Talking to Toddlers Honest Review – Worthy or Scam?

Talking to Toddlers
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You are dealing with lots of stress and anxiety as it relates to being a parent that is why you are currently watching this video right now. Despite the love you have for your kids, they sometimes drive you crazy by their actions.

When your kids act in this manner, you may feel as though that you have failed as a parent, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Chris Thompson, the creator of this program will walk you through all

That you need to know when it comes to knowing how to accurately read the reactions of your kids.

Most of the current problems you are facing with your child are not your fault. This is one piece of good news.

No school teaches you how to train your kids and neither do kids come with an instructional manual on how to be trained. The only type of training that relates to parenting will only teach you how to hold a baby etc.

Though these are important, there are no training instructions on how

to train toddlers who are between the age of 2 and 4. Kids at this age provide the biggest parenting stress.


Though, you can learn as you go, would it not be better to learn from someone who has experienced this first hand? For reading this right now, you should give yourself a solid pat on the back and congratulate yourself.

Here are the top 4 lessons every parent need to know and apply.

Number 1, behaviour of any person regardless of their age is driven by emotion not logic. People act on emotion and later justify it with logic.

Since kids do not have the luxury of being logical at their age, they act solely from an emotional point of view. If your child becomes repulsive of your actions, he is acting based on his emotions.

This means that you need to understand and then change your child’s emotional state. To do that, you use some specific language patterns.

With this language patterns, you will be able to tap into the emotional state of your child. What is common is that most parents act based on logic.

For example, they tell their child if he or she does not act on their instructions, the child will not eat dinner. This is completely counter-intuitive. It never works.

Number 2 is over-using the word NO. When you as a parent cry no at every opportunity, your kids will stop listening. As humans, we – kids inclusive are programmed to notice differences.

To make your kids notice differences, Chris shows you the language techniques you need to master and apply. These techniques seem very easy but are almost magical.

girl crying

Number 3, you must have a rapport with your kids. By having a rapport with your kids, you are able to develop an emotional relationship with your kids. This program will show you lots of ways by which you can create rapport with your kids.

Rapport is a crucial emotional being before you change a child’s emotional behavior.

Number 4 is language. This is a power tool and in the talking to toddlers program, you will learn a ton of tactics that will help you in using the right language with your kids.

For example, instead of saying to your ‘stop jumping’, you can instead say sit down. Also, you can ask your child to hold the cup with both hands instead of saying do not spill your milk.

Statistics have proven that positive statements like this will make your child obey you at each time. In talking to toddlers, you will learn the right communication strategies which are highly effective and very powerful.

By learning these communication strategies, your life becomes more peaceful, you enjoy the love, nurture and emotions that are associated with a wealthy family life. From his statistics, Chris has discovered that his talking to toddlers program haas been used in over 58 countries.


Why is Chris Thompson Qualified?

He is the creator of the talking to toddlers program.

  • He learned how to use the power of the brain to shift his emotional state.
  • He then was able to apply these techniques to how he relates with his kids.
  • He practiced these techniques on his first child and was able to document his entire process after throwing out the ones that did not work.

Get Started Now!

One of the many techniques he is going to show you is the distraction method which he successfully applied on his daughter.

The first step in using this technique starts with building rapport. And when this is combined with the other part of the distraction method, the result is an instant success.

By developing these communication strategies a little further, he was able to develop the toolbox for parents which he not only practiced with other parents to great success as their kids became better behaved and also be able to make better choices.

With the success rate he achieved both with his kids and with other parents, he devloped all these in to a program called talking to toddlers.



  • The techniques work on any age group. Some wives have used these techniques on their husband as well
  • It has been tested and proven to work with many parents
  • The examples are geared towards 2-6-year-olds
  • How to get your kids to say yes instead of no
  • How to use the same techniques on your spouse and coworkers
  • How to quickly that bad mood.
  • How to use natural emotional cues to install a magic button in your child that you can push to change your child’s mood
  • How to get your children to stop changing their mind so much in a positive way
  • You will also be able to instill confidence in your child
  • The best way to use consequences
  • How to side step temper tantrums using multiple tools
  • How to plant positive suggestions for specific behaviors in the mind of your child. For example, going to bed
  • How best to instill love, strength, confidence and other feelings in your child
  • You will enjoy time with your kids plus reduce marital stress


The talking to toddlers program comes in downloadable manual and an audio program.


The talking to toddlers manual plus audio costs $37

father teaching child

Why talking to toddlers is unique

It is the only program that breaks down the science of communication and applies it to kids with a parent-approved emphasis on creating a positive influence in children.

It also includes cheat sheet which contains a summary of the language techniques.

You will be included in a customers only email list when Chris will share with you bonus tips and lessons


To conclude Chris Thompson’s talking to toddlers program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you try the program for 60 days and you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact Chris directly and you will be refunded every penny of purchase.

Chris is going to give you his direct email access in case you need help of any kind. This makes your investment a no risk one. You can click the buy now button to order. I approve it whole-heartedly.

For Instant Access To Talking to Toddlers, Click Here


– Tips and tricks by which you can develop strong communication abilities within your children.

– Enhance brain power and thinking abilities of your child by implementing the methods as explained.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not able to notice visible results within 60 days, your investment will be returned at once.

– Powerful tools and tutorials by which you can give toddlers the most beneficial training.

– The methods can also be implemented by adults to enhance their communication abilities.


Children who are having hearing and learning disabilities cannot get any benefit from this program as they must prefer medical treatment.

Summary: Talking to Toddlers is a supportive guide for parents made by Chris through which they can learn the most effective methods to communicate with their children. Now you can boost the self confidence of your child by providing them the best communication skills. So if you are determined to give your child the best skills and confidence, Talking to Toddlers can help you by all means.

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