In-Depth Review – Does The Half Day Diet Work or Not?

The Half Day Diet
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Dieting always comes with a sacrifice. Generally, you will have to give up both the foods you so much love to eat and precious hours of every day of your life to follow the diet and achieve a gorgeous, stunning look that commands attention. And because of this, only a couple percentage of those who start to diet will succeed in the end for that one cannot simply implement a whole change in his habits and lifestyle, hard-wired into the subconscious brain through years or decades of repetition, because he or she just read a book and wants to follow its advice.

Most diets demand the impossible by asking their customers to change everything they are accustomed to and starting from tomorrow, live an entirely different lifestyle. But on rare occasion a diet appears in the market that promises beautiful results without having to go through a complete sacrifice.

This is what happened when Nate Miyaki, the highly revered fitness author has published a guide named The Half Day Diet which offers a diet plan nobody ever thought about. Opposing the maxim you cannot have your cake and eat it too, the guide of Nate Miyaki argues that it is indeed possible to diet as its title says for half a day and continue your previous eating habits on the other half.


The Primal and the New

As many other diets, this too revolves around drastically reducing your carbohydrate consumption and. But it also introduces a method with which you may trick the chemical interactions within your body and reduce your intake for only half a day while continuing your old habits in the other half.

In his 200+ page long guide, Nate Miyaki explains the highly complicated hypothesis behind being able to lose weight without having to sacrifice your deeply rooted eating habits. It fuses together the basic principles of the paleo diets with some techniques of the diets sportsmen pursue.

The diet itself is very easy to follow for that the author exactly outlines when and what to eat in what amounts. This step by step guide ensures that you will never be confused or never break the program accidentally over a misunderstanding.

The book Half Day Diet itself consist of five major parts and 24 chapters in total. In the first part in chapter one the author talks about his personal history as he climbed the ladders and became a world-renowned fitness author.

Part 2 the second chapter – already dives deep into theory as it talks about how to prioritize your diet by following the fat loss and health enhancement hierarchy.

The third part is the Half Day Diet itself with the following chapters:

  • Focus on food choices
  • Intermittent Feast
  • Find the right meal frequency for you
  • Intermittent Fast
  • Calculate calories first
  • Optimize protein intake
  • Emphasize whole food fats
  • Carbohydrate Recommendations for Inactive folks
  • Carb recommendations for exercise enthusiasts
  • Pre-workout modifications
  • Post-workout nutrition review
  • Peri-workout nutrition review
  • The Feast and Cheat Template for Inactive Folks
  • The active year-round beach physique template
  • Supplements

As you can see by the name of the titles, Half Day Diet is an extremely comprehensive diet book that deals with all the aspects of losing weight and building lean muscles for various personality types in a system that is highly customizable for the users lifestyle.

Half Day Diet

Part-time Ascetic

The key to the success of Nate Miyakis Half Day Diet lies within a complicated theory backed by scientific studies.

As every diet, this too regulates the carbohydrate consumption to some degree. Reducing the consumption of carbohydrates is extremely important for that its consumption creates a hormone called insulin in our body. Insulin helps the body take the food you consume and store it as fat instead of having them to be converted into energy.

When you consume carbohydrates, more insulin gets produced in your body and therefore it is a very logical conclusion for anyone who understands the basic hormonal facts of the human body to say that if you simply eat less carbohydrates, your body will be less prone to store fat. But as Half Day Diet shows, the truth is more complicated than that. It is not merely about not eating, but about the time you consume them. If you consume them at the exact right moment of your bodys biorhythm, your body will not store them but instead either allocate them to heal and replenish muscles and other vital organs or will simply burn it, converting it into energy.

Half Day Diet 2

Therefore it is not necessarily true that you have to consume less carbohydrate to have a successful diet. You need to consume them and you need to avoid consuming them exactly the right time in order to succeed.

This is why Half Day Diet makes it possible for you to diet and cut the consumption of carbohydrates for half a day while eat whatever you desire in the other half.

In addition to the diet guide you will also receive 4 bonus guides for free that are sold for $130 separately.

Get Started Now!

You will receive the Restaurant & Fast Food Survival Guide. This guide helps you how to pick the fat-burning meal in restaurants that is perfectly aligned with the diet and wont break your bodys biorhythm.

The second gift is The Happy Hour Handbook. It will enable you to engage in very modest social drinking with your friends if and only if you carefully follow its instructions, eat exactly what it recommends, drink at the time it deems the best. In addition, this e-book also contains the authors personal, secret hangover cure.

The third bonus gift is the Vegetarian Diet E-book, which is the Half Day Diet for those who refuse to eat meat for personal reasons. It is the vegetarian or vegan version of the main book, containing the same advices, but carefully calibrated not to contain those foods that are objectionable for vegetarians and vegans.

The fourth gift is The Holiday Fat Loss Manual. In every holiday we tend to loosen our own leashes and let ourselves enjoy just a bit more treats than what is prescribed by our diet. This guide outlines a 7 day strategy to prepare your body for the Grand Feast of Treats without completely losing track of your diet.

lady exercise


In conclusion, you will receive an easily understandable diet book with valuable bonus content for $19 which may be the only truly efficient diet program out there for that it is the only one that doesnt demand sacrifice so titanic an ascetic from the middle-ages would be unable to follow. It is the perfect purchase for those who has tried to follow diets but found themselves unable to change their whole lifestyle and obey the mad edicts of unknown dieticians.

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– Helpful methods and tutorials which can be followed to get rid of unwanted fat from complex body parts without the need for extensive workouts or exercises.

– Focus on food choices where you can easily find the best suitable diet plan for your body.

– Carbohydrate recommendations and pre-workouts by which you can maintained the perfectly toned body figure with ease.

– Learn about the mistakes you have been making in the past regarding food selection which have resulted in a great increase in your body weight.

– The program is 100 percent safe to follow and surely does not cause any side effect over your body.


The author of this program does not guarantees results in each case as you will be needing to bring a permanent change in your eating habits to avail long term benefit.

Summary: The Half Day Diet is a comprehensive weight loss program made by Nate Miyaki which contains helpful tips and methods for maintaining a healthy physique. The diet plans and nutrition guides explained in the program have proven to give ultimate results for both men and women by which they can also overcome unwanted stress. So, if you are determined to restore your perfect body figure within weeks, The Half day Diet program will surely help you by all means.

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