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Suspension Revolution is an excellent escort to fitness in itself and it protests suspension exercises up to 191 in number that will surely yank your abs more than ever expected. The guide attests that the suspension exercises provided in it are unique and unforeseen. As you start practicing the exertion activities, you can feel the difference and by the end of this whole program, you will without any doubt can observe that more than 2000 fat has been gone as well as 20 weeks of high-intensity suspension workouts.


The worthy author of Suspension Revolution is Dan Long who himself is a suspension guru and who privileges that his longstanding unrevealed workouts have facilitated numerous best athletes, and famous celebrities to be ripped in no time.

Dan proclaims that suspension exercises have been the Keep Fit method of choice for militaries, eminent sports personalities, and it is not only confined to the celebs but is opted by even thousands of top fitness enthusiasts. Another statement adheres regarding the usage of gym equipment that it doesnt exploit rather spoil by limiting the potentials of ones body to burn fat to its max. Dans scheme for fat reduction is designed in such a manner that it consumes all your body muscles so that every body part of yours lose equal fat.

Product Features

This product has been entitled as Suspension Revolution 2.0 by the author Dan Long, it has been categorized under the category Bodybuilding where it is sub-categorized as fitness and finally to muscle classification. The guide can be assessed online through its official website suspensionrevolution.com; the guide has excellent user score and editors score of 94.5/100. It does not end here as it also guarantees 60 days genuine cash back and gives attestation of quick supply via shipping.


What WillYou DiscoverInside TheSuspension Revolution System?

This guides system is based on the concept that utilizing the given exercises you are efficiently and effectively providing a marque new stimulus that affects near all 600 muscles of your body unlike the machines and heavy weights that you impacts certain parts of your body. It includes:

  • 1-month beginner suspension revolution: Hey, dont be affronted even if you are the beginner as along the journey you can be the fitness expert. This program is specially designed for you as it will wake those muscles of your body that are not used to normal exercises even in order that you become able for the advanced level workouts. Moreover, it’s s a warm up session as it begins the fat burning process, and will motivate you even more as this stage will also provide an apparently molded muscle that youre thriving to achieve.
  • 1-month intermediate suspension revolution: After giving an introduction to exercise to your muscles comes the intermediate will enable you to go for progressive workouts. This session continues with the fat burning and muscle gain, providing brand new stimuli that successfully preclude any chance of a plateau.
  • 3 month advanced suspension revolution: Now when you are already done with eight weeks practice, its the time that your body is thriving for more. Cut the long story short, its a burning phase that asks for hard-hitting suspension exercises and movements that will enable you at ease to let youre all fat loss and break the records of your ever shaped muscles, thus giving you the reward of glossy smooth ripped body thats just going to have its finishing.
  • Strap after burn finishers: Here Dan have some special treatment for you, he co-worked with Mike Whitfield to come up with mind-boggling after-burn finishers that you can label onto any of the Suspension Revolution workouts. A greater advantage of these finishers is that they don’t take much of your time but turn out to be highly these are short but extremely operative unlike existing time taking and tiring ones.
  • Top 10 suspension exercises: It doesnt end here, it contains top 10 suspension exercises that will guide you to burn more fats.

Apart from this, Suspension Revolution wants you to have a number of plus bonuses in the form of free gifts including accelerators that will raise your fat burning processes and energy levels, steel pumping power set, after burn finishers and a free video of top 10 suspension exercises.


Pros and cons of this product


  • This excellent keeping fit guide has burning fat as its center of attention that is the best fit for you if you are a longer of quick weight loss via fat burn.
  • To save you from the distress of over workout and fatigue, it has been designed in breaks so that it can be exercised with intervals.
  • This guide is easy to comprehend as each topic is clear without any vagueness.
  • It is designed for all level of users either beginner or intermediate, even advance.
  • Unlike gymnasium memberships, it doesnt require any as you can observe these exercises anywhere.
  • The unlimited positive reviews of Suspension Revolution adheres to its effectiveness and youll easily get it from the nearby market.


  • Suspension Revolution asks to strive for your body as its not that easy. You have to put in the effort and devote yourself to it for a promising fat burned body.
  • It is designed for the active individuals who want to have full command over their exercise levels.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Suspension Revolution Guide is the best option even from the perspective of money saving as it will let you save your thousands of dollars as its price is as low as $47. On the other hand, if you go to professional fitness gyms, surely, you have to spend more than $50 per session which is the total cost of this guide. So why to spend a lot when you are getting the same fitness results with Suspension Revolution at your own home and even at your convenience.

Furthermore, you can even access it on your personal digital devices in PDF format.


Why Do I Need Dan Longs New Program?

If you goal is that your whole body resonates equally, then Dan Longs New Program is for you as it takes charge of all muscles of your body so that it can be brought to a defined and captivating shape.

More specifically, this program is advantageous for you as it attests that it offers 191 new exercise methods for fitness that you have never ever even think of. He further highlights the secret of fat burning and muscle addition that its not actually the suspension but a metabolism booster being illustrated in this manual.


This guide, on the whole, gives glad tidings to the fitness mongers like you and provides an amalgam of exercises that can help you out to get rid of your shabby, unhealthy and lazy body by assuming the fact that your diet is good. One more thing to be kept in mind is that this guide doesnt prove to be a miracle but will reap your benefits of your target if it is fully practiced.

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– Best for beginners and intermediate body builders by which they can get their body perfectly toned.

– Stops you from spending long training hours at the gym as you can follow the simple yet effective methods by this course.

– Develop strong eating habits which will provide excess nutrition and calories to your body.

– Guaranteed results, once you have followed the recommendations of the author, you can achieve desired results in less than a month.


The program has 191 new exercise methods for which you will have to maintain consistency for daily workout.

Summary: Suspension Revolution training program is designed by Dan long for athletes so that they can attain maximum benefit through their training. Quick fat loss and weight reduction methods explained in the course can help you achieve the figure of your dreams within no time. So if you are in search of an effective training program, Suspension Revolution can be your ultimate guide.

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