Does The Man Diet by Chad Howse Work or Not? Our Review

The Man Diet
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Looking for a way to increase muscle and melt fat?

Look no further then, you’re in exactly the right place! Maybe you’ve tried diet programs in the past that weren’t successful. Well, I bet there’s a good reason for that: did you know that 80% of the weightloss and wellness market is flooded with programs specifically geared toward women?

This diet shows you how and what to eat to achieve and keep high levels of the most important thing to a man’s health, which is testosterone.

You’re going to learn how to unlock your body’s fat-burning potential and its ability to regenerate muscle and connective tissue. Imagine how great it’ll feel to experience a huge spike in your sex drive, motivation and mood!


By investing in yourself and ordering this diet today, you’re going tolearn:

  • Why it’s beneficial to keep your testosterone levels high, even though they’re decreasing on a global scale.
  • Little-known tips and tricksbesides your diet that you can increase your testosterone.
  • How to fastoccasionally and why it’ll help you reach peak levels of wellness.
  • When to andwhat to eat, along with what foods to avoid.
  • How to watch your fat and calorie intake to achieve and maintain optimal levels of testosterone.
  • Why the meal frequency fable isn’t going to give you the results you desire.

I showed this book to my husband, and he really liked the fact that this diet had him load up on protein.

This plan’s going to have you eat organic, grass-fed meat, fish and eggs for your daily portions of protein. You can also eat lots of veggies (consider this a “free” food, because you don’t have to limit how many you have). And you’ll want to wait to eat most of your carbs until after you’ve exercised for the day.


This book’s author, Chad Howse, talks about a freak encounter he had when he was in Hawaii.

He was going down a slide and skidded into lava rock. He was bleeding profusely from his stomach, chest and knees.He said everyone who was around him was just looking at him in awe and horror because of how wrecked he was.

Thankfully, he was using the tips you’re about to learn from this diet. This allowed him to keep his testosterone levels where they should be. As a result, he began to heal from the accident right away, and was feeling completely better after just the 3rd day!

Be a man, take action and order this program today!

You’re in luck, because by ordering now, you’ll be able to enjoy The Man Diet for only $19. That’s a tremendous value, considering that you’re going to learn how to unleash your inner Alpha.

This program is loaded with bonuses, including:

  • Supplement Guide: the “no-bs” guide to what works and what not to waste your time or money on.
  • Diet Meal Log: allows you to plan your dietaround your schedule, just fit your mealsin based on your daily routine.
  • Cheater’s Guide: how you can still enjoy delicious snacks without your testosterone levels dropping.
  • Food Choices: tells you what to eat and what to stay away from in order to successfully boost your testosterone levels.
  • Cookbook: delicious recipes to quickly raise your testosterone.


After reading this book, something that scared my husband (and me) was learning that, no matter how old you are, you are most likely experiencing a lack of testosterone.

Chad explains that in the 70’s, people started avoiding “fatty” meats like red meat, fish or anything with saturated fats. So a lot of men growing up from that timeframe onward were raised with the “low/no fat” diets. This resulted in them not getting nearly as much protein as a man should be getting in his everyday diet.

Another thing that alarmed us was learning that testosterone levels drop about 1% each year, starting when a man reaches 30. My husband is 31, so he definitely paid full attention to this.

Get Started Now!

As your testosterone levels drop, a hormone called lipoprotein lipase (LPL) increases.

More LPL means your body stores away more fat and burns less of it as energy. I’m sure you can see how important it is for you to invest in your health and order this diet today.

I’m sure you’ve seen that most, in fact,80% of diet and fitness programs are geared toward women and getting “toned down”. You’ll see that this diet program will be your one-stop shop, giving you everything you need, as a man, to successfully shed fat and increase your muscle tone.


I know. You’re probably frustrated from trying unsuccessfully in the past to lose weight, even though you were vigilant in watching what you ate and working out.

What’s that saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results?”. This program’s going to help you break free from the chains of insanity and start increasing your testosterone, which will, in turn, increase your muscle mass and deliver the results you desire.

Whether you’re an ordinary guy or a seasoned pro athlete, following each step of this diet will allow you to enjoy optimal health. Anyone of any age can experience success with this system, and the best part is that it’s written in a way that’s easy for any guy of any background to understand.


I’m so excited for you because you’re going to learn so much from this program!

The best part is, you’ll learn principles that are going to benefit you for the rest of your life. And you can do all of this without having to starve yourself or section your meals out into teeny-tiny portions.

When you know you’re just a click of a button away from getting rid of your depression, losing weight, jump-starting your sex drive, reducing the risk of cancer, having more energy throughout the day, and building more muscle tone, how could you lose?

Think about how ripped you’ll look after applying these techniques. Unleash your inner alpha today!

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– This weight loss program is easy to follow, easy to implement, and easy to learn from. Therefore, you get the results within a very short period of time.

– This weight loss program allows you to plan your diet workarounds in a systematic and logical manner.

– It is a very cheap program, to acquire it, you do not have to have a lot of cash.

– It helps you enjoy a variety of snacks that other weight loss programs do not advocate for, while still maintaining a high testosterone balance.

– The man diet program that will help you burn considerable amount of fat while keeping your testosterone levels dropping.


-It is a guide that uses supplements for it to produce the expected results.

Summary: The man diet is a program is a weight loss program that has been made for every man out there who wants to burn fat in a faster yet friendly way. The guide has been created by one of the best authors and comes in a step to step format outlining every aspect of fat burning. The guide is very detailed as you will find out later when you click the red button below these words. This guide will help you get rid of your depression and burn fat very fast. Therefore, take this from me- “It is time to welcome your body fitness”

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