of injury whereas there are a thousand of them in the sports world.

Summary: Shin splints are very common to most people and can be very dangerous to professional sportspeople and to amateurs. Therefore, before you fall a victim to these dangerous injuries, you need to act fast enough and that is why the Stop Shin Splints Forever has been developed to help you overcome this condition. This book is one in a million in the sports world. This book comes with practical advice that you can easily implement and start enjoying your sporting action without the stress of suffering from the shin splints.

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