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Are you tired of using the countless methods available in the market for weight loss?

Are your workouts not helping you lose that excess fat from your body?

Has your social standing in the society suffered because of your weight problems?

If your answer is a positive yes to all the above questions, then fret not. You are among the countless women out there who are facing the same problem as you and you might as well admit that seeking a weight loss program that suits your body is not exactly an easy process.

You may have also tried countless products out there in the market for losing weight. Trying various workout plans that come to no avail and cutting off on your diet that makes you crave for food even more. But there is a solution to rid yourself of all the excess fat deposits in your body and make you slim and trim which doesnt involve the use of any weight reducing gimmicks. But be aware that this program is created especially for women.

Weight loss gurus all around the globe fail to mention the fact that the body structure and mechanism in men and women are different and both require different attention and a same kind of plan isnt going to work when suggesting a weight loss plan. However this program is made for women and uses the right blend of techniques to help you achieve your ideal body figure.


A scientific research has proven that women have 9 times more alpha receptors than beta receptors in their lower body. You may be thinking alpha and beta what? Dont worry; there is an explanation to that as well. Your weight and fat loss are controlled at a cellular level known as Adrenoreceptors. These are like switches that react with the bodys adrenaline, which is released naturally by the body and makes you release or store fat. Women and men both have Alpha and Beta Adrenoreceptors. Alpha being anti burn and Beta being Burn.

You turn your Beta receptor switch and you trigger fat burning.

You turn your Alpha receptor switch and you store fat in your cells.

This simply means for every Beta receptor that helps in getting rid of unwanted fats in your body, there are 9 alpha receptors that are screwing you to hold on to your fat content. This is one of the main reason that you havent been able to lose weight in the lower region of your body i.e your thighs, hips and abdomen.

You start dieting and exercising and you end up doing that at an extreme pace, you lose some weight but wait, doing this will cause your thyroid hormones to go down and a low thyroid hormones will switch on your alpha receptors and switch off your beta receptors so your dieting and exercise regime has actually lead to an increase in the fat content of your body rather than decreasing it. Disaster again.

You may be wondering by now if thats the case then whats the true way to losing your stubborn fat? You need not get disheartened because there is a way you can end all your woes by this program called as The Beta Switch program which will be your guide on your journey to fat loss and weight reduction. This program has been made on sound science and numerous experiments on women worldwide who have gone to lead happy lives by reducing their weights and getting rid of their stubborn fats. You could be the next best story and be the envy of your friends and family alike.


About the author – Sue Heintze

The Beta Switch program has been created by Sue Heintze who is a Body Transformation specialist who has helped countless number of women to achieve their fitness goals. She provides a myriad of fitness programs ranging from e-books, supplements and diet and nutrition guides. She has coached more than 30 winners and 4 grand champions of the coveted Australians National Body Transformation competition. She is a renowned figure if the fitness world having been featured in Shape magazine, Australias womens weekly and many more such health and magazine covers.

Whats the program about?

The Beta switch program is an in-depth detailed guide to losing that stubborn fat accumulating in your body with a mix of diet, nutrition and fitness regime designed specifically to cater a womens body. The program comprises of a 12 week workout program which will teach you how to trigger your Adrenoreceptors in the right way to maximize your goal of getting that lean body you have been craving for. The program emphasizes on body and cardio workouts and exercises that will help you burn more fat from areas like your butts, thighs, abdomen and arms.

The Beta Switch guide contains modules, videos and manuals that provide a detailed step by step approach to losing weight ad burning fats without compromising on your health and diet. The manuals contain a list of must have equipments needed for your workout, a nutria active diet program, and detailed workout regimens.

The programs nutrition approach contains of three modules:

  • Cleanse, detox and balance days
  • Sculpt and burn days
  • Splurge days

The training approach also contains three modules namely:

  • Activating the right muscles
  • Sculpting feminine muscles
  • Accelerating fat loss in female stubborn areas


Contents of the program

The contents of the program along with the bonuses the program has to offer are mentioned below:

  • The Beta Switch main plan comprising of the main manual.
  • The Beta Switch Quick Start guide
  • The Beta Switch Pre-Program Checklist
  • The Beta Switch Exercise Execution guide
  • The Beta Switch Workout System manual
  • The Beta Switch Success Tracker
  • The Beta Switch Video Exercise Library
  • The Beta Switch Diet Tracker Sheets
  • The Beta Switch Workout Tracker Sheet
  • The Beta Switch Supplement Guide
  • The Beta Switch Real Life Transformation Stories

The program also offers unique bonus for its users of the program that includes:

  • The 5 day tummy Tuck
    A safe and efficient guide to rapidly shake off belly weight in the most effective way.
  • Boost your body Image Report
    A no nonsense body image report to unravel a beautiful you.
  • Mind over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss
    This guide by Susan Heintze shares some powerful emotional and mental techniques to further your permanent transformation of your body and overall health.


Cost of the program

Susan is providing her program under a limited offer period for a price of just $19. Yes, you heard it right. For a mere $19 this program could be all yours with the guides, manuals and video logs all at your disposal in a digital format for you to access it just about anywhere.

This is the least price than the other programs in the market who charge in exorbitant amount for health guides that are neither effective nor useful. To better the offer, the program also comes under a 60 days money back guarantee should you during the use of the program dont find it to your liking. This way you have ample time to make a final decision on getting the program. How good can this get now.

Thousands of women worldwide are benefitting from the use of the program. Be a part of that revolution. Be a part of being your own savior. Get the program and enjoy its endless benefits today.

For Instant Access To The Beta Switch, Click Here


– Take complete control over your body. Manage your daily diet and workout to get rid of excess weight within 12 weeks.

– Easy to follow and practice methods for which you need no special coaching or guidance.

– 100 percent results guaranteed. Without the use of any medications or supplements, the program will help your get perfectly tone.

– Access to training manuals and tutorials so that you can practice on your own.


The results of this fitness program might vary for some women as weight loss mostly depends on body nature.

Summary: The Beta Switch program is created by Sue Heintze for women by which they can achieve the figure of their dreams within weeks. Now you need not to starve for your favorite food or spend long hours training at the gym as the program is self sufficient to make you slim in within 12 weeks.

RatingRated 4.5 stars