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The Fat Burning Kitchen
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Weight loss is the new fad of society which has been increasing its popularity amongst the consumers of fast food and junk. We live fast paced busy lives and enjoy living on fast food which can be ordered and consumed in a hurry. Plus, the love for junk keeps on increasing with new flavors and marketing. The research accumulates that around 1,625,029,027 people in the world fall into the category of overweight. And that doesnt include those who are moving towards their dietary habits. The diet we follow is bad and leads us to gain weight which is too near to being over-weight.


Being over-weight is just not sorry for how you look but can cause many diseases which can are harmful to your body. Being overweight leads to diseases from mild to extreme including heart diseases, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, abnormal blood fats, strokes, cancer, type 2 diabetes, reproductive problems, metabolic syndrome, osteoarthritis, gallstones and Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome. Alongside, being over-weight shatters your self-confidence and leaves you depressed. I have come across many teenagers who commit suicide due to reasons being over-weight and no self-esteem.

With the increasing awareness about weight and diseases are caused, people have started taking their diets seriously. The programs for overweight individuals led to the programs which for everyone to get their body in shape. This gave rise to weight loss programs, medicines, and surgeries which are billion dollar industry now.

Weight lose and perfect body came as a fad but have stayed in the market for quite long now. The amount spent on weight loss is around $89 billion in the US only.

The standard routine of an American teenager is to eat for 4 years crazily and then decide to lose weight before entering college. They spend thousands of dollars every year to get in a gym, buy diet plans, get in touch with doctors and medicines and run away for surgeries in extreme cases.

What they fail to understand that body has its own mechanism, and as it gains weight naturally, itll lose weight by natural ways and not running on a treadmill for hours or doing wrong crunches a whole day.


When you look good, you feel good and by a common saying a person is what they eat. To all the junkies out there, it’s not just about the weight but about your skin and hormones which get affected by your diet plans. With the increase in weight losses programs, nutritionists have come up with many different diet plans which differ from body to body. Before going for any diet plan, it is recommended that you understand the reason behind all the ingredients and food being shown in your plan.

Having so many different diet plans gets confusing, and so people tend to select different food from various plans and start using them according to their own preferences. This can cause an adverse impact on your lives and body. Being clear about what you eat and how you eat is important.

More or less, all the diet plans are similar with minor changes in the scheme, yet they all charge crazily to provide you with a piece of paper. The researchers on the diet plans being offered have led to new concepts building that the food which is being provided as being best for healthy eating are actually not that healthy and do cause many diseases in people.

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Lets look into how whole wheat, vegetable oils, milk and sugar causes diseases to your body and affects your hormones and why you still dont lose weight even though youre strictly following the diet plan.


Lets start with the most common food from the diet plan which is whole wheat.

  • Wheat contains Amylopectin-A, which raises the blood sugar level more and will lead to diabetes and speeds up the aging process. The sugar level in wheat is way more than that in a meal of oatmeal. Wheat also has gluten and other gut damaging compounds in it which cause inflammation in the digestive system. Wheat also has auto nutrients and mineral blockers which further leads to undesirable effects in human body
  • Next in line is the vegetable oil which has harmful trans-fat which is very dangerous to human body and causes all sorts of frightening health issues which include obesity, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s etc. Moreover, they also have oxidized mutated fats which are more dangerous than other compounds were relating to. The inflammatory omega-6 fats distort the normal ratio of the body from 2:1 to 20:1 to 30:1 which is very dangerous for human body. Diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart diseases and many can be get rid of you decrease the consumption of omega-6 fat.
  • Coming to sugar, everyones favorite is the worst thing to eat. Sugar stays in your body while turning into fats and is just not easy to burn off. Our common perception to eating is we can eat anything, and that will be settled with half hour of treadmill. But when you eat sugar, it stays in your body, and you can burn it off that easily. Sugar, just like wheat, has Glycation in it which causes the diseases which explained above. They also create cancer cells in the body if consumed in an excess amount.
  • The healthy food from your diet list as apple juice, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, sports drinks, margarine, rice cakes, whole grain bread, or veggie burgers are all reasons youre not losing weight while still being on a perfect diet.

Fat Burning Kitchen is something which can guide you with everything you ever wanted with your body. This book doesnt promise you to get the perfect body in a week or two and doesnt want you to stay in the gym all day. The book comes with an easy guide to natural ways to understand which food react to your body in which manner and how you can get your body to the food youre consuming. This will be your transformation partner and help you with your body and weight loss in a natural way with research provided for proofs.


The book will tell you with stated research on why you should not eat the food from other diet plans and why is this particular diet something you will learn from a lot. The users of this diet plan have not shown miracles but have lost significantly and have gone through the transformation they really craved for. This program is a significant achievement you can unlock and take your life forward with a boost in your confidence level.

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– This diet plan will list the food that you need to start using to gain good health.

– This diet plan is very comprehensive and highlights the danger and the risks that we are exposed to do to our continued usage of some kind of foods.

– The Fat Burning Kitchen diet plan comes with a user manual or an easy guide that directs the users on the kind of food they need and why and what food they need to avoid.

– You are not required to spend numerous hours in the gym with the the Fat Burning Kitchen program.

– It is a program that has been made out research. Therefore, you can trust what the guide highlights for you.


– This diet weight loss plan will take time to show its effect in your body, it is not something that you will start using to show the signs of change immediately.

Summary: The program digs deep into helping you find the right kind of food that you need to start using in order to fight excessive weight in your body. This diet plan is tailored to help you overcome this condition in just a very few weeks of starting to use it. Still not convinced, as you will find out later, this diet plan incorporates some of the easiest tricks that you can implement right away. This diet plan has been used by so many teenagers to help them overcome this dreadful condition, being overweight. Get rid of being overweight 1 to 2 weeks.

RatingRated 4.5 stars