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Causes of tooth discoloration

There are 6 main causes of tooth discoloration;

  • Red wine. This discolors the tooth in 2 ways. Number one is by slowly grinding down the enamel. The effect of this action is that there is a creation of rough spots on the enamel, thus attracting stains to the teeth. The number two way by which red wine causes tooth discoloration is that it contains chemicals called chromagens and tannins. The ‘job’ of these chemicals is to make color stick to your teeth.
  • Tea or coffee. Either of this also contains the chemical tannins. The tannins contain pigments and these pigments are engrained in the ridges of your tooth enamel. The result is the yellow stains on your teeth
  • Soft drinks. This also contains the chemical chromagen and it acts by slowly eating away your tooth enamel. This sets up the proper channel for stains. Statistics have proven that there are carbonated drinks that have acid content similar to that of battery acid.
  • Cigarettes. Cigarettes are composed of poisonous chemicals – ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Due to their nature, when these substances begin to burn when a cigarette is lit and produces smoke. If you inhale this smoke, it leaves a residue on the teeth. This residue is sticky and causes an instant stain on the teeth
  • Sweets. Sweets contain coloring agents which stains the teeth. When next you lick a sweet, observe the color of your tongue, if it changes, there is a higher probability that your teeth must have been stained as well.
  • Antibiotics. It has also been proven that antibiotics such as tetracycline also contribute to the discoloration of the teeth

Teeth Whitening 4 You

For every problem, there is a solution. So the saying goes.

Your first instinct is to look for almost instant solutions and if that is you, the following are the 2 main solutions you are likely to embrace;

  • Perform procedures with a professional dentist. Aside from the costs which can range anywhere from betweem $1000 and $3000, almost all dentists are known to use chemicals for their teeth whitening procedures. These are chemicals that have been certified to be used for bleaching purposes and as disinfectant agents. Majorly, the chemicals they use are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

These procedures have been known to cause 7 side effects.

  • Side effect 1; sharp pain. These often last from days to weeks
  • Side effect 2; shrinking of the gum. The chemicals used for these procedures are not supposed to be near the skin or mouth, but by their contact with your teeth, they shrink the gum. The result is that the root and the crown of the tooth becomes exposed
  • Side effect 3; bleeding. The chemicals cause irritation of the soft tissue and the result is the bleeding of the mouth and gums. Needless to say, you will experience pains for days or weeks if these happens to you
  • Side effect 4; stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting. The reason for this is that these chemicals are not supposed to be swallowed but in most cases during the procedures, the chemicals are swallowed by the patients. This thus cause the stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting
  • Side effect 5; teeth sores. The sores are also caused by the chemicals, and they can last for several days after the procedure.
  • Side effect 6; this is not a direct side effect but it is a combined effect of the above 5 side effects. You are likely going to experience premature tooth decay.
  • Side effect 7; Nothing is guaranteed. Statistics have shown that only 10-20% of the procedures result in visible results. This means that the remaining 80%-90% are left to search for other solutions. If you have tried the procedures and it did not work for you, then, you will most likely be led to the next solution.
  • DIY teeth whitening kits. A search online will reveal thousands of results. This is because there are so many faceless ‘experts’ out there. This makes this option to be more dangerous than going for procedures though it is cheaper.

The best solution that i have seen thus far is Lucy Bennetts Teeth Whitening 4 You program

Teeth Whitening 4 You 2


With the teeth whitening 4 you program, you will discover…

  • How to achieve a white teeth within a few weeks using home remedies
  • The kind of ingredients you need to use for the home remedies. These ingredients are readily available in any grocery store and for some people, these are ingredients they already have in their kitchen. This makes your aim highly affordable
  • The 5 most common commercial solutions for a whiter teeth that you must never use
  • The kind of schedule you need to follow 7 days of the week for 3 months to ensure you have a white teeth and maintain it
  • How whiten your teeth in days using herbal remedies
  • What you must do to prevent teeth discoloration
  • How to get maximum results from all the 6 treatments that will be revealed to you

Teeth Whitening 4 You 3


After achieving your aim of having a white teeth,

  • Your confidence and self-esteem increases greatly
  • Your social life becomes greatly improved. No more hiding from friends and you will be able to stop embarrassing looks from family members and members of the opposite sex. Also, your work life is boosted since a lot more co-workers will now become more friendly as a result.
  • No need to use any form of chemical bleach ever again. In case you do not know, these bleaches pose serious dangers to your health
  • Your teeth becomes permanently white, there are no side effects at all
  • No need to spend endless hours at the dentist’s office
  • No need to spend expensive consultation fees at the dentist’s office

Teeth Whitening 4 You 4

Who is behind this guide

The name of the author of teeth whitening 4 you is Lucy Bennet. She has a 17year experience in the industry.

Get Started Now!

She is a former dental nurse, she has worked with 6 different dental practitioners. She has been a witness to over 2,500 teeth whitening procedures.

white teeth


Bonus #1: Dental Care and Hygiene 4 You – Value: $27

Bonus #2: Bad Breath No Longer – Value: $27

Bonus #3: Lifetime Updates Guarantee – Value: $27

Bonus #4: Customer Support By Lucy – Value: $27

These bonuses are available to you for free as part of your teeth whitening 4 you program purchase


The teeth whitening 4 you guide costs $37. Since this has been proven to work, this is cheap compared to the costs of visiting a dentist.



Lucy Bennett’s Teeth Whitening 4 You Guide is a compilation of how she was able to turn her teeth for colored to white. By the testimonials, her guide is proven to work.

It is also backed by a no questions asked 60 days money back guarantee.

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– Best remedies to avoid discoloration of teeth which are based on the usage of natural ingredients and cause no side effects.

– No need for any dental treatments as you can restore the glowing shine of your teeth by following the methods as explained by the author.

– Money back guarantee. In case you do not find the product useful within 60 days, your investment will be returned as soon as possible.

– Enhance your self esteem and confidence as you can communicate without any inconvenience.

– List of food and drinks which cause great damage to your teeth so that you can avoid them in the future.


People with serious dental complications must not follow the program before taking advice from their dentist.

Summary: Teeth Whitening 4 you program is designed by Lucy Bennet which include the best DIY remedies for restoring the glowing shine if your teeth forever. By following this course, you will get to learn natural teeth cleaning techniques along with a complete detail of food and drinks which must be avoided. So if you want to make your teeth permanently white, this program can help you in great regard.

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